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  1. fuzzyedges

    Running car without brake disc back plates

    No problems. A squirt of penetrating oil and a good fitting 6 sided socket the bolts came out fine. They've got to come out at some point.
  2. fuzzyedges

    Running car without brake disc back plates

    Mine did the same I repaired them by using penny washers behind the bolt heads.
  3. fuzzyedges

    N47 egr gunk

    Link to the TIS instructions I used. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-520d-lim/repair-manuals/11-engine/11-61-intake-manifold/1VnYrzdnib
  4. fuzzyedges

    N47 egr gunk

    Yep N47 engine. I cleaned and reused the old gaskets. I'll see how that works out for me. To clean everything I used a combination of brake cleaner, a long bottle brush and a high pressure lance on the jet wash. I was covered in black gunk too. Another useful thing to do is to put the bonnet into service mode. Stops you banging your head and provides more light. For TIS instructions just do a Google search for BMW TIS. Then search intake manifold for the instructions. I put it all back together and it started fine. It took me most of the day, but I wasn't rushing and I had a long lunch and plenty of tea breaks. VID_20200403_134742.mp4
  5. fuzzyedges

    N47 egr gunk

    Took about an hour to remove the intake. This is the first time I've done this job and I was quite straightforward to do. I followed the TIS instructions. Then much longer for further dismantling and cleaning.
  6. fuzzyedges

    N47 egr gunk

    I decided to try with the EGR removed too.
  7. fuzzyedges

    N47 egr gunk

    120000 miles. I commute 70 miles a day mostly motorway.
  8. fuzzyedges

    N47 egr gunk

    Thought I'd remove the intake manifold and give everything a good clean.
  9. fuzzyedges

    Source for centre air vent.

    The left (passenger vent) is broken.
  10. fuzzyedges

    Source for centre air vent.

    Trying to avoid changing to this:
  11. Can anyone point me in the direction of a centre air vent (at a reasonable price) with the silver surround finish (as photo). All of the new replacement items on fleabay are sent with a soft feel satin black finish. I prefer the finish of the original BMW item.
  12. fuzzyedges

    Yet another BMW main dealer fail.

    I've phoned the Bristol bodyshop and after initially denying they'd done any work on the bumper they stated that they'd only performed a smart repair on the rear bumper. Meaning they didn't need to remove it. So therefore they couldn't have damaged the loom. They have agreed to look at the damage and I'm taking the car into them on Monday 17th Feb. But it doesn't appear as though they're going to accept responsibility.
  13. The wiring loom on my car after a visit to the Dick Lovett bodyshop Bristol. I was wondering why the towbar electrics weren't working. I have assumed that the loom to the towbar had been cut through to remove the bumper for repair. Doing this to the wiring left exposed voltages right next to the battery and fuel filler neck. A short to earth causing a spark could of started a fire. I am rather cross about this.
  14. Yep, that's what I assumed. Unfortunately the new units do need coding to the car as the ECU applies adaption values to the components as they age.
  15. fuzzyedges

    Doesn't like being woken up

    I have a similar problem it started as just a little bit of rough running on cold start up, it then progressed to a stutter then a 'misfire'. I had the glow plugs replaced and then the glow plug controller. Followed by the injectors been cleaned, then the breather pipes replaced, then the EGR and finally the MAF sensor. I still have the problem and the car is all most un-drivable when cold. The car however runs fine when warm. I can't believe we don't have a sticky for this fault as it seems to be more and more common as the diesel cars age.