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  1. Nope, they can decide how they want to pass on the car. I will give them the old summer tyres which still have a few miles left in tread. The car currently has a new set of winter tyres on so there is every incentive for them to spruce up the vehicle before passing it on to auction I presume.
  2. Actually to be fair there was no pressure, I admit I led the conversation, but nobody asked if I was sure of the decision or would I like to take time to reflect. However 24 hours after we made the decision my wife and I are happy. Our son is not so happy. Why? well apparently in the new car there is no storage box in the rear armrest!!!!!!!!!! There are two things I am going to possibly miss. The first concerns the headlights. I currently have adaptive xenons and the new car has LED non adaptive. The second I do not think will be a problem. my current car has adaptive dampers the new one doesn't. However once I replaced the runflats with normal tyres I always left the car in the normal suspension setting. Even in the sport mode I opted to keep the suspension in normal. I have driven this setup for almost 8 years and I am happy with it on British roads.
  3. Interesting day. Noticed that one of my exhaust tail pipe tips was missing. Trip to the main agents. £62 for a new one. While they were checking if they had the part in stock I was offered a cup of coffee. Sitting drinking it another customer got chatting. He asked what car I had. F11 525D touring I replied. 4 or 6 cylinder he asked? I explained when I initially tested the car, 10 years ago, the 6 cylinder appeared much smoother. Ah he said the new 4 cylinder diesel is a different proposition. Got me thinking. Since they had not found the part yet, rather than sitting around, I enquired if they had a 2L D in stock. They actually had three and would I like to drive one. Why not. A short 10 minute drive in a 6 month old G31 with 9,000 miles on the clock revealed it was indeed a smooth performer. The salesman then enquired would I like a valuation for my own car against the G31. I have owned mine from new it has 78,000 miles on the clock and the condition of the mechanicals is good but the bodywork has a number of dings and the interior is as you would expect in a 9 year old family car. The offer was £20,000 and my old car for the new one. The new car had dropped £20,000 from the list price in the first six months, wow. I drove home and talked to the boss. She said have a cup of tea and then we will go back to the garage and have a look. We did, did the deal and I pick up the new car on Thursday. This will be my 4th 5 series touring. I had an E34 525i, E39 530i, F11 525d and now the G31 520d. The remarkable thing is I owned each car for just over nine years. When I went down to the garage I did not even think I would be getting a new car so I am still surprised by how the day has turned out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. tilly

    Starting problem

    One final report. Had the car for two weeks. Absolutely no problems in starting despite some very low temperatures. Smooth idle on startup even after leaving overnight in very cold conditions. Noticed smoother pickup and I believe that there has been a slight improvement in fuel consumption. I think it is fair to say problem sorted. Interested to know if decarbonising after 50,000 miles would prevent the problems and what would the cost comparison be like?
  5. tilly

    Starting problem

    Pleasure is all mine. If it helps others that is an added bonus. Now I am going to see if the Continental All Season tyres I have just had fitted do the job as well as the winter and summer tyres I have been running up till now.
  6. tilly

    Starting problem

    Update from the man who is still young at heart, knees are a different thing. Just picked up the car. Started from cold immediately, idled with no hesitation and drives smoothly. Significant improvement. Cost for the work: £1395.89. Labour £280 ex VAT and parts £883.24 ex VAT. Thanks to all on here for the advice and support. It was and is very much appreciated. One benefit from the whole experience I have been driving the Porsche in appalling weather. Winds and flooding. I have been amazed at the traction of that car despite all the torque and HP.
  7. tilly

    Starting problem

    Thanks for the info. Mine was very contaminated even though I have only used Shell V plus fuel. However, quite a few of my journeys are relatively short and that might explain the buildup of all the muck. I will still replace them with new OEM parts and hope I can get another 9 years of use. I will then be 80 and I don't think by then I will care much about driving cars any more. Electric buggies will be another thing if I live that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. tilly

    Starting problem

    Had the car since new. Warranty stopped many years ago but to be fair it has not been an expensive car to run. I have all the bills over the years and it costs much much lower than the ZM roadster over an equivalent time period before I sold the roadster( at my age I found it difficult to get in. My wife has no problems with hers.) Even the Porsche costs less to run than the Roadster.
  9. tilly

    Starting problem

    More news: The mechanics have stripped down the inlet manifold and it does indeed need replacing with the seals and actuator which come as a kit, again a common fault they led me to believe. The kit is £762.50 + VAT and is available next day. If this finally solves the problem I will not get much change from £1500.
  10. tilly

    Starting problem

    Garage has just come back to me after further investigating the poor running from cold. The diagnostic is saying it is sticking inlet manifold flaps. To check they would need to take the inlet manifold off which takes around 1 hour. I have asked them to proceed. let see what the result is.
  11. tilly

    Starting problem

    Update: Car now starts with the new control module but very lumpy idle from cold. They have cleared all the codes and will let the car cool before connecting up the diagnostics and restarting. They will obviously check any new faults but they are especially looking at fuel pressure. It could be a leaking injector which is causing the problem from cold and they should be able to spot this on the readout. After all it is only a car and in my experience things are never as simple as they initially appear.
  12. tilly

    Starting problem

    Interesting suggestion. Although it was colder earlier in the week on the morning it just would not start there was ice under the bonnet. I appeared that the temperature had risen early morning and the ice on the screen melted and slipped. Initially the starter turned the engine but it did not fire up. After several tries, on pressing the starter it just cut out immediately and despite repeated attempts it continued to stop within a second . I don't no if either the system had recognised is was not going to start or the cylinders were flooded with diesel. I am no engineer. I am going to ask the engineer when I pick up the car and I'll let the forum know the answer.
  13. tilly

    Doesn't like being woken up

    That was exactly what happened before it failed. Lumpy idle on starting but when moved off after 30 seconds no problems. Then throughout the day no problem when starting. Left over night it could again cause some problems, not every time but at least once a week. Like I said I thought it was the glow plugs and had them all replaced about 18 months ago. Thought it had cured the problem but after a few weeks one morning it was back again. During the summer not much problem put it got worse once the temperatures started to drop. Waiting to get the car back to see if the problem has now been sorted. I'll let you know.
  14. tilly

    Starting problem

    Lets keep our fingers crossed. Car not back yet.
  15. tilly

    Doesn't like being woken up

    Had exactly the same issue. Had all glow plugs replaced but did not solve problem. Finally car would not start last week. See my write up under starting problems. I hope replacing the control unit solves the problem.