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  1. Boba

    Emergency call system not available

    How strange! I actually bought my current car there (swapped from Harry Fairbairn which has gone down a bit IMHO) and had the opposite experience aside from the tyres being hugely under inflated. Fairly knowledgeable salesman who called in their guru when he couldn’t answer some things. Every time I’ve been there they offer a car wash too (always declined like @ally suggests ). It’s certainly been more dead lately though that’s really down to the Covid restrictions of course. My only grump on buying was that they’d lagered the rear bumper in coloured car wax to try to hide the scratches which I had to polish out after getting all the excess wax off.
  2. Boba

    Anyone ordered a new 5?

    I’d put the touchpad well towards my list of things I could do without. Never used it on this car or my previous one (especially being right handed like most folk). Next after that would be gesture control more a nuisance than anything else when it sometimes picks up a hand movement as a command (even though it invariably misses the intended gestures). Next again is advanced parking which I’ve never used and more or less forgotten how to, and lastly the reversing camera - I prefer my mirrors. (Sigh) I guess this car is just too advanced for an old simpleton like me!
  3. Boba

    Auto wiper LED

    Jan 19 reg, mid 18 build the LED is bright easily seen even in sunlight.
  4. Boba

    Interesting ACS 540i for sale

    I had a quick glance. Not my taste in colour and very much not in interior. I was surprised to see perforation warranty 6 years and paintwork just 3.
  5. What sort of crap MOT guy is that? Where I’ve been round here they’d just have adjusted it on the spot for a pass not logged a fail.
  6. I still use a bulb with a couple of trailing leads soldered on to check circuits. Old-fashioned I know, but you can’t always believe a meter as it’ll show an OK voltage even through a high impedance, and with my little rig you can see clearly where you’re probing and whether it can supply current.
  7. Boba

    Which F10 Discs don't warp

    You’re better marking the disk then checking with a dial gauge at a few radial distances than just listening to it singing as you turn it. Give you some confidence that it’s really warped. Aside from crud sticking to the surface and the odd bit of scoring you often get a few scrapes as the edge of the disk touches the pad which isn’t an issue. I’ve skimmed a few disks in my time but I’ve yet to have to discard one due to warping.
  8. Boba

    Buying a 530e G30

    At my age a lack of treble doesn’t really bother me much as I can’t really hear high pitches anyway but the worse problem with the base audio is the lack of any proper filtering so the door speakers (which are pretty naff things anyway) are forced to try to follow almost everything from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble which degrades the sound quality considerably. So upgrading the midrange speakers and adding tweeters on the base audio makes a very substantial improvement on its own without getting as far as adding an amplifier and the rest of the fairly awkward wiring job. There’s been lots of discussion on here in the past if you do a search.
  9. Boba

    Appreciating Asset?

    I think the market might have dropped quite a bit already, WBAC valued mine at around £35000 a couple of weeks ago but just over £31000 just now not that I’m thinking of selling anyway I like it too much. I think that ticking over into 2022 has probably knocked prices down, gives it another year on the apparent age (though probably not at the dealers ).
  10. Boba

    Appreciating Asset?

    Used to be Glass’s guide for the trade. Maybe still is? Best guide now I’d say are WBAC, Kazoo, Motorway as they have their fingers right on the pulse.
  11. Boba

    Buying a 530e G30

    HUD and Icon lights for starters. Maybe reversing camera though TBH I never use it myself. G30 seems pretty reliable overall. CarPlay is about £2-300 can’t remember exactly but not expensive. I don’t think it’s too cost-effective to retrofit Harman-Kardon and it’ll limit your buying options and I’m not sure it’s really worth it but an aftermarket speaker upgrade is cheap enough if you DIY. I’m in a diesel so can’t comment on the e version.
  12. Boba

    ID7 Disappearing Functions

    far too many biscuits with your coffee methinks!
  13. The tester probably just glanced at the mileage and left it running for a bit, no point wasting time on it. . Mine’s booked in next week but covered by the end of the warranty so only a minor level of concern.
  14. 5% is probably in the same league as unit to unit variation anyway so I’d not bother much.
  15. That’s a long way from the facts. Petrol here is 2p per litre cheaper than diesel out of over £1.50 per litre. That’s 1.3% cheaper. Are you really suggesting I wouldn’t average more than 1.3% better fuel consumption on diesel? Far from it.