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  1. Boba

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    I disagree. It makes a noticeable difference when I use ECO PRO on my motorway run to the golf course. I generally pooter along at 60-65-ish in the morning traffic and the car spends lots of time freewheeling. Several mpg difference over Comfort on the same run when it would otherwise have been engine braking.
  2. Boba

    Bolt Size question

    You can feel it from the way the car sits when much cruise braking is needed.
  3. 7k Miles! - is there a pair of black stripes on the road leading away from your driveway?
  4. So - which is it? Or does it depend on the year?
  5. Works fine on my G31 though I’m glad to say. Tried it cautiously at 15 mph and then 60-65 mph on a clear straight. Bongs and message about “warning release handbrake” in orange (note - NOT parking brake), but handbrake engages at both speeds and brakes smoothly and effectively with no wheel locking. I’m glad about that - it gives SWMBO an emergency route if I should be taken unwell ever. So does this mean that the F-series has no emergency braking system? Very dubious design practice IMO!
  6. Boba

    Body control module

    Ditch it, there’s no point in false sentimentality. You’ll never trust it feeling as you do. It does seem with some cars that everything you fix causes an associated weakness to show up and BMW’s approach to their cars’ electrical systems is generally to replace things wholesale at substantial cost.
  7. Boba

    Bloomin’ Traffic News

    Sorry, evidently my confusing description. It’s the radio TP function which is persistently reenabling itself every so often. I know how to switch it off but it chooses to reenable autonomously every so often. The comment about the map isn’t to do with the TP per se, however I always have the display set to show the map and I’ve noticed that when the TP reenables it coincides with the map display going off and the main menu being displayed instead. Seems like some sort of intermittent software hiccup. Hope that’s a bit clearer.
  8. Boba

    Bloomin’ Traffic News

    The car seems to have decided that I need a constant flow of traffic news. I keep turning it off in the settings but a day or 2 later it has reenabled itself. I’d mind less if it was relevant but it never is. Really irritating when it tramps all over a favourite piece of music. Seems to be associated with my default map display reverting to the menu at startup. I guess I’ll be visiting the $tealer shortly to ask them to have a look but these intermittent glitches are a pain to demonstrate of course.
  9. Boba

    Best phone holder...?

    ^^^ +1 Never had an OTA update yet and the current downloaded version not only doesn’t have much of the ‘new’ nearby housing shown (towards a year old now) but doesn’t show the current road infrastructure and keeps telling me to make my way to the nearest road. Google maps are much more current.
  10. Really? i thought that it should act as an emergency brake if needed though I confess I haven’t tried it. (It worked on my previous non-BMW car). What IS the guidance if there’s a hydraulic failure (my wife’s been told to hang onto the switch if anything should happen to me).
  11. Boba

    F10 misting up inside...

    Pretty normal though. The replacement would still be covered until the end of the existing warranty but wouldn’t come with its own warranty as you didn’t buy it.
  12. Boba

    Anyone else got a 528i F11?

    Takes me back a bit to my Advanced driving course, shifting cogs without lifting off the throttle. No manual option on G-series now though but TBH I’d’ve probably opted for auto now for a lazy life.
  13. Boba

    Time to say goodbye...

    Ouch! So would I. Why so much - does 100k turn them off?
  14. Boba

    Time to say goodbye...

    Well maybe not quite . But as a matter of interest, what is a typical annual cost of the equivalent of the AUC from BMW?
  15. Boba

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    @Andrew530dmsport how many miles do you have on the clock? Just interest as to how long the injectors have lasted. 2 weeks seems a long time for a straightforward warranty repair on a 2 year old car.