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  1. Wish I had thought about asking him at the time, never gave it a thought. Thanks for the link.
  2. Don't know how they done that, never gave it a thought to be honest, I didn't notice it changing gears. I'll tell you what though, it's very unnerving listening to your pride and joy going through a dyno session, it was screaming its head off.
  3. Yeah was perfect, although very easy to spin the wheels, given the weather
  4. Got car remapped at SOSmotorsport Falkirk 2014 530d msport, 311 hp on the dyno, well pleased.
  5. jambo98

    Non run flats.

    Yes, that's what I'm doing at the moment.
  6. jambo98

    Non run flats.

    Tin of 500ml Holts tyreweld, I have a Ring tyre inflator and if I'm stuck break down cover, I've driven different cars for last 8/9 years that didn't have run flat tyres or a spare tyre, I'm sure it will be ok.
  7. jambo98

    Non run flats.

    They were down to just under 3 mm, I've thought that the cars ride even when the runflats were new was a bit off, tramlining over the slightest of ruts in the road.
  8. jambo98

    Non run flats.

    245 45 18s up front and will be changing the rears 275 40 18s when they are due
  9. jambo98

    Non run flats.

    Changed the front Continental run flats for Kumho Ecsta PS71 non run flats and what a change to the car, tramlining has gone completely. Car just feels more planted to the road.
  10. jambo98

    Propshaft rear coupling

    Just a wee update, sourced a new Febi Bilstein (who supply BMW so I ve been told) flexi disc with new bolts from Autodoc for £72 delivered. Mate fitted it today, all good.
  11. jambo98

    Potential F11 buyer- Winter tyres

    I too have a set of these bought from Germany last year with dunlop winter tyres, good choice.
  12. jambo98

    Propshaft rear coupling

    Sorry the title is a bit misleading, it is the propshaft rear coupling, I've sourced a replacement. Thanks
  13. jambo98

    Propshaft rear coupling

    Funny thing is I've had no shudder or vibration, maybe just caught it before that starts mind you.
  14. jambo98

    Propshaft rear coupling

    Car was in for a service today and it was noted that the rear prop "doughnut" has a split in it. Ive seen online them being called Flex discs or Guibos.
  15. jambo98

    Propshaft rear coupling

    Thought so,