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  1. BMW//E60//530D


    Hi there, yes it was indeed jumped direct from the battery and i warned them not to so the bill goes onto them. Not sure if hes checked the ibs cable yet, alot of people are mentioning that, would i still get a crank and all those light with a faulty ibs cable???
  2. BMW//E60//530D


    Hi everyone, need some assitance with this bm, had an ongoing problem for 3 month and cant seem to find it, subwoofer was gettin fitted in the car and after it did the battery had died gue to the msport lights of the door and the boot light been on for a long period while it was getting fitted. Was jump started and after that it ran fine for a day, all of a sudden im slowin down towards a traffic lights the car shuts down and spits loads of warning lights at me like traction control, abs, cruize control, transmission light, power steering ect, after that it wont start up, all im gettin is a crank along with those lights and its despirate to start. So far the ecu has been replaced, trasmission module has been tested, new battery, famous blue dde relay changed. Has anyone got any leads to fixing the problem. After the ecu getting changed the car starts and drives but doesnt shift above 3rd gear, one more thing before i gave it too the specialst a local managed to get the car started and had it running fine by addin and earth wire, the earth wire was a double end crocodile clip with a digital screen and in the middle of it wich was connected to a wire under a relay infront of the dde to somewere near by, as soon as it was connected it ran fine with no warning light but after it comes off the car shuts doown again. Any help wpuld be great thanks.