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  1. Looking at removing an aftermarket Android head unit from an F10, although the original head unit has long since disappeared. If a second hand unit was purchased, would anything need to be coded or you it just be a plug and play setup?
  2. Liam2594

    Android head unit removal

    to be honest I’ll have a look at it first to see what it’s like. I just cannot stand aftermarket head units and the like. The internet function to be honest never gets used anyway. Thanks again, Matthew.
  3. Liam2594

    Android head unit removal

    Thanks, Matthew. If it were just the screen to be replaced would a standard screen be plug & play if from another model with business nav, and same year? Just confused as to whether the car will just have had a replacement screen or a full head unit (haven’t yet seen the car just told it has an android unit in it).
  4. Liam2594

    Best place to sell my 2020 530 xdrive?

    Majority of new cars have a margin of 12% at most. There's not a huge amount of dealers that are able to clear a decent margin on anything anymore. Used cars again don't have huge margins. Owning a car dealership in the grand scheme of things looks from the outside much better than the reality of it all.
  5. Liam2594

    Anyone ordered a new 5?

    Good decision in my opinion.
  6. Liam2594

    BMW F10 parts, engine mounts, suspension

    Open to offers on all of these parts.
  7. Have a selection of BMW F10 suspension parts. All suspension parts are new and in the packaging, they were ordered to be fitted, however before fitting the car got sold and the new owner didn't want the parts, so offering here. The parts were ordered for a 2013 Pre-LCI F10 520d M Sport. Available are: 2x droplinks - Lemforder - £25 2x track control arm - Lemforder - £120 2x track control arm - Lemforder - £120 2x Engine mounts - Corteco - £60 Propshaft coupling - Bilstein - £40 Track control arms listed are two different parts, that's how they were listed when purchased. Best way to describe is one which looks straight and another which doesn't. These are much cheaper than EuroCarParts prices, so I see them as reasonable considering all prices listed are less than what I had paid. Bank transfer, cash, PayPal not fussed how you'd like to pay, whichever is easiest. Pictures available on request. Due to size & weight collection would be ideal from Kent. Can deliver if reasonably local. If you wish to arrange a courier to collect I don't have an issue with that either, all items are in boxes so can be sent as they came if needed. Any questions, please ask.
  8. Liam2594

    Anyone ordered a new 5?

    I've been looking at ordering a new 530d for a while, but what with the time frame, lack of offers and spec/packs being hit & miss if possible I'd wait as long as possible for a new car. I've put my plans for a new one on hold for a while. Does make me sit and think should I then just wait for the next 5 Series in a couple of years time.
  9. Liam2594

    Appreciating Asset?

    Prices for any used car drop at this time of year. WBAC are offering lower amounts due to the time of year. With new models still a long way off for the majority of manufacturers the prices will go up again in the coming months. Maybe not quite to where they were, but a complete market drop is still a way off. You have to remember all these dealers now have stock at higher prices, the prices simply cannot just return to previous levels for a long time. Auction prices are still high, sales are slow but it's January, that's standard practice.
  10. Liam2594

    Finally a new daily of F11 flavour

    Great looking car, looks like a good buy.
  11. Liam2594

    BMW Warranty?

    I get that too, it is a lot of money. It's also peace of mind, especially if you take roadside assistance, I believe you still get a courtesy car etc. If you're going for the warranty, the BMW one would be the way I'd go.
  12. Liam2594

    540i fuel consumption

    I had an M140i which on a 300 mile motorway trip averaged 46 mpg, most of that was sitting at 70, but there were occasional points of full toe down. Granted that was lighter than your 540i. Running on E10 however I am not surprised in the slightest that your fuel economy isn't good. My mrs has an A-class petrol, that genuinely when run on E10 drops the fuel economy significantly. Over the same standard journeys she'd seen 4-5 mpg less with no change in route or driving style. Switched to super (99 Ron) and the car feels smoother and MPG is slightly better than it was on E5 standard fuel. In my experience the B58 much prefers premium fuel. I made the mistake of putting standard fuel in my 140i once and it genuinely ran worse in terms of performance and economy.
  13. Liam2594

    BMW Warranty?

