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  1. Liam2594

    Squeaky brakes

    Anyone else with M Sport brakes have a squeaking issue, that absolutely drives them insane? Just over 3k miles and the brakes in my car make a loud noise. It’s not a conventional high pitched brake squeak, more like a deeper noise from these. Having had Brembo brakes on previous cars they can be noisy I know, but anyone had experience with a dealer and these going back?
  2. Liam2594

    Gesture Tailgate unreliability

    Mine’s completely hit and miss. Always works when I’m jet washing the car though and the hose goes underneath.
  3. Afternoon, Exterior trim that goes around the fogs and sits in-between the front grill, has anyone else noticed that fading? Mine is going more a dull black/shiny grey colour. It's never seen a hand car wash and I'm the only one who's ever cleaned it and in fairness, use sensible stuff. Just seems to be fading, anyone else has this issue?
  4. Liam2594

    My BMW App

    Looks a much nicer interface to be honest, easier to read different bits and pieces.
  5. Liam2594

    Rear fog lights

    No worries. Strange, mine's a June 2019 built car, was yours built or registered then?
  6. Liam2594

    Rear fog lights

    Clears that up. Perfect, thanks.
  7. Liam2594

    Rear fog lights

    What year is your car out of interest? It looks like it should have fogs both sides, looks like the little LED's are there, but I only have one on the O/S.
  8. Liam2594

    Rear fog lights

    Am I only supposed to have one rear fog on the O/S as opposed to one either side?
  9. Liam2594

    G30 LCI

    Disappointed to see you can't get a 530d non-xDrive now. I've got to be honest, I don't think the packs are organised in the best way. My perfect spec, I'd want a combination of three different packs, but not everything out of them all. Was planning on getting into an LCI at some point next year, but I'm not particularly fussed now due to the way the options are in my opinion all over the show,.
  10. Liam2594

    530d judder.

    Just a follow up on this. Car had a new DDE and was delivered back a week or so before everything was shut up. Still had the minor stutter/rough running, have just left it and thought if a fault is there it’ll present itself eventually. Fast forward 800 miles or so and the same lights as previously showing all came back on Wednesday this week. Went back to BMW and had a loose connection somewhere, they road tested over night, all ok. Picked it up today, drove two miles down the dual carriageway and bang lights on again. Don’t you just love cars. In fairness to the dealer, they’ve been perfectly fine and an intermittent fault can be an absolute pig to find. To say the car is beginning to get on my boobs now though is an understatement.
  11. Liam2594

    G31 Brake Wear

    He explained it as the car having less nose dive under braking, it was also something to do with making the braking process smoother. That's how he explained it, I'm not a BMW tech so can't really say anything against his statement. All I do know is it seems a common thing for rears to wear more, so there may be some truth in it.
  12. Liam2594

    G31 Brake Wear

    I was always under the impression that the G30 had a 50/50 brake bias and due to the rear pads initially being thinner and smaller, they wear quicker? I'm sure I got told that previously by a BMW tech.
  13. Liam2594

    Pics of Lci cars

    I think the new 4 Series from the front is horrendous, every other angle it looks lovely.
  14. Liam2594

    Pics of Lci cars

    They most certainly do, yeah. There's probably a chunk more room behind the G30 bumper compared to the F20 mind you. Plus the slimmer style of fogs on the G30 take up less room, so I imagine that'll be why.
  15. Liam2594

    Pics of Lci cars

    Earlier M140i’s have one radiator on the O/S, later ones which have a GPF have an additional cooler added on the N/S. So you’re correct in there being extra components on the M140/M240i’s.