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  1. M635uk

    Motronic expert needed

    Now sorted. Old Oem ICV was tested cleaned and refitted. Now idle’s like a dream. The new one is going back, as you say, utter rubbish. thanks
  2. M635uk

    Motronic expert needed

    Ok, I have the old idle control valve so could swap over. It definitely feels like there is too much metered air getting in as it runs very smooth, just too high. Especially as the throttle plate is new and definitely fully closed, so there isn’t any air getting past that, the only other route will be the icv or the bleed in the air flow meter for CO setting (but that is close to closed). If I force the idle speed lower by riding the clutch it sometimes stays around 1000rpm...odd thanks. ian
  3. M635uk

    Motronic expert needed

    Car is 535ise with Alpina cam and chip, Motronic 1.3 Problem - when warmed up the car wants to idle at 1200 rpm and is eager off idle to say the least. Other than that it runs absolutely fine. here is what I have done but to no avail. 1. New TPS, adjusted and confirmed correct signals back to ecu plug for idle and WOT. 2. New CTS, tested back to ecu and shows correct 300 ohms when warm 3. New idle control valve - confirmed operating 4. No air leaks, new vacuum hoses, inlet gaskets etc. 5. Separately I had the throttle body bored out to 68mm, new spindle and throttle plate, fitted, adjusted to fully closed but still a high idle speed. It had a high idle speed before this was done. 6. I have an afr meter fitted (AEM) and idle air fuel ratio is set to 14.8 I know the Alpina chip raises the idle speed to 950-1000 rpm i also know that the ecu sets idle speed The ecu seems to be requesting a high idle speed (as if it thinks it is a cold engine?) even though the CTS is telling it that it is fully warm, and TPS is closed. i am running out of other things to check, unless you guys can suggest some other things to look at. thanks, Ian
  4. M635uk

    E34 Buyers Guide?

    Indeed. Good luck with your search
  5. M635uk

    E34 Buyers Guide?

