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  1. E39Owner

    RUST!! - Rear arch / quarter panel

    A lot of excellent advice. Thankyou all ! Plus as you state amazighman, will strip down the rear and see what extent it has rusted. Ultimately as you state also d_a_n ..... "At the age of these cars, economical repairs sometimes don't make sense, they're repaired as the owner loves the car etc" ....Exactly how much do I love my non-///M-Sport E39.
  2. E39Owner

    New E39 owner to the forum

    Clearly a tag team! You are doing a great job guys! 3 years down the line of ownership, I'm told my car isn't what I understood it to be. Now I'm being told the tyres I bought that are MARKETED plus designed to be stretched (written in the tyre manufacturer blurb/build process), are clearly not stretched tyres!..... lololol. d_a_n... don't worry mate, I (that's a capital " I " will leave - you've been here much longer - would have more to lose). It's been a fun stay while it lasted.
  3. E39Owner

    New E39 owner to the forum

    Stretched tyres are stronger than regular tyres, by their design. Can take massive sideways / cornering stresses and not warp or lose form (compared to regular tyres). As proven on drift cars - which is where the stretched tyre was originally utilised (before the streets). Stretched tyres also often fail the UK MOT. My car flew through a couple of weeks ago. They are not on silly stretched tyres, only mildly done, to clear the rear arches. Perhaps my rear wheels are wider than yours (being a deeper dish on the rear), also perhaps I have the coilovers wound down further. There's many variables that could differ. If I wanted "convenience" then I can easily wind up the coilovers Several mm or cm. However that's not the reason I went for the Coilovers (and could have just put on some Springs)... I'll stop complaining. Plus importantly, all Mods declared with insurance company.
  4. E39Owner

    New E39 owner to the forum

    There is a (BMW) Website you can type in your VIN Number, and it returns all the factory options your specific vehicle was fitted with. On there it does state all the extra toys. I think there was other stuff too, I should check again.... Yes, she's wound right down on a set of Coilovers. 19" staggered deep dish alloys (wider dish on the rear). Stretched tyres = no rubbing. Was forced to go stretched, replacing all 4 tyres, once wound down (no arch rolling). Unfortunately with our poor UK roads + speed bumps, the front bumper takes some abuse, difficult to avoid.
  5. E39Owner

    New E39 owner to the forum

    Mine does also have 'double glazed' windows (literally 2 panes, sandwiched together with an air gap). Front and back. I'd like to call it "bullet proofed" ! An agents car in a previous life. Some kind of James Bond lifestyle / fantasy. It does make the cabin virtually silent (no outside noises). Is this a standard feature on these too, or a special Spec ordered by the 1st owner? Agreed the "///M" badging only means its got the styling package plus suspension, there's no engine/performance differences, just different bumpers, black grilles, door trims etc. Although, looking into the "Sport" vs "M-Sport" previously, there did appear to be a few styling differences??
  6. E39Owner

    E39 530i steering wheel wobble

    I've been getting steering wheel wobble (shake) too. Comes and goes. You can try holding the wheel STILL by gripping it more firmly, or with both hands. Strangely I've had a couple of cars (separate occasions) pulling infront of me then they do a little left/right swerve several times, almost like they are telling me something. This makes me wonder - can other cars see my whole car wobble or shake? Can this be visible to others? I've had completely new suspension fitted + tyres + wheels balanced etc, so it's none of those....
  7. E39Owner

    New E39 owner to the forum

    Thank you. It's a 528i. Sport. Although it's covered in //M badges...
  8. E39Owner

    New E39 owner to the forum

    Hi !! Learn something new every day. So every UK website, car trader, person on the street, my pet dog, who has referred to these as "M Sports" has got it wrong in all these years... I'll also try correcting the Subject of this thread, as not to cause more offense (even more so to "fellow" BMW enthusiasts who know it right).
  9. E39Owner

    OBD Adaptors - which work with the E39 ?

    Thank you all for your informative feedback all. Great welcome (I registered today. My "mandatory" Intro Post along with a Car Piccy put up. I found the interface under the bonnet (round) I couldn't get anything from at all. The Rectangle interface under a panel inside the car however did appear to power up my Adaptor plus I got the lights flashing etc! However no usable data was returned (perhaps my Adaptor was junk). Would be nice to have the "in-car" interface working, so I could be driving the car, and have electronic dials displayed (on a connected screen), showing engine information in realtime. The CARLY units mentioned look to be around £50 on the internet. I'm sure very robust plus likely to work straight off. Have now saved references to a couple of suppliers. My car is a MY (March) 2000 E39. Will definitely hunt down Jimmy on the forum for some guidance / info on hardware best suited to my model car. Would be nice if he could chime into this thread, if he reads this.
  10. Hi guys, My E39 has bubbled up with some rust towards the back of a Rear arch, plus the same side quarter panel, just above the rear bumper. I've been advised on these cars, it will have rusted from the INSIDE out ! Not great news. Should this be relatively cheap and easy to repair ? My worry is this might be the start of a lot more rust popping up all over the place, which will become not financially economical to repair.
  11. E39Owner

    Hello all! Here's my E39 530i SE Touring!

    I was quoted about £200 by a local garage (not a BMW Specialist) to do just the rocker cover gasket - this garage has been great with other work before. However, it's not that complicated, a little time consuming. I'm tempted to do this job myself (likely needs doing soon), with just the expense of a gasket + sealant (< £30?) plus a few hours of my time.
  12. Picked up a Bluetooth OBD Adaptor (likely an ebay special), however had very little success with it. The times it DID Pair up correctly, it couldn't retrieve any diagnostic data from the car (paired with my mobile phone/Android). Does anyone here use an OBD Adaptor? Which work well on the E39 - linky would be appreciated. Devices that will work using an Android phone App would be preferred for convenience (if only to read for any errors or view settings). Another consideration - I believe there's 2 locations to connect to OBD - under the bonnet there's a circular interface, plus behind a panel in the cabin theres a 2nd one, rectangle shaped. Should either of these work?
  13. E39Owner

    New E39 owner to the forum

    Hello guys, I'm new to the forum. Had my E39 about 3 years now. BEST car I've owned! Looks a great forum, plus nice to find a Bimmer forum in the UK. Makes alot more sense.