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  1. Mine was done at Partridge Southampton 2 weeks ago. I called their service dept to tell them that my radiator header was empty again, the second time in 6 weeks, so they sent a tech out. He used the endoscope and said the cooler looked fine - he showed me the live images - but the part number on the cooler meant the car had to be recovered. I had a hire car the next day and 12 days later I got my car back complete with new cooler fitted.
  2. Atlastabeema

    BMW F10 2013 Coding

    I enabled the enhanced bluetooth on my F10 using E-Sys. Bimmercode is good but doesn't appear to be able to code EBT. I believe that E-Sys is having problems with the token again so not sure if it's currently usable.
  3. Atlastabeema

    Anybody used Bimmercode and B-Tool?

    Thanks for that.
  4. Atlastabeema

    Anybody used Bimmercode and B-Tool?

    Wirh Bimmercode it's possible to adjust the speed at which you can fold/unfold the door mirrors in manual mode. I think they lock at something like 5mph normally, but that can be adjusted up to like 30mph if I remember rightly. Useful for tight spaces on country roads at reasonable speed. Bimmercode also has advanced coding options if you know what you're doing.......
  5. Atlastabeema

    Anybody used Bimmercode and B-Tool?

    Matthew If possible could you please send me the link to ISTA?
  6. Atlastabeema

    Tow bar and electrics

    Andrew Great pictorial guide. Thanks for the info. It doesn't look to be too much for DIY, so will probably give it a go.
  7. Atlastabeema

    Tow bar and electrics

    Thanks for the replies. I 'll probably get a removable swan neck fitting. On the vehicle specific electrics, does the existing loom have to be pre configured for towing? There doesn't seem to be too much cutting of the bumper involved, so I may have a go at self fitting......
  8. Atlastabeema

    Tow bar and electrics

    I want to fit a tow bar to my 2014 520D. Looking through some of the suppliers adverts, it appears that some coding may be required for vehicle specific electrics (13 pin socket) Does anyone have any recommendations or advice, I live in Hampshire?
  9. Atlastabeema

    Rough idle 520D

    I like all the videos. The most annoying thing is the gearlever moving. The engine vibration is probably no worse than the worst one in the videos, but I wouldn't expect the gearlever to move about on such a low mileage motor. It's away with the EGR issue at the mo, so could be interesting to see what it's like when it comes back.
  10. Atlastabeema

    Rough idle 520D

    I've had the car a year, and it's always had a slightly lumpy tickover. I put it down to being a 4 pot diesel. Does anyone actually have a smooth tickover on their 4 pot engine? From what I can see, engine mounts etc all look good. The car is 2014 with 43k on the clock. Pulls well and gives 55mpg overall..
  11. Atlastabeema

    N47 remap advice

    Finally I went with Performance Direct. Good comprehensive policy and well worth the peace of mind knowing it's all declared.
  12. Atlastabeema

    Android phone connection to iDrive via USB

    Do you have the line in socket in the arm rest. I connect my Samsung via that and the audio out on the phone.
  13. Atlastabeema

    Rumble and roar on acceleration

    Thanks for the answers. I don't remember if it roared before the re-map. I may take it back to have it investigated. I was a bit concerned about the side wind issue, and will take a good look at the tyres and joints.
  14. My 520D has had a remap which has definitely made it more responsive, however, there's a lot of intake roar and some vibration when accelerating hard. Also, I've notice the car is very susceptable to side winds at speed, making it very twitchy. The car is 5 years old and has just over 40k on the clock. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
  15. Atlastabeema

    N47 remap advice

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an insurer for a remapped car?