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  1. Liam2594


    I’ve driven both with and without VDC, the VDC does make a difference however, I wouldn’t call it a necessity. Slightly more comfortable and stiffer in Sport mode, however in my opinion the rarity of finding a car with the option ticked speaks volumes if you ask me.
  2. Liam2594

    What you planning to change to ?

    I’m hoping I’ll just be on the change point and be able to go into a new 5 Series, not planning to change until this one is three years old roughly. I’d consider a 7, but the Mrs finds the 5 too big, so I doubt I’ll be allowed .
  3. Liam2594


    Another thing to note is, looking at like for like tyre prices, there’s not a huge difference between 19’s and 20’s. Plus in my opinion the 20’s look much nicer. My thought would be keep the 20’s, if you find it too hard, sell those, they should cover the cost of the 19’s.
  4. Liam2594


    Should point out my car has runflats fitted also.
  5. Liam2594


    I’ve got a G30 on 20’s hitting a pot hole does make your teeth itch, but the ride normally is pretty good. Personally, I’d take it with the 20’s, see what you think then get a set of 19’s if you think the ride is too hard. No point in the dealer replacing with 19’s and you losing the 20’s and the option of selling them after if they’re not altering the price.
  6. Liam2594

    530d judder.

    Speed wise that’s exactly where it happens, around 1500 rpm.
  7. Liam2594

    530d judder.

    Has anyone with a 530d ever had any rough idle, steady throttle juddering issues? Picked my car up almost a month ago now, on the journey home noticed albeit minor a slight cough from the engine when going through a 60 mph average speed check. Have monitored and driving around town never felt it. Went on a longer run the other day and noticed it again, then yesterday when starting up it was idling slightly rough. Anyone had issues similar? It’ll need a trip to the dealer of course however, I expect the standard no fault found because it’s intermittent.
  8. Liam2594

    Tilting wing mirror

    I tried to enable this on my F10, as it didn’t have folding mirrors or memory seats it didn’t work, even though the option was there to be selected.
  9. Liam2594

    Mud flaps

    eBay is where I got mine. They’re direct from BMW, £58.05 for the fronts. I wouldn’t say yes to the G31 rear purely for the fact I’ve only seen them on a saloon. Fronts won’t be any different. Photo of the ones I ordered attached.
  10. Liam2594

    Mud flaps

    Every dealer contacted said they wouldn’t fit M Sport models.
  11. Liam2594

    Lights misting up

    Only had the car a couple of days in fairness. I will monitor but mine was full of it like yours.
  12. Liam2594

    Mud flaps

    OEM, direct from BMW for the G30 ‘SE only’ .
  13. Liam2594

    Mud flaps

    Fronts only, not a massive fan of how the rears look in all honesty. However, the rears also fit.
  14. Liam2594

    Lights misting up

    I’m getting this heavily currently, more so on the N/S as you are too. Mine are the standard lights however.
  15. Liam2594

    Mud flaps

    Easy, three 8mm bolts and they’re on, £58.05 including VAT delivered from Park Lane BMW, part number: 82162413632. As stated if your ring a dealer they insist they won’t fit, but they fit perfectly.