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  1. thuzithanwn

    Front Brake Discs

    Thanks for the reply mate. Cheers
  2. thuzithanwn

    Front Brake Discs

    Hello mates, I've got a 2012 F10 520d SE. Size of the brake disc of my car is 330mm. I've got a 348mm Genuine BMW disc pair off from a BMW clearance sale for a very cheap price. However my brake pads were changed recently. Can I increase the disc size to 348mm without changing the brake pads?
  3. thuzithanwn

    Finding VIN from reg no.

    Thanks mate. Cheers
  4. thuzithanwn

    VIN from Reg. Number

    Hi, Does anyone here knows how to get the VIN of the car using it's reg plate? Any online tool will be great. Cheers
  5. thuzithanwn

    Finding VIN from reg no.

    It doesn't work anymore pal
  6. thuzithanwn

    F10 520d SE - Normal to Widescreen NBT Retrofit

    It's 500 quid mate for all the items + coding. He's a seller with 100% positive feedback earned from over 6500 sales.
  7. thuzithanwn

    F10 520d SE - Normal to Widescreen NBT Retrofit

    Yeah mate. I took that image from Google as it was clear. Here's a picture of the real listing. Btw how'd you tell if it's a CIC or NBT by looking at it?
  8. Hi mates, I've got a 2012 F10 520d SE (2012 July Manufactured) and I plan on retrofitting the NBT wide screen to my car. This is the screen I have currently on my car. I have the ZGW02 module as well. Here's picture of it. I'm gonna buy a used NBT headunit + monitor+iDrive controller+GPS antenna from an eBay seller who would CODE the VIN of my car to it upon purchase. According to him after that it's simply plug and play. Is this guy stating the truth mates? However in order to have a look at what I have in my car I removed the current headunit and it looked like this. I had a through look at the new headunit and it looks like it has many connectors than what I have in mine (See the picture above). So far this is what I've identified. Does any of you here know what are being fitted to connectors 1 to 6? I have either 5 or 6 in mine but don't know for sure. I have bluetooth and USB in my car. Does any of you know what these are mates? Appreciate your help and thoughts. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Yeah mate I too thought of taking the car to another guy and see. How can an injector go wrong in such a small mileage? My Indy said he has come across many F10s but never a car with such a low mileage had to replace the injectors although it's not an impossible thing. Anyways I plan on visiting another guy this weekend. let's see what his reply is. Cheers mate
  10. Guys I've got a 2012 F10 520d Auto SE (N47T). It's got an issue. Your insights on this are welcome. Car History- 29k miles total. 17k miles in 6 years with the first owner. 12k miles with me in 2 years. Engine oil changed every 5k miles. Previous owner have done the same Last engine oil change done 500 miles (2 months) ago (New oil filter+fuel Filter) Symptoms When the car is in a low rpm range (idle) the car shakes. Also at times the shaking intensifies when I hit reverse gear. In traffic when the car comes to a halt, I can feel the shake violently. This is not always present. Only at certain times. Also noticed that smoke is blacker and it's visible in my side mirror in a high revs. What BMW specialist garage said I took this to my usual Indy at his BMW specialist garage. Scanned the car while shaking. Nothing comes up. Initial suspicion was regarding fuel quality. They removed the fuel filter and both filter and fuel was fine. I use premium fuel every time. His recommendation was to use the BMW Diesel additive and run another fuel tank to see if the problem persists. He didn't want to touch the engine as the car is low in mileage. What happened now As my Indy suggested I filled the tank in full diluting with diesel additive 10 miles ago. And I have run like 100 miles since Indy's diagnosis. Yesterday I went to the grocery shop and when I started the car it didn't fire up. Starter motor was working hard but the engine refused to start. A white color smoke came from the exhaust. After numerous tries it started. But the idle was not smooth.Felt like something was wrong. When I came home and parked the car in the garage it felt the car was like a tractor. The engine was shaking and noisy. See the video below. On my way back I went hard on my accelerator and my neighbor was behind my car and he said he could see smoke clouds emitting from the exhaust every 5 secs. However when I started it today morning it was fine and only that small shaking was present. The engine was running normally but it felt more like a tractor in idle. Cruised around the car a few miles. No hard starts. Just that shaking was present. What was Indy's opinion on the latest issue? I called my Indy and explained the situation. He said it could be anything. It can be a faulty high pressure fuel pump or injectors...etc However before replacing everything blindly he asked me to run the car at a higher speed (without getting a ticket lol ) in a motorway for more than an hour and check if the problem exists. So mates any thoughts on this? Has anyone experienced something similar? P:S - The combined fuel consumption is around 65mpg+ even with this problem WhatsApp Video 2020-12-25 at 15.51.13.mp4
  11. thuzithanwn

    Strange noise when switching off engine.

    Talked to my INDY and he said this is normal and nothing I should worry about. He had 4 F10s came in for service and all of them had this noise. He started all of them and showed me this and then only I was convinced. So ignore it guys. Stripping the whole engine to see what this thing is not worth it. Try to live with it. Cheers
  12. Hi there mates, Can u all please share your experience on the tires for the F10 M Sport 18"? What's got the best tire life? I know F10 is a heavy ride. The best I've done so far is 12k miles on ContiSport Contact 3E SSR pair. Planning to buy the Continental Premium Contact 6. Any better recommendations? Thanks
  13. thuzithanwn

    Strange noise when switching off engine.

    So what's the culprit guys? I have the exact same issue. Should I be worried? Should I consult my INDY?
  14. thuzithanwn

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Guys, I found out the root cause of the water leak and the culprit was the yellow peril. I did mine in a sort of different way rather than what you all have done. I'll put an extensive write up about it asap. However I came across the following problem when I put everything back near the glove box area. I don't know if it was like this before. Can anybody tell me have I misplaced something so that it had caused this mis-alignment? I don't know if this was the way it was originally. Would someone please be kind enough to have a look at your one and let me know if I have done something wrong? Cheers