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  1. jonbee

    Appreciating Asset?

    I wonder how long batteries will last if they're rapid charged regularly? I hope they're getting better now, it was a real problem a few years ago. Every rapid charge knocked off a few % of capacity.
  2. jonbee

    Great - buckled wheels

    My Primacy 3 rft's hold their pressure for months. I've had pressure loss problems on older cars due to corrosion under the paint across the tyre bead, & sometimes corrosion around the valve area. I'd suspect a crack or cracked sealant lacquer if flange is distorted too.
  3. jonbee

    Great - buckled wheels

    I've had wheels refurbished on my wife's Celica at City Wheel Refurbishment in Birmingham. They are very cheap and do a reasonable job. They straightened the inner flanges on 2 of the wheels for a very nominal extra charge. They were fully painted ones at the basic price. As you would expect, diamond cut incur an extra charge.
  4. When I got my F10 the dealer had to add the fridge/charge wires but I think my G30 came from the factory with them already installed.
  5. jonbee

    20% Off servicing heads up

    Keep a copy of your online booking. I purchased a service through BMW website 'special offer' couple of years ago. Dealer (Sytners) claimed to know nothing about the special price when I got there! Fortunately they had accidentally given me the 4+ price so not much difference in the end.
  6. jonbee

    Uneven Rear Tyre wear

    My 530i is on 145/45 x 18 wheels and the rears wear fairly evenly, just very slightly more on inside edge. I'm on SE height/spring rates. I wonder if the e cars are set up a bit differently because of the extra battery weight at the rear?
  7. jonbee

    Low coolant warning (G31 540i)

    BMW changed the factory fill antifreeze, I think some time in 2018. Prior to the change it was blue. From memory, I think there was more than one colour for the later/current stuff. The older blue should not be mixed with the newer stuff.
  8. I got a letter from BMW about a month before my warranty expired. Also, I got an email from Sytners (my supplying dealer) just before that.
  9. jonbee

    Remote control key battery discharged

    I got this with one of my keys. I took out the 'new' battery and wiped it on a cloth and it's been OK ever since. I presume there was some crud or grease on the battery. Worth a try maybe?
  10. jonbee

    iDrive response

    If I accelerate above the set point, then flick the toggle up, the current speed becomes the new set point. I use this feature regularly when leaving 50mph motorway road work zones. (2017 G30 530i).
  11. jonbee

    Approved Used BMW with 02/17 Map

    OTA updates are supposed to be included free for the first 3 years, but my Dec 2017 G30 has never received a single one. It took me 3 months of arguing with Customer Services and the dealer (Sytners), but I eventually got 3 years of USB updates enabled (expires soon now!).
  12. jonbee

    How to delete Navigation data?

    Maybe BMW use the ECO settings for the certification tests to minimise the CO2 figures (& hence the tax we have to pay, either directly or as contribution towards BMW's 'corporate average' fines/taxes) ?
  13. jonbee

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    My 2008 Dell Vostro 1700 (Core 2 Duo) runs windows 10 Pro OK. As new, it came with Vista. I paid ~£25 for the W8 update, then got the W10 update for free. I've upgraded it with a 256Gb SSD and a bit more memory. It's fine for most browsing/spreadsheets/word processing jobs etc. My download speed shows at ~60Mb/s. BMW map updates usually take ~4hrs for download and unzip to USB. I guess 14yrs puts sjak92's machine in an even older level of processor though.
  14. jonbee

    How to delete Navigation data?

    No ECO on mine either (Nov 2017 build)
  15. jonbee

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    Yes, it took me 3+ hrs to download the data, then another hour or so to unzip it onto a (64Gb) USB stick. . The downloaded zip file is over 30Gb, which unzips to ~35Gb on the USB stick.