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  1. Boba

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Yes, that’s how I read the point above, however mine defaults to that - I don’t press the control. When I stop the brake engages and (if it’s warmed up) the engine stops; disengages/restarts when I touch the throttle. As I said, it has always engaged automatically by default, I only need to press the control to disengage though aside from testing I never do. It’s a bit jerky sometimes if I’m creeping slowly to a stop in traffic but I’ve got used to it and prefer it to having the auto creep which I was used to in other automatics. Hill start is handy but not completely effective I find. On steep inclines touching the throttle seems to disengage but unless there’s enough power it seems to edge backwards slightly.
  2. Boba

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    in (3) above is Auto-hold not a default? It’s always been on in my car, I’ve never turned it on - it just came like that. Am I missing the point somewhere?
  3. Boba

    Comfort Access Intermittence

    Glad others see the same thing so I assume it’s not an incipient fault then. Annoying though when you arrive at the car in absolutely tipping rain with your hands full and the expected access is denied. Standing on one leg trying not to drop things while i groped for the key in my wrong trouser pocket. Summer in Fife - 2 warm days and a cloudburst.
  4. Boba

    Re Mapping G31/G32

    Bump - anyone?
  5. I’ve noticed that when the door handles are absolutely soaking - after a downpour or a hosing down for instance the comfort access sometimes fails to open or clean se on one or more, sometimes all, doors. I’ve assumed that this is the water interfering with the sensing but I don’t know how the sensing is done through the handle metal. Only when absolutely soaking, not just a bit wet. Is this normal or an incipient fault?
  6. Boba

    520D F10 with strange noise

    And only 46000 miles on the car! BMW reliability continuing its downward trend. Fortunate you have the warranty. You must be up around £6-7k by now!
  7. Boba

    Removing run-flats

    Subjective I’d say, after all changing any tyres to anything else affects the ride, but I’d suggest that RoFs are just another tyre when it comes down to it.
  8. Boba

    Removing run-flats

    What makes you think that? Just the normal advice about trying not to mix brands/types/wear levels etc. on the same axle, but nothing to do with RoF or non-RoF.
  9. Yes, agreed, but I think there’s a ways to go though. At present the huge weight and cost of a 5er’s battery pack can handle around 30 miles on a good day. All things being equal to get a decent range - say 150 miles though many people would want much more - the battery would have to grow proportionally. Also the charging requirements would have to grow proportionally, so to return from your 150 mile trip would require a pretty extensive and time-consuming charging cycle. And what about the battery life-cycle costs and environmental problems? The sweeping will be postponed for a bit yet!
  10. Yes you’re possibly right. It depends too I suppose what sort of other features you tend to use while driving. I’m a bit (well, quite a bit really) of an old fart so I’ve never scrolled through a track list while driving in my life, never use or answer the phone while driving, only listen to satnav commentary, not the display, so it comes down to the speedo for me and as I say staying aware of the speedo is pretty well subconscious. So for me at least I don’t think I’m missing anything much. Oddly perhaps I find the rear view mirror the most dangerous instrument. It seems to take a long time to glance, refocus, assimilate and return and someone always seems to brake while I’m looking away. So I generally stick with the wing mirrors. Mind you, I have privacy glass so the interior mirror takes more effort anyway. Ah well!
  11. I would say ‘absolutely’! Fine for (very) short commutes especially across town but for mainstream driving just a tax-beating gimmick.
  12. After I bought my car (fair few options but no HUD) I wondered for a while if I should have kept looking to try to find one with HUD. Now 18 months on I’m not so sure. Aside from the speedometer is there really anything much of value in the display as a rule? FWIW I find that routine noting the Speedo reading is second nature anyway, requires no conscious effort, much like glancing across the panel when flying. Is HUD really more than just another nice-to-have?
  13. Boba

    Well that's ruined my day.

    Unless there’s some substantial suspension or chassis damage that we can’t see I’d have thought half of that for a decent (non-BMW) bodyshop. Maybe it’s worse than it looks in the photo?? Is the front wheel out of line at all? As said, if they’ll sell the scrap to you you may be able to repair it for much less than their settlement. Wont have much resale value afterwards though.
  14. Boba

    520d MSport plus ????

    Right on. When I tried to tell my SatNav to head for Auchterarder it asked me what track I wanted to play. Repeated a couple of times before I gave up in disgust.
  15. Boba

    Tyre Pressure Sensors

    You’re joking eh? Tough if you live on a hill I guess. i thought it measured rotational speed differences