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  1. Today I removed my Bluespark Pro + Boost Control unit and replaced it with a DTUK Crd3+ tuning box and a DTUK pedal box. Totally transforms the car, especially the pedal box.
  2. jambo98

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    Good way of looking at it I suppose, £596 for the comprehensive with £250 excess.
  3. jambo98

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    All points taken on board, thanks for the replies.
  4. jambo98

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    Very true its a lot of money however I might sleep just a bit easier.
  5. jambo98

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    Cars done 40k although I've done 14k in the last year, it's got full main dealer service history, got loads of extras like the surround parking assist with the 5 cameras, electric towbar etc to be honest I think it's a no brainer just need some reassurance really.
  6. I've had my 4 year old used approved F10 530d MSport now for a year now and have my quote for extending the warranty, all these quotes are with £100 excess, £780 for comprehensive, £655 for named component or £519 driveline. Should I go for the warranty and if so which level of cover or just put money away each month. What's people's thoughts?
  7. jambo98

    52.4 mpg

    Return journey today, kept it in comfort mode and didn't keep to speed limits this time, 44.3 mpg on the way back. All told I done 482miles and I've just filled it back up and it took £68.41, so roughly 41mpg. Happy with that.
  8. jambo98

    52.4 mpg

    Eco mode, stuck roughly to speed limits. Yes it was boring but was in no hurry.
  9. jambo98

    52.4 mpg

    157 miles in total, about 100 odd on motorway at 70ish.
  10. jambo98

    52.4 mpg

    Drove from Edinburgh to Kendal today, astonished at 52.4 mpg, 530D love this car.
  11. Surething wouldn't look at it, surprisingly LV did.
  12. Indeed I have, had to change insurance companies though.
  13. Fitted a Bluespark Pro + Boost tuning box, very impressed.
  14. Car got the all clear today, am i glad, had a 216D Active Tourer as a courtesy car , garbage.
  15. Dropped car off this morning for EGR check, was told if it needs replaced I wont get car back for 3/4 weeks as part is on back order.