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  1. Boba

    How to delete Navigation data?

    True enough I can’t really remember my E39 528 size very well now but yes car bodies have caught Microsoft’s bloat problems a bit. Partly crash testing, partly goodness knows!
  2. Boba

    How to delete Navigation data?

    how does the driving position feel? When I drove one I thought I was sitting on the floor but TBH I always sit high with my head just clear of the roof so just felt low. Seating position is never right for me somehow I sit high with the wheel down near my lap and can’t see the instruments properly same in every car though.
  3. Boba

    Pics of Lci cars

    what’s the idea behind no fogs then? I often use/need mine in the mucky weather.
  4. Boba

    Pics of Lci cars

    The grille’s not as bad as I feared but i think it’s still a bit yeuchy straight on. And I’m not too keen on the tail view of the G31. not sure the exterior is an improvement overall but wait til I see one I guess.
  5. Boba

    Washer jet adjustment

    I think generally with the pinhole ones it was just a single jet and the best place to hit the screen depended how fast you were going or over the roof if you were pootering along. The washers seem a much better spray now rather than a jet.
  6. The other thing I notice is how well the SD1 sits very little body roll and quite tight suspension over the bumps by the looks.
  7. Boba

    2015 - F10 530D

    yes +1 for the smoothness and quietness it’s when you get to the bend unexpectedly soon that you realise how fast you’ve been going and become glad it sticks to the line well too. 530d is plenty car usually.
  8. Boba

    Alloy Corrosion - Warranty?

    Really need to go back and get a clear understanding of where they say the ingress is to affect the centre then if not satisfied an email then letter to BMW. It’s not a cost to the dealer so going to BMW will likely get a compromise at the least, maybe the lot.
  9. Boba

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    now that is a bummer. been there, got the shirt.
  10. Boba

    Reset My Oil Service Nag

    I don't think there's any problem really as it's no different to what an independent would do if I took it there. The only difference really is that it's not had anything done but whenever they do the service they'll reset the countdown again anyway. Something I've wondered about is whether they can wind the countdown back so that the service due dates coincide with the anniversary again otherwise the next oil services will be out of step with what the car thinks. Looks as though it might not get oil servioce until June though the one after that should be April again really.
  11. Boba

    Reset My Oil Service Nag

    Lots of utubes around (mostly not G series of course but gives the idea).
  12. Boba

    Reset My Oil Service Nag

    Just the same as previous BMWs just that for the G series it’s 3 dabs on the start/stop. So : car in ‘drive ready’ (see above) 3 dabs on start/stop with feet off the pedals press reset on dash until the menu appears dab reset to move through menu, long dab to select etc. Follow nose.
  13. Boba

    Reset My Oil Service Nag

    Yes, not sure, but I’ve 3 keys and I can always just hand in another I suppose. Anyway the car’s BMW record will still show no services and I’ll just tell them what I did and why. Couldn’t put up any longer with umpteen bongs getting in and out.
  14. Finally got fed up with the endless bonging for the overdue oil service still with no service centres open so I’ve reset it via the ‘secret’ menu. I hope that doesn’t give any issues when I do finally get it done? Scotland so could be forever . Took me a while to realise that the car needed to be in ‘drive ready’ mode to get to the menu. I never remember what the modes are and assumed that once I’d got in it was ‘drive ready’. No? Finally found that if I started and then stopped it again it worked ok (and the steering wheel stayed in position). Am I missing a more obvious way to get into ‘drive ready’? I knew what it meant when I had a real ignition key.
  15. Boba

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    there is a lot of truth in those few words!!