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  1. What a strange thing. Any more info on this @BFleming? Does it accumulate over time and eventually fail (surely not!) or is it more like catching a fault giving too frequent rather than too many actuations?
  2. Boba

    BMW recall extended.

    Swapped mine already as it seemed to be in the risk category (April ‘17) and I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle and various tales of dealer ineptitude. I hope my new one is out of the woods but who knows? This disaster has been well covered up by BMW for several years now,
  3. Thanks. gone to Tenerife so low priority meantime
  4. Thanks for all that. Sounds perfect. re WiFi, not used ISTA so just assumed I’d need web access for something. Fine if not.
  5. Because there are quite a few and they don’t all remain the same.even resetting the seat position has 7 or 8 things to fiddle with to get it right.
  6. That sounds promising, I’ve downloaded ISTA but not set it up yet as my drive is at the foot of the garden and my WiFi is a bit tenuous that far away. I have an Ethernet port in the garage but of course the ENET cable uses that connection.
  7. As title, is it possible to ‘clone’ one key’s settings to a second key? In other words have the 2 (or 3) keys operate identically? the reason I ask is that although my wife no longer drives she carries a spare key so that she can access the car in a car park if I’m away somewhere (or if, as I’ve done before, I lose mine). However when I then return to the car the settings are as per my wife’s key, not mine, so it would be handy if the driver profiles on both keys were the same. Tonight I happened to carry the display key just to give it a charge as I seldom use it. Same problem, all my usual settings unavailable, very inconvenient.
  8. Boba

    New 540i - Couple of questions if I may

    Cruse brakes a bit too often for my liking unless the road’s particularly flat. On an undulating road you can feel the brakes coming on gently quite often for mild overspeeding which a driver on manual wouldn’t normally do. Can’t do much for pad life. I only ever use cruise in eco where the default is freewheel, the rest of the time I use limit which doesn’t brake and makes things more driveable.
  9. Boba

    Manual Speed Limiter

  10. Boba

    Manual Speed Limiter

    I can see your point but I doubt if it would lead to any real problems as the limiter doesn’t apply the brake (unlike the cruise) so the worst case should be the car slowing a little until the driver realises. Still undesirable if it’s wrong though of course which is likely why they don’t do it. i don’t have speed limit detection. Does it ‘bong’ a warning or not do anything except update the display?
  11. Boba

    Manual Speed Limiter

    G30 is exactly the same.
  12. Boba

    Manual Speed Limiter

    However, reading the OP’s post again, the G30 doesn’t automatically link speed limit recognition to the limiter as he suggests the Mercedes maybe does, it’s down to the driver to adjust it appropriately. I can’t think why it doesn’t. Only takes a moment of course.
  13. Boba

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    If you look at the speedometer in eco mode you’ll see that the set speed in cruise is represented by a short green band. In comfort/sport it’s represented by a triangle. Cruise in eco is happy so long as the car in in the band of (as you say) a few mph. And as you say it’s not very practical on a busy motorway (it’s ok in normal traffic though).
  14. Boba

    Tyre Pressures

    Of course - set to summer/19 When I select the correct tyre setting the iDrive automatically sets the target pressures as 35/35 which is different to the door pillar No. On my previous car with RoFs I don’t actually remember ever topping up the pressures at all.
  15. Boba

    Tyre Pressures

    Would anyone running an xDrive 19” staggered setup care to mention what tyre pressures they’re using? My TPS recommends 35/35 which is different to the door pillar figures (no entries which say 35/35). The tyres were set at about 27/27lbs when I collected the car which seemed far too low but 35 rear still feels a bit wobbly to me.