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  1. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Fitted B8 bilstein inserts to the front with new top mounts. Had to sleeve the mounts as they were supplied as 16mm diameter, but the bilstein are 14mm. What a massive improvement, yes the original boge shocks were knackered but the front end feels much better now. I will either slot the top mounts or buy some camber plates to get a bit more camber as turn in is not that sharp. Also fitted a small rear boot lip spoiler all the way from Lithuania. Cheap at £25 and I am really pleased with the results, suits a white car well. Cheers for now. Ian
  2. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Polished the toys today.
  3. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    No cruise control on mine, brake light switch failed and was replaced a few weeks ago and were working, but I need to double check now and also that the ecu gets the signal on pin 25. I am remote from the car so will have to check at the weekend.
  4. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    Ps mine is a simple 535i with standard throttle and no fly by wire..
  5. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    Thanks for confirming things. So I will check brake light input to pin 25 and operation of the two relays, thanks.
  6. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    Found somewhere that rebuild abs modules ecutesting.com I have used them before for an ecu on a 6 series, but before I send off I had one question. Does the abs take an input from brake light switch so it knows the car is actually braking? If so this is the only thing I can think of that would cause the ABS to not operate and not throw up a fault? Any thoughts. Thanks
  7. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    Many thanks, I’ll have a read through. Perhaps need someone in the uk that rebuilds these ABS module units? Any suggestions out there?
  8. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    The ABS ecu perhaps, but surely that would show a fault if it failed.
  9. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    And indeed when I unplug one of the sensors the system faults at 10mph and the orange dash light come one. Maybe I have an ABS pump issue?
  10. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    I would have thought that if there were sensor issues then it would detect one or more wheels speeds incorrectly and go into fault mode. That’s what it did on my old m635 which is essentially the same system. I can check for a pulse output when spinning the wheel to be sure it is actually generating a signal. I could also disconnect one the sensors and see if that makes the system fault. It should do. Thanks.
  11. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    Well I bled all the calipers today so definitely no air in the system. Still get lock up without the ABS doing it’s stuff. So seems to be more of a control problem.
  12. M635uk

    Abs issue 535i se

    Hi, my ABS will not engage under heavy braking. So ABS seems fine on engine start up, ABS light comes on, then goes out as it should. However when under heavy braking i can get one or both front wheels to lock up, but the ABS will not engage...ABS light does not come on when this happens. So no ABS, but the module will not throw up a fault. Any ideas? Air in the system? thanks
  13. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I have used the procedure in the link below to go through the AFM and it runs good in all conditions idle, WOT, cruise etc. I have also confirmed that the afm requests more fuel at idle when the problem arises (needle moves to 40% open) and reference volts from the afm rise from 0.75v to 1.5v. It gobbles Air but can’t supply the correct fuel volume, hence why I am thinking it’s fuel delivery problem. So apart from perhaps dodgy connections the afm appears to function correctly. i ran the car for 75 miles today and could not get it to fault! Which I suppose is good... https://itinerant-air-cooled.com/viewtopic.php?t=7761 the above link is extremely useful by the way.
  14. Ok so further testing of the fuel system gave the following results 1. Fuel pump jumpered and rail pressure reading at 42psi ~3.0bar with no vacuum. So good 2. Fuel return line pinched closed to get pump to run against a dead head - 6.5 bar - seems good? 3. Return line pressure reading with 3.0bar rail pressure - 0 bar - so no restrictions in the return line 4. Flow rate measured (using the Mrs's kitchen measuring jug - shhhh) - exactly 1.9 litres in 60 seconds with 3.0bar rail pressure and no engine demand, i.e. pump jumpered. Flow collected from return connector of fuel rail. So exactly to specification for a 535 fuel pump. 5. on shutdown fuel rail does not hold pressure and creeps to zero over about 10 seconds. I suspect a faulty non return valve at the pump. On start up fuel pressure at 3 bar within 1 second. Car taken on a 25 minute run. Fuel rail is cool to the touch i.e. not warming up due to say a restricted flow rate. Unfortunately I could not get the car to display the fault - leaning out at idle or part throttle, which is annoying to say the least. Ambient temperature was much cooler in the UK yesterday than before. The problem does seem to arise with a warm engine, never when cold or warming up. So still not there... More digging needed.
  15. More testing done now. At idle with the engine behaving properly at an afr of 14 I am getting 0.75volts output from the air flow meter with the needle say at 20% open. With the engine misbehaving and leaning out it will try to maintain idle speed but drift to afr 20 and the air flow meter will drift open say to 35% open and the air flow meter output will rise to 1.51volts. According to the Bosch manual 1.5volts is the absolute maximum I should get at idle. So my engine wants to eat air when the problem manifests itself. It feels like the ecu requests less and less fuel, but try’s to maintain idle speed and the icv opens to compensate, then a vicious circle starts and the car leans out badly. i removed the o2 sensor heater relay thinking it may be getting stray volts in from somewhere but no change. The problem is intermittent. It will run from cold fine for say 20 minutes then flip into a very lean condition at idle and part load, things only go back to normal when I go WOT, but returning to idle or part loads the problem comes back. Then it can run normal again for 10 minutes then flips again. next step is to fit an o2 sensor to see if this calms things down. then on to a wiring harness as every other sensor has been swapped out! And the ecu itself! one question, does the motronic 1.3 run closed loop at both idle and cruise, or just cruise. There are conflicting descriptions on the web on this. I know it runs open loop at WOT.