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  1. fuzzyedges

    Fitting a tow bar

    Another vote for the Westfalia detachable towbar. It's simple plug and play. I also love the fact that it disables the rear parking sensors of the car when a trailer is connected and it gives you a little towbar graphic on the dashboard display screen to remind you.
  2. fuzzyedges

    Standard audio Sub woofer replacement.

    I had the standard bottom of the line audio unit, so no extra amps or tweeters. It sounded awful. I added amps in the boot fed from the standard head unit and replaced the speakers, it sounds much better now, though still a little HiFi sounding rather than music but head and shoulders better than stock.
  3. Just a quick post to show some images of Vibe replacement subs in position in my F10. I've already added 6 channels of amplification (into the boot) fed from the standard head unit's speaker output and I have replaced the standard speakers with Faital Pro units and tweeters. I have also coded the headunit to 'HiFi' using Bimmercode. This removes the EQ applied to the audio signal to compensate for the fact that the standard speaker system has no tweeters. The subs fit the standard locations with no modifications, all I had to do to the wiring was remove the blue BMW plugs from the speaker wiring as the Vibes use screw down terminals. Images 3 and 4 show a comparison between the new sub unit and the standard BMW sub. The only criticism I have so far is the gauge of the wire used on the back of the Vibe unit to carry the signal from the screw terminal to the cone.
  4. fuzzyedges

    Dashcam connection to fuse

    Apologies but I can't remember the fuse number. But if you can use my install as a visual reference that may help....
  5. fuzzyedges

    Dashcam connection to fuse

    Mines connected with a piggy back fuse in the fuse panel behind the glove box and earthed to the bolt at the end of the dashboard behind the trim panel.
  6. Thanks for the kind offer but I'm too far away from your gorgeous part of the world. What I could do with is an idiot's guide to installing ISTA/D on a Windows 10 laptop....
  7. Thanks GoNz0 but I'd have to disagree as the fault hasn't cleared after several weeks and even my local garage has been unable to clear it using thier Snap On diagnostic tool, the fault code is - Fault Code: 2AB900 Fault Explanation: Glow plug, Diagnoserueckmeldung: mixing obstruction different Gluehstifttypen detected BMW TIS reference using the service mode to reset the control unit once you replace the glow plugs. Engine is N47 184bhp.
  8. I've just changed the glowplugs on my 2010 520D N47 engine. Due to top end knock and rough running when cold. The problem is slightly better but still not entirely gone. One thing I'm yet to do is code the control unit to tell it that it has new plugs. I have both Carly and Bimmercode but neither seem to offer this service function. Can you recommend a system that will code this unit? So I can finish the job and rectify this annoying fault.
  9. fuzzyedges

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Replaced the blown fuse that protects the cigarette lighter.
  10. fuzzyedges

    Sat nav maps

    I updated my motion maps earlier in the year using a download and a lifetime FSC code form this site. It's still working, but that is just my experience I don't know if others forum users have had problems.
  11. fuzzyedges

    Sat nav maps

    You can try here - https://www.oemnavigations.com/ for maps.
  12. fuzzyedges

    Jaguar space saver spare....

    No, lots of swearing replacing the disc's on the back of the BMW. The Jag space saver should fit over 530D brakes. It fits over massive Brembo brakes on the Jag.
  13. fuzzyedges

    Jaguar space saver spare....

    A Jag in the snow. I only just made it off the drive.
  14. fuzzyedges

    Jaguar space saver spare....

    Am I allowed to post swearing?
  15. fuzzyedges

    Rough cold start and fault codes

    I'm half expecting mine to be glow plug related too. I'll change them at the next service (which I'm about to do). As it's only going to get colder.