    My thoughts with things like this are, I know the BMW Warranty product which has always been very good, and as long as it's serviced there, 99% of things are covered up to 100,000 miles. I'd go with BMW Warranty if you're definitely getting a warranty and not going to put money aside.
  14. Pair of Pirelli P7 Cinturato run flat tyres, 245/45/18 100Y, star rated BMW tyres. Tread around 6mm on both, DOT code on both tyres is 2119, no previous repairs, were purchased to change a set of budget tyres on my previous car, never got used and have been in the shed ever since. Collection only from Kent, can deliver if reasonably local in or around Kent. £120 for the pair.
  15. Liam2594

    Managed to wash my key fob...

    https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/wd-40-specialist-contact-cleaner-400ml-542772490?type=shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiAqIKNBhAIEiwAu_ZLDjEdXPJpyCYqUefKWVhscF8L5eW0xWc5z-lokOriblp1FNPlqAI3UhoCSDUQAvD_BwE This was the one I used. I get that, be upfront with him when you get there? Give the switch cleaner a go and see how you get on.
  16. Liam2594

    Managed to wash my key fob...

    I done this with my F10 keys a few years ago, soaked the internals with switch cleaner and it came back to life. Hopefully you'll be lucky and that'll work. I wouldn't buy another key if you're trading it to be honest so long as you have two keys?
  17. Liam2594

    Timing chain 2012 F11 520D

    £2k is a huge amount of money for a timing chain job, the engine doesn't need to come out either. I have a chap who's done two for me and three for friends and relatives for less than half the cost. Beauty with him is, he does it the same day and does all chains, tensioner, the works and provides a long warranty. Glad you've found someone at a more reasonable price.
  18. Liam2594

    Rear spring price

    Hi, could I have a price for an O/S/R spring & pads for a BMW F25, last 7 of chassis: #0K89854. Thanks in advance.
  19. Liam2594

    Rear spring price

    Hi Joe, Thanks for this. Without the spring pads how much would it ocost? Many thanks
  20. Have a 2015 X3 which reading on the internet uses the same system as the F10 with the business nav option. It keeps resetting every 30 seconds, which as I read on here is due to needing a software update. Called my local BMW dealer this morning who refused to do a software update without charging me £125 for a diagnosis first. Can anyone tell me is it just an i-Drive firmware update needed or a full i-Step level upgrade needed. Also need the Nav maps update which I'd like them to get done at the same time, however asking them for an update has just been met with a "no" essentially and I'd rather not pay £125 on top of the cost of an update.
  21. Liam2594

    2015 i-Drive nav rebooting

    That's good news then, although paperwork did state only the headunit was updated due to a specific test procudue. Did ask for the map update, wasn't done, but again didn't get charged so no big issue. Plus for £69 getting all of the online benefits that it brings was worth it and updating is an easy task.
  22. Liam2594

    2015 i-Drive nav rebooting

    Barretts BMW. To be honest they're not the most helpful of dealers any time I've put any car I've owned in there, although they sorted it and charged what I think a reasonable amount for doing so, so cannot grumble. We are currently having a debate as to whether a snapped rear coil spring should covered under the Comprehensive warranty, but that's another story. Nothing else to note to be honest, I think it may well have just been a software update just for the headunit. They didn't update the Sat-Nav maps, that was still on the 2015 version, however I paid for the connected services last night to get the update for £69 & the rest of the features it gives.
  23. Liam2594

    2015 i-Drive nav rebooting

    All sorted - software update cured the fault - £140, pleased.
  24. Liam2594

    2015 i-Drive nav rebooting

    I'm hoping that even if they suggest a new headunit I can get them to do the software update regardless. Fingers crossed.
  25. Liam2594

    2015 i-Drive nav rebooting

    Thanks, Matthew. I've got that from them to be honest, I've relented and booked it in for next Wednesday. I mean if anywhere is going to do a software update, I'd rather just pay a bit extra and have a main dealer do it. They've said if they get certain fault codes they'll suggest a new headunit before doing anything else which isn't helpful. I've told them if it comes to an update to just do it, which with the diag work they said expect it to cost around £265 at most. This is a random one. I managed to be quick enough before it rebooted to see it's still on the 2015 maps version, although I don't know if anyone has tried updating it themselves. I only collected it yesterday. It's genuinely been to BMW for absolutely anything it has ever needed, the printout for visits is massively long, so I wouldn't have thought the previous owner would tried it.

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