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  1. jonbee

    How to delete Navigation data?

    Maybe BMW use the ECO settings for the certification tests to minimise the CO2 figures (& hence the tax we have to pay, either directly or as contribution towards BMW's 'corporate average' fines/taxes) ?
  2. jonbee

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    My 2008 Dell Vostro 1700 (Core 2 Duo) runs windows 10 Pro OK. As new, it came with Vista. I paid ~£25 for the W8 update, then got the W10 update for free. I've upgraded it with a 256Gb SSD and a bit more memory. It's fine for most browsing/spreadsheets/word processing jobs etc. My download speed shows at ~60Mb/s. BMW map updates usually take ~4hrs for download and unzip to USB. I guess 14yrs puts sjak92's machine in an even older level of processor though.
  3. jonbee

    How to delete Navigation data?

    No ECO on mine either (Nov 2017 build)
  4. jonbee

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    Yes, it took me 3+ hrs to download the data, then another hour or so to unzip it onto a (64Gb) USB stick. . The downloaded zip file is over 30Gb, which unzips to ~35Gb on the USB stick.
  5. jonbee

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    BMW include free automatic updates OTA for 3 years from new. Mine is over 2 years old now and has never received a single OTA update. There are lots of others in the same position. Basically, it doesn't work on many cars. I suspect that there is something faulty with the way they are set up at the factory, but BMW have never accepted this. Even USB updates didn't work at first for me, but eventually the dealer got it switched on for my car so that is what I have always used. It's a manual, time consuming process, but at least you get the full new version that way instead of just a few patches.
  6. jonbee

    Keyless access break in

    A few months ago a friend of my son's had his internet-linked alarm trigger. He logged in from work to see two people ransacking his house. When he shouted at them through the cameras' audio link one grabbed a knife from his kitchen. They found the keys and stole his Golf R off the drive. It has never been seen again. It was on a lease deal. His insurance company paid off the finance company but he lost the deposit that he'd paid on it. His gap insurance never covered the deposit! When he spoke to the police they reckoned there would have been a third one changing the number plates whilst the other two were in his house. It's fortunate that he wasn't there at the time. At least his loss was only financial.
  7. jonbee

    Keyless access break in

    When did they block the OBD start 'option'? My car was built November 2017.
  8. jonbee

    Keyless access break in

    Why didn't the alarm go off?
  9. jonbee

    BMW Download Manager

    The one in the 'ashtray' works fine on mine.
  10. jonbee


    Yes, it's quite common but a but difficult to see in situ. A mulch of dead leaves, moths etc tends to build up there too.
  11. jonbee


    In the 100k miles that I owned my E39 (LCI model 525i) I had to change the radiator twice because the bottom tubes distorted (curved severely downwards). Also needed new thermostat (genuine ones have an electric heating element in the base) and new electric fan assembly (genuine ones have the electronic variable speed control, many aftermarket ones don't) and the 'fan' belt. I never changed the expansion tank or the water pump though.
  12. jonbee

    Oh Dear - Service Due

    Many manufacturers have said that they will be flexible and won't invalidate warranties under the present circumstances, but BMW don't seem to have come up with an official statement on it yet. If BMW have closed their workshops and the government have strongly advised us not to go out it would seem grossly unfair for BMW to penalise anybody!
  13. jonbee

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    Mine has made the same noise for most of its life. It's now just over 2 yrs old/18k miles. It only happens occasionally. I was hoping that it happens more often so that I can demonstrate it to the dealer. I've always suspected that it is something to do with the electric handbrake or the abs pump. I've never worried too much whilst it is under warranty, but hope it comes more regular in next few months before the warranty expires.
  14. jonbee

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    Just tried mine, with Android phone. Can't open it either. Getting the same message, username or password incorrect. Don't recall having to log in each time before either. Seem to think the app updated recently. Looks like they've screwed it up! BMW don't seem to have a lot of 'luck' with their software! Lots of it seems pretty flaky. I can log in to connected section of bmw website on my windows laptop OK, so my username and password are correct!
  15. I fully agree with what others say about white not showing dirt. Mineral white is a very difficult colour to match though if you need any touch-up work. It is fairly easy to touch up stone chips with alpine white, but mineral is a very different matter. It is a three stage process: base white, metallic/pearlescent, then clear lacquer. The pearlescent touch-up coat has to be exactly the right thickness, otherwise it shows too cream or too grey. Sytners body shop hdid some work on mine recently and it was visible from 10m away. With a lot more care they got it pretty close, but it's almost impossible to get it exactly right!