    I have recently restored a 535i se, loads spent on it which might put you off! But I can pm you the list of jobs and cost so you can get an idea of what things cost and what might need doing, mine was in very poor state when purchased and needed pretty much a full restoration. It will include the costly mods I have done too, which you should ignore, and no labour costs as apart from paint I do it all myself. best advice I could give is to buy the best you can, and with a good body, especially the sills, jacking points which are a pain in the Ass to rebuild. pm on its way to you. ian
  6. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Yes, will go to 1000 miles then an oil change. Its getting close to that now, seems all good and has been up to 5500 rpm.
  7. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    So at the weekend I did :- Vinyl wrapped the side chrome thingys Re-dyed the drivers seat bolsters Minor repair to bonnet corner adjusted rear box of the Fritz’s system fitted an afr meter. then drove it 400 miles as part of the run in following engine rebuild.
  8. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Thanks for the suggestion
  9. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    list of jobs done on my Alpina engined 535ise over the last 2 years plus (so NOT what I did to my e34 today). Its a bloody long list....selected pics to follow. Check mirrors - all work Check electric windows - all work Drivers seat electrics - all work Passenger seat electrics - all work Re-dye leather seats front and rear remove both front wings remove front bumper for repaint clean interior carpet and door cards clean boot floor and carpets cut and polish bodywork check lights - all work apart from fogs lamp paint headlamp surrounds clean chrome headlamp rings re fix all door cards Open rear door - actuator failure fit new fuel pump check sunroof - all works Check power steering - all works Remove all stickers from windows Check abs system - works Lubricate all door hinges Check heater fan - works on all speeds Interior lights - all work Fit new front exhaust Replace all new brake lines and hoses Paint lower windscreen trim replace rear arb links Repair front passenger door actuator Refurbish calipers Fit new front and rear discs and pads New battery Fit new water pump paint front grill surround Paint and laquer wheels paint side trim on doors - matt black fit new dog bones repair passenger side headlamp adjuster Fit brake sensors fit new 17 inch wheels Fit new rear shocks Fit new H&R springs front and rear prime drivers wing re fit front seats fit new heat exchanger fit new rear bumper bracket touch up seats and seat backs Redo valve clearances to 0.3mm Clean all injectors - professional, 4 show poor, all 6 now show good. fit new BMW emblems fit new exhaust support bracket 6 new black grill clips New o rings for heat exchanger connector in car weld boot corners new rear handbrake shoes compression check - all 11-12bar - very good paint front bumper inserts matt black bleed brakes - replace fluid DOT4 repair milometer - no lamp poor digital display, new capacitors Fit new 545 gear stick - short shifter re dye gear lever surround Banjo bolts and crush washers replaced Replace air flow meter vent pipe. Repair passenger side front/rear sill/jacking point Repair to drivers side front/rear sill/jacking point. Purchase and fit new Alpina gear knob Clutch reservoir cap Brake reservoir cap and level switch Paint front Volvo splitter matt black Fit interior mirror Replace Air Filter engine oil change gearbox oil change engine oil filter replace weld passenger side front sill. replace clutch fluid Power steering fluid change rotor replace distributor cap replace clutch fluid New HT leads Sea foam engine Reset CO to lean on airflow meter. Fit new top coolant hose weld passenger side rear sill. New windscreen wiper motor. Main coolant pipe - replace Drivers front door actuator - replace Paint passenger side sill paint both wing mirrors Fit new carpets Fit new wiper arm and fit new blades paint drivers side sill. Fit pioneer radio cassette! Fit new wiper motor fit rear door weather strips fix heater valve/replace controller. Repair small dent drivers door Drivers door locking mechanism not locking. Replace lock Fit new black mouldings to sill ends at rear Fit weather strip, drivers door plus black moulding Under seal floors set headlight aims with new adjustors fit new bulb for dash left indicator Refit rear drivers wheel arch protector refit wiper arms re route abs wire front passenger side replace passenger mirror glass coolant change fit new thermostat coolant hose paint exhaust tips matt black VHT paint. fit front spoiler repair passenger front door minor corrosion at bottom front corner. replace dual mass flywheel with solid mass from early e24 M30 new clutch plate, friction disc and release bearing shift knuckle joint fit new gear shift arm rear body mount - replace for new. new clutch plate bolts new flywheel bolts new crankshaft pilot bearing new slave cylinder clutch plate retaining spring - renew new clutch fork pin replace 8mm selector arm bush renew 2 off gearbox bushes. renew crankshaft seal fit new torque plate for flywheel new vacuum hose for fuel pressure regulator. fit new exhaust Refit passenger side heater trim and carpet. fit headlamp panel fit rear bumper trim 2 off rubber strips lower front wing Fit new fog lamps Paint front wings paint bumper and refit paint rear bumper and refit remove head for refurb and upgrade Replace head Fit Alpina B10 cam Fit alpina chip New exh rockers shaft and rockers. Repair electric aerial Fit new exhaust Fit new sunroof switch panel Replace bonnet struts Replace boot strut Replace engine block and rebuild engine due to cracked block!. Shadow line side chrome trim with vinyl wrap ... Jobs to do diff oil change De-rust arch lips check demister operation drivers door locking mechanism replace with rebuild kit. check aerial integrity when running Then its really done.
  10. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Afraid I don’t have a project thread for it. I am on job 157 now with 4 left to do... 2 and a half years it took me but I do work away in the week. Biggest job was repairing/ replacing all 4 jacking points, weeks and weeks that job took. I’ll post a full list of “what I did to my e34 today” for the previous 700 odd days! Ps was your v8 engine knackered then?
  11. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    It was fairly straight forward to do the engine, just a little expensive for the cam as it was brand new. Luckily I was able to re-use high compression pistons with new rings, the cam sprocket I slotted myself, engine rebuild was done by me, apart from machining work. A V8 install would be nice mind, maybe the next one I do...
  12. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    link to photos. Now has chrome side trim on windows blacked out, I’ll take some further pics later this week.
  13. M635uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Over the weekend I finally got my Alpina spec e34 mot’d. It passed! Recently had to change the block over due to oil in coolant issue, caused by cracks between the water jackets, oil gallery and head bolt hole in between cylinders 3 and 4. The M30 is such a heavy engine...big job but now done and back in the car. It’s now got 50 miles on it, runs very well and NO oil in coolanT. couple of pics below of the block rebuild. spec - Alpina cam, original Alpina ECU chip, slotted cam sprocket, high compression pistons, new rings, fritz bits complete exhaust system.
  14. M635uk

    E28 m5 timing chain

    Did this a number of years ago on my M635. it’s 2.5k if you do the chain sprockets and head refresh and get someone to do it. Parts for the chain only (that’s all parts - tensioner, crack sprocket guides etc) were about 850-900. You can do it without taking the head off if you are careful. Biggest problem is getting the crank nut off. It’s practically welded on it’s that tight. Big breaker bar and scaffold extension was needed. I did did mine at 152k miles. The chain was stretched and absolutely knackered. 2 rollers had actually fallen off. they do wear so at 139k miles it’s time to de-risk your engine.
  15. M635uk

    M30b35 engine block needed

    Pm sent thanks