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  1. Matt 520d

    Text message on display

    That’s what I do. Use Siri
  2. Matt 520d

    Bad smell & BMW response - help/advice?

    Agree with the above. Or take to another dealer for second opinion. If it’s sgreed that the car smells then it’s not a matter of “we can’t fix it”. It’s more a case of whether you agree you should keep a £40k plus car that smells like a 30yr old rotten Ford Fiesta!
  3. Matt 520d

    Wiper Speed

    Nice not to be alone with this
  4. Matt 520d

    Wiper Speed

    Mine also smacks “a” pillar in fast. Very basic design fault that I never had on my 1.0 Nova let alone a 40k BMW!
  5. Matt 520d

    530D - Buyers Regret

    I have a 520d which is surprisingly good but the 530d has always been considered best of the bunch
  6. Matt 520d

    Climate Control Panel - why are there two?

    The more extensive one only comes with four zone climate control
  7. Matt 520d

    Anybody Planning to keep G30 52OD long term?

    Nope. Not keeping. Will chop it in once warranty expires. Hybrid 3 for me next time
  8. Matt 520d

    520D Mileages

    Drove back from Bournemouth to Dartford yesterday. 65 to 70 mph all the way, 65 mpg obtained as average. 80 mpg regularly obtained on the efficient dynamics graphic. Eco Pro Individual the whole way. Very impressive for such a big car.
  9. Matt 520d

    New 520D - max £40k

    That’s right. Get the add ins after. I did that with connected drive. You can get genuine alloys on eBay
  10. Matt 520d

    New 520D - max £40k

    I had the same problem. Osbourne has a lot to answer for and now he rakes it in despite his ludicrous decision. How can a sub 40k v8 polluting Mustang be cheaper to tax than a 45k 530e? Totally illogical. Anyway I so wanted head up, hk stereo, sports seats and variable dampers I chose black paint and standard wheels. I also added high beam assist, fog lights (why are these not standard) and folding/dipping mirrors. List price just under 40k by about £25 at the time. When I ordered my car in March 17 no one had a clue especially the dealer. Your delivery charge will add to the list price so that counts as well :-(. As does any ceramic coatings they put on. Service packages are not liable to the 40k calculation so you can have them and not worry (checked with dvla before agreeing to them). First registration fee, road tax, plates and fuel don’t count either. I couldn’t bear paying £450 a year for the pleasure of driving one of the most efficient diesel luxury cars on the road. I’d rather go big (540) and be screwed than go small and still get the same pubishment! Pity my budget couldn’t stretch to the 6 cylinder though