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  1. Boba

    Winter tyre review.

    I’m running Goodyear 18” winters too for the 2nd year and as the OP says their grip is good. No snow this year yet and not a lot last year so can’t really comment on that, but low temperature grip on all surfaces has been excellent. Lowest temperatures this winter have been around -5C so far but currently around +7C or so. No perceptible difference in ride quality, noise or general directional stability to me over my summer 19” Pirellis so completely satisfactory.
  2. Boba

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    I always think the coasting function is worthwhile, but really a bit odd. ISTR that when I learned to drive (not yesterday) it was drilled into me never to ‘freewheel’ either in neutral or with the clutch out. Times change.
  3. Boba

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I doubt if they’re embarrassed at all. Most folk don’t frequent forums so aside from the mechanics probably not many people know how common a problem it is. Most folk would just get it into a garage I’d guess. Similar problem on Vectras a few years ago where leaves collecting under the grille below the windscreen blocked drains and led to water running in through the front bulkhead and heater area. You’d never know outside of the Vectra forums though.
  4. Boba

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    It sounds the sort of thing that should be programmable somehow - clearly a software function.
  5. Boba

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    +1 What he said.
  6. Absolutely the case. My 520d G31 was Mineral white and as you say showed the grubbiness after you started to wash it. My 530d G31 is Mediterranean blue and is always grubby although it has a ceramic coat. Actually the Mineral white is a really nice colour anyway - very difficult sometimes to see the actual colour as it varies so much with the lighting.
  7. And a glance at Honest John here https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/bmw/5-series-touring-2017 backs that up with (admittedly only a few) reports coming in around 80% of claimed mpg across the range instead of the wild figures manufacturers have claimed up to now. My previous car, a 2017 G31 520d achieved approx 42mpg over 10000 miles on local running, little motorway, many short runs. Mileage is very journey dependent as @sjak92 has pointed out so your motorway runs will be much better, whilst a run to Asda and back in mine was lucky to get 15mpg! Interestingly an earlier car of mine, an Insignia 2.0, averaged 46mpg on the same mix mainly because its mileage never went so very low on the short runs, more down to how the different manufacturers map the ecu regimes than actual engine efficiency. As an aside, the overall owner scores for the G series on Honest John are down on the F series. Not sure why that is as the G is a nicer car overall (aside from its tendency to wander which can be hard to pin down) - Perhaps bedding-in niggles and owners of new cars being pickier?
  8. Boba

    Bmw app on your phone

  9. Boba

    How efficient is the coasting function?

    I don’t do many motorway miles, maybe only about 50 a week, but any time I’m on one or a decent A road I always knock it into ECO and it takes very little for the car to start coasting. I generally drive on the limiter and any downhill or lifting the foot at all sees the rev counter drop into cruise. I’d say I usually end up with about 10% cruise mileage give or take so it seems to me to do the job OK. It’d probably do better if I didn’t hurry it a bit on the more interesting bits of road too. If anything I’d say that my 530d xDrive is better than my previous 520d though I’m maybe not remembering so well. Anyway it’s pretty good especially given that there’s likely more transmission losses with the xDrive.
  10. Boba

    Icon Lights - keeping clean

    Yes, I have them set to least frequent to keep them from emptying the screen wash too quickly.
  11. Boba

    What you planning to change to ?

    I’m fairly confident that this will be my last IC car. If I manage to see this one out (marginal ) I expect my next vehicle will be fully electric but far too early to say quite what in this accelerating market.
  12. Boba


    When I bought my AUC car I ended up with 2 on my short list one with VDC and one without and test drove both for a half day (about 2-3 hours really). I took the one without VDC in favour of the xDrive and slightly better spec. Whilst I could certainly feel the suspension difference over a poor road surface i felt it made little difference to potholes and random bumps, and when it comes down to it I seldom drive on really poor roads so a better kitted car meant more overall.
  13. Boba

    Icon Lights - keeping clean

    When I had my car ceramic coated the detailer included the lights in the coating. I’m sure it makes a difference, certainly they’re always spotless any time I come to wash the car (not very often!). Of course I also have the washers although they do only only fire up from time to time.
  14. Boba


    I have 19" RoF summer wheels and currently running on 18" RoF winter wheels. No discernible (by me) difference in ride but the winters certainly do grip well this cold wet weather! I agree with above that the dealer's pulling your chain if he offers no discount for the 19"!
  15. Boba


    I doubt the difference in ride quality between 20” and 19” would make a massive difference. 20” would be more easily damaged in winter potholes depending on road quality where you are (shocking around here). Also as you say tyre replacement cost is a consideration. You’ll get varied opinions as to whether RoF or not makes much difference, you’d really need to try for yourself if possible before committing to a big outlay.