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  1. Liam2594

    Parts enquiry

    Evening, I’m after a price for a set of front mud flaps for a 2019 G30 please. Many thanks.
  2. Liam2594

    520d/530d conundrum.

    Exactly that. I feel the M140i was a itch that needed to be scratched. 4,000 miles in, I love the engine, the noise and the ridiculous mid range shove you get, but the car doesn’t put a smile on my face as daft as that sounds. I loved my previous 5 Series, and this one coming is exactly the spec I wanted, so I’m happy.
  3. Liam2594

    520d/530d conundrum.

    It’s done. 530d M Sport is ordered. Carbon Black, black leather, comfort pack & M Sport Plus, Pre-Registered car with 9 miles and a nearly £20,000 saving on list. Excited to be back in the 5 Series fold ASAP.
  4. Liam2594

    520d/530d conundrum.

    Pretty sure my mind is made up for the 530d. Told the dealer where I need to be, awaiting a call back this morning.
  5. Liam2594

    520d/530d conundrum.

    I’ve gone off the 530e idea already. Driving myself insane in all honesty!
  6. Liam2594

    520d/530d conundrum.

    Another consideration is, do I look at a 530e as most of the Mrs driving is around town.
  7. Liam2594

    520d/530d conundrum.

    Morning all, I’m stuck in a quandary. Got rid of the F10 in March for an M140i (what a great little car), but, I do seriously miss my 5 Series. Now looking at a G30, either a pre-reg 530d or a new 520d. I always found my F10 520d felt sluggish, I know they’re not meant to win any races but it always felt slow to me. I understand the G30 is a chunk lighter, I drove one previously and it felt much crisper than the F10. However, is the 3.0 Diesel worth the extra outlay? Need opinions from real owners. I love BMW’s straight 6 diesel, but in all seriousness my Mrs drives the car 90% of the time and she’s a plodder, I’m not a racing driver but do like some get up and go when needed. Opinions?
  8. Liam2594

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    My remote services seem to be all there on the F10 and I didn’t pay a penny for them?
  9. Liam2594

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    So remote service aren’t standard on the G30? I find that odd as they were with the F10 with professional media.
  10. Liam2594

    Comfort seat question

    Perfect, thanks for the above.
  11. Liam2594

    2016 (16) BMW 520d M Sport Auto

    2016 (16) BMW 520d M Sport Auto for sale, nicely specified F10 which comes with the following; M Sport + package (HK Audio, 19” alloys, sun protection glass, rear lip spoiler) Professional Media Black leather Heated seats Keyless Go Usual F10 M Sport spec other than the above. Car has covered 33,000 miles, has BMW history and isn’t due for another around 6,000 miles. Has just had a new rear set of Michelin Primacy 3 run flat tyres. Overall the car is in fantastic condition, still has BMW warranty/roadside assist until March 2019 and wants for nothing. There are a couple of curb marks on a couple of the wheels however these could be refurbed for the new owner if need be. £18,495 open to sensible offers around that price, any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.
  12. Liam2594

    Comfort seat question

    Thanks for your help people, now makes much more sense.
  13. Liam2594

    Comfort seat question

    Is lumbar not standard on comforts?
  14. Liam2594

    Comfort seat question

    Asked a couple of dealers who couldn’t actually confirm. If you go for comfort seats I imagine you get memory and full electric passenger seat adjustment as standard? Weighing up the cost of drivers memory & electric passenger seat at £945 or £1,275 for comfort seats seems silly not to go for those. Currently speccing a G30 to see what we’re going to do come change time.
  15. Liam2594

    old problem has returned :(

    When I used to have Pre-LCI F10’s as company cars I had this issue a lot across many cars. I’d genuinely say about 90% of the time a complete new headlight unit was required under warranty at the time, on the odd occasion did the module fix it.