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  1. Dephead2004

    First service cost

    You can pretty soon see how many services you'll get by looking at the figures under vehicle settings.
  2. Dephead2004

    TFT screen clean

    Am now the proud owner of two BMW microfiber cloths. Will report back on the outstanding cleaning power of these precision German made ultimate driving machine cloths.They are currently still in their packaging but that doesn't stop their technical ability to remove dirt, dust, oil and fingerprints.I will be writing to BMW AG and urging that these should be offered as an option as they are so effective. Over the counter is £6 but as an option they could easily fetch ten times that. Particularly if supplied in a BMW badged Nappa leather hand stitched carry bag with contrasting stitching.
  3. Dephead2004

    First service cost

    All depends on your mileage now the service pack is for 3 years and not the more generous 5 years. If you only get 1 service in that 3 years then it's a matter of judgement as to whether it's worth it. I felt not in this case and I've had a service plan on an e91 and a VW. That was the best deal. Paid £12pm for 4 services in 4 years.
  4. Dephead2004

    How long before good discounts?

    +1 100%
  5. Dephead2004

    Discount at connected drive

    Check out your connected drive page to see if you have the 20% off discount as at .co.uk
  6. Dephead2004

    TFT screen clean

    Sorry, some grease.
  7. Dephead2004

    TFT screen clean

    I found that there was come grease on the edges of the black panel perhaps to ensure no squeaks or face of assembly. This needed to be cleared away with a cotton bmw and then screen clean applied
  8. Dephead2004

    Real world mpg and range

    As you say in theory. The 520I is a cracker of an engine
  9. Dephead2004

    Real world mpg and range

    520i = 43mpg and it's new so should improve. Amazing for a petrol engine
  10. Dephead2004

    New 520D - max £40k

    Just a thought. Some connected drive options can be added after purchase to keep the list price below £40k
  11. Dephead2004

    Driving Modes

    That's how it works, I believe. Coding might be possible but by standard it always defaults to comfort
  12. Dephead2004

    Navigation Update Question (UK)

    Hi all, just joined to add my map mess to the party. Like others, I was stuck on 2017-3. From the BMW spec sheet (dealer only) for July 2017 it clearly stated that automatic updates (ota) are free for 3 years with up to 4 per year for the UK. USB updates are not foc and are for the entire region, in my case Europe. But no update! And no booking for either service in my account with the connected drive portal. Research on another forum suggested that the failure was at the factory though not necessarily Graz or Regensburg. Connected drive and customer services told me that I had to purchase usb updates at £69. Dealer was clueless. I eventually made a formal complaint. Still no reply to that but after a few days the two services popped up in my connected drive account. Immediately, I had a nav message to say that there was an update available ota. Foolishly I chose to click later, or never reappeared so I went through the rigmarole of the usb update. All went well. All this leads me to believe that for a range of late 2017 cars (2018 MY) the one vital service of ota updates was not added at the factory and as a concession this was added later with complimentary usb updates. Oh and never say later to the map update message on your nav screen Hope this helps others to be determined to obtain the service which is included and maybe bag a bonus foc