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    E34 1996 520sei Auto Touring for 18yrs & R8 1995 Rover 216sli (Honda) for 20yrs
  1. OK, so, this clearly has had poor work done in the past and the galvanised element lost, so I'm looking at grinding the rust out and epoxy/paint work... Question is, how is this bottom-of-door trim attached? It is undamaged so I'd like to remove it to keep it that way, - but how do I get it off? Just as important, How do I reattach it? no clips are apparent, is it glued on? If its Glue, what do I need to buy? thanks all
  2. RonB

    Creaking rear suspension

    Top Mount is probably shot, mine went the same way, see bottom left of picture; the spacer to the side of it is meant to be bonded to the rubber & when it rips off, the squeaking is the rubber wearing away on the spacer. Ask me how I know...
  3. RonB

    E34 Propshaft Centre Bearing

    Mine is still original, 22 yrs old and 150,000 miles, so OEM part & price seems worth it to me...
  4. It's a very nice car and a good price currently at £3750. My helpfully-intended comment is that it might help prospective buyers take the plunge & speed up the sale if you display the reg number. I don't like it when Traders blank-out the reg number in the photos. It prevents me looking up the MOT history and makes me think they have something to hide, so I move on. I genuinely don't know if there's a good reason for not showing the reg, anyone help me with that? Good Luck
  5. RonB

    Any British Leyland fans here?

    I learned to drive in an Allegro in 1975/6 and loved it, but it was brand new... a bit like going for test drives in a new car today I suppose ?
  6. RonB

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I replaced my ns dipped beam glass, without removing the headlight itself... A year or two ago a stonechip turned to a crack, I taped it, then later it turned into about 8 taped cracks ... The clear tape held it all together for a while (and amazingly got it through two MOTs) but it needed doing. Found a glass-only with the right codes in Latvia (!) for £6.99 (!!) and £6 delivery(!!!) so I thought it's worth a try, if it didnt work I could still go the full cost route, even those are cheaper than "modern" car light units. Here's pics of the light with all the broken bits prised off and cleaned up I used butyl adhesive sealant, works fine. run out of allowed space for photos, guess I shoulda cut the file sizes down, doh!
  7. RonB

    Remove and refit headlamp

    Here's a few pics I took of my grill to remind me where the tabs are, in case I wanted to remove it again without taking the bumper off, hope this helps. I added some wire mesh to help stop stones smashing into my aircon condenser On the ends, ideally its the big tab in the middle you need to release, using the slot above the indicators I smeared these with silicone lubricant to help release them easier next time see that U shaped plastic slot above the indicators...? A nice long screwdriver down this slot is what you need to release those big end tabs without breaking stuff
  8. RonB

    Remove and refit headlamp

    Here's a link to an excellent guide, to remove the bumper and grill... http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/675154 I used it to get to my aux.fan to replace it as shown, and also to get to the ns dipped- beam glass, which was smashed. I got it all off and on again without breaking any clips, good result
  9. RonB

    Rear coil springs - easy or hard?

    I used a puller on the bottom mounts; nearside came off easy, offside was much harder but got there in the end. I unscrewed the bolt to almost the end of its thread but left it in so the puller's centre bolt used it as the push-point Springs were £43 each Boge shocks were £72 each Top mounts were £22 each, all including vat I didnt bother with the spring end cushions or bump stops as the originals were still ok. I had one hidden broken spring, the shocks were the original units and could have been reused but had different levels of resistance when pushed in/pulled out. My original top mounts were completely knackered, and very noisy. Mines a Touring so stripping the interior was easy. Coilovers might have been quite a lot cheaper but I'm happy with the above prices Good luck
  10. RonB

    How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    Had mine since Oct 2000 at 22k miles, & used for daily commute for 11 years up to about 120k, then since retirement for the last 7 yrs still used daily but much lower miles, now is just over 150k. Still feels & drives like new.
  11. RonB

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Thanks, now I'm wondering why these are metal pipes, seems to be asking for corrosion - could they be switched for rubber fuel hose, which seems to be a lot cheaper, even when it's braided?
  12. RonB

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Got the replacement springs & fitted the drivers side, no problems. Then went back to the one I did Friday; once i'd removed the lower bolt, the joint came off with finger pressure - nice one ! The new springs are maybe 1/8th inch shorter than the old ones(just under 14 inches), but when fitted they're undercompression anyway, so assume this makes no difference. Both Top Mounts were knackered in the same way, with the struts trying hard to burst through; clearly long over due for replacement. Car rides sooooo much quieter now
  13. And Wifey has had her R8 Rover 216sli 1600 (Honda engine) since 1998. It's up to 175k now, still nice to drive & has been super reliable. I recently did some welding on the sills and rear wheelarches, then a quick repray in cellulose, see no reason to replace it any time soon.
  14. RonB

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    While poking about under the OS rear wheelarch (E34 Touring), found a leaky metal pipe, attached to rubber tube that goes up to the bottom of the plastic expansion tank... It doesnt seem to be pressurised. I'm struggling to identify it on the OEM pictures... Any advice on where the metal pipe goes, how long it is, function and how to replace it or fix the leak? Sorry if i've posted this in the wrong section, maybe a moderator could move it to the right one ? thanks
  15. RonB

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Started on the drivers side rear strut yesterday, eventually got it off today (bottom pin was Very tight, BFH got lots of use).... Then found that the spring was broken It was hidden round the back so I hadn't ordered new ones, thats another job for Monday then...