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  1. Final chapter: Aerosus technical say you do NOT need the black spacer fitted to their airsprings. I am now going to move on and get a new life!
  2. Thanks for all the info. I will however post the reply from Aerosus as a final chapter in the story.
  3. Fair point. It is just the type of mind I have. I like to try and get logical answers. That's the scientist in me.
  4. tilly

    In a Porker this summer

    June 2006 Gen1 Turbo S chrono tiptronic with PCCB. The 3.6 Mezger engine is very reliable but complex. A new set of ceramic brakes is over £17,000 but hopefully they are good for 150,000 miles. The tiptronic suites my driving, all our cars are autos, and performance is not lacking. Maintenance costs very similar to most executive cars. Very few minor glitches and actually we have had more with the 5 series. My first 5 touring(E35) I bought in 1995. I still have the wallet BMW gave me as a token gesture when they would not solve a problem. We lived in Switzerland and every time the temperature dropped below 3 degrees the car told me the headlights had failed. BMW said it was a programme fault and since they were going to launch the new E39 it was not worth rectifying the problem. In addition the paint started to peel a few days after delivery. I was not impressed. The most reliable 5 was the E39 and I still regret selling that one after 9 years with only 80,000 miles on the clock. The current one we will keep mainly for two reasons. It was almost £45000 in October 2010 and it is now worth a few thousand. I have driven the new one and did not notice much difference in the driving but all the electronics leave me cold maybe it is my age. The most reliable has been the 1.9 Z3. If I can actually tell the truth on some days with the current state of British roads it is the car we most enjoy using.
  5. Sorry I misunderstood. This then begs the question why my car did not have the rings from new? If it is an update what is the reason? Finally why do the Arnott and Aerosus Airsprings not indicate the spacers need to be fitted? I can understand that the Arnott is a different configuration but the Aerosus is almost identical to the OEM part minus the spacer. I received a reply from Aerosus and despite sending a picture they mistakenly thought that I meant the protective sleeve rather than the spacer on top of the unit. I have tried to clarify and am awaiting their answer.
  6. I still wonder if the ring is only for IAS cars. The current OEM part just means one replacement for both types simplifying distribution.
  7. tilly

    In a Porker this summer

    In the last 4 months I've added another 4000 miles. I usually do about 5000 miles per year. In the BMW I average about 8000 miles a year. My wife has a Z3 which she has had for over 20 years (1997) and she averages just over 2000 miles per year.
  8. That is interesting that it is written in such a way. We have assumed that it is mandatory to install if the car has IAS but it is not essential if it doesn't. Leaving it on a non IAS car doesn't have any effect. When we compared the top of the Aerosus airspring with the original BMW airspring which has been on the car for 8 years, and which had no damper, they are the same. In addition when we checked with a new BMW airspring, which had the damper, when it was removed there was no difference. I have been driving the car for 4 years with a damper on one side but not on the other and I have not noticed any performance difference. In addition for the two original damperless airsprings one lasted for 4 years the other for 8 years. The replacement damper fitted with the damper has lasted 4 years. I am now totally confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am awaiting comment from Aerosus to see what their recommendation is. In the meantime I am driving the car with 2 new aerosus airsprings fitted and one has the damper taken from the old replacment BMW airspring fitted 4 years ago. As yet all seems fine.
  9. tilly

    In a Porker this summer

    Interesting. Both my cars have almost identical miles. Both have full service history from OPC until the last service which was carried out by respective specialist indies. Cost of servicing the cars has until the last service been very similar. Both cars have just had a 60,000 mile service and for the Porsche it was the major 4 year service. BMW: Major service plus rear brake pads, faulty airbag wiring repaired, 2 Aerosus airsprings and 6 new glow plugs. Cost £1621.90. Porsche: Major 4 year service including new spark plugs and laser toe and camber adjustment to all 4 wheels. Cost £869.34. Yes, with the Porsche if one of the carbon ceramic discs need replacing or the engine needs a rebuild then things could change but over the last 8 years, which I can make a direct comparison, running costs have been fairly similar.
  10. tilly

    In a Porker this summer

    Snap. Just slightly different models.
  11. tilly

    Spacer on air suspension

    Thanks for the confirmation. We came to the conclusion that since my car does not have IAS the Black ring was not essential. The two Aerosus airsprings have now been fitted and the cost is over 20% less than the cost of a single OEM airspring. I have written to Aerosus just asking for their opinion and am awaiting a reply. It is of little consequence since the job has been done. Once again thanks to everybody for all the help, it really has been worthwhile and much appreciated.
  12. My car does not have IAS and it appears that the original airsprings did not have the black bearings fitted. OEM replacement springs do contain the black bearing but I think that we have come to the conclusion that they are not necessary if you do not have IAS. Neither the Arnott nor the Aerosus airsprings have these bearings and as stated elsewhere Arnott say they are uneccessary but you cannot use their springs I believe on IAS cars. I am awaiting a reply from Aerosus. If however your car has IAS then you have to fit OEM airsprings with the black bearings fitted. I think that when a replacement airspring was fitted at a main agent in 2014 the mechanic just fitted the part which was supplied containing the black spacer and did not wonder why the original faulty airspring did not have the spacer fitted. Since the car has been running from the spring 2014 with one airspring having the bearing and one without I think it proves that on my car they are not necessary. Sorry for the complex reply but this is the conclusion we have arrived at from all the information we have received over the last two days. If anybody can see fault with this conclusion please feel free to comment.
  13. tilly

    Spacer on air suspension

    This is a pic of the OEM airspring. I believe that you remove the ring if your car is not fitted with Intergral Active Steering. Like I said mine had one on and one off for 4 years. I believe that from new it did not have the rings but the replacement was fitted with the ring supplied. I'm just going to see what happens without the rings since I don't want to pay over £300 just to get the ring.
  14. tilly

    Spacer on air suspension

    Thanks . If that is the explanation then it would explain a lot. If in 2014 an apprentice fitted the new air bag then it would have been supplied with a spacer and they just fitted the part that was given them.
  15. I have just received 2 Aerosus BMW 5 GT F07/F11 Rear Air Spring / Air Suspension Bags for my BMW F11 525 D Touring to replace both the rear suspension bags which are now leaking. I bought this car new in 2010. In 2014 the left rear air suspension was torn and replaced by BMW free of charge as a good will gesture. When the old leaking units were removed today, one( the newer one 2014) had a black ring attached. The original one on the car from new did not. Therefore I have been driving the car for 4 years with one airbag with a ring and one without. With the Aerosus airbags do they need these black rings fitted as they are not supplied with the bags? BMW do not sell the rings separately so if they are necessary, to get one, I would have to buy a complete OEM unit which will contain the ring for over £300 from BMW. I noticed that the Arnott air spring does not require this part for installation. . Any help would be appreciated.