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  1. I got Carly on me, cleared the warning for myself. Can help if still needed.
  2. rob015

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    Best color combination ever! Love the interior. Wanted to buy one of these but after two months of looking for a right one - bought an E60. A lot of car anyway, even the standard equipment is amazing.
  3. rob015

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Booked a recall service with BMW in Watford. And fixed PDC yesterday.
  4. rob015

    Poor mpg 530d

    I'm getting similar fuel consumption - around 22-24mpg around town and up to 36mpg on a motorway when not exceeding speed limits. Will try to get eco remap done in a couple of weeks so hope it'll get a bit better.
  5. rob015

    E60 PDC constant beep

    Not going to replace them, waste of money as they're still good. £10 for a bottle of touch-up paint
  6. rob015

    E60 PDC constant beep

    Thanks guys for your help. Fixed now. There was so much lacquer on them that I can't believe. Scrapped it all, need to repaint properly.
  7. rob015

    E60 PDC constant beep

    Swapped with left sensor below the headlamp, same issues... rear sensors all work perfectly though, weird Noticed that the front bumper has been repainted in the past and there's a thick coat on each sensor, can it be an issue?
  8. rob015

    E60 PDC constant beep

    Hi all, Bought E60 last week with not working PDC and PDC failure showing up on idrive. Checked all the sensors if they click and found a foulty one, front right, so bought a cheap one off ebay and replaced it today. Now PDC Failure message disappeared but PDC is showing that there's something in the front on 3 sensors except the replaced one. Can it be a module down or the cheap sensor is broken? Any ideas or any1 in Herts who can help? Thanks a lot
  9. rob015

    E60 530d B338668

    Hi, I'm looking for these, probably going to buy them next week, just need a quote to compare: PDC sensor front right, cosmos-black, 2x black kidney grilles, styling 128 2x 8j + 2x 9.5j, found some ads on ebay saying 'genuine' for £500... not worth it and any chance I get part no 1 (trim around the buttons) in gray? https://www.imgpost.co.uk/images/2018/07/08/2018-07-08.png Thanks in advance
  10. rob015

    E60 / E61 wanted close to AL1

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an E60 / E61 5-series: - up to 125k miles, - preferably a facelift model with 3.0d engine, so 525d or 530d, but can consider pre-facelift 535d or 530d with a good spec and right price, - only automatic as my missus can't drive manuals, - closer to me the better, I live in St Albans AL1, can travel for a good one, can also consider other bmws if you can make me interested I've got £6k cash waiting, know that not much, but what have you got?
  11. rob015

    Hi every1

    hi everyone, just joined so I thought it would be nice to introduce myself my name's Rob and I live in Herts had a lowered E36 before and had to sell it, will be looking for E39/E60 in the near future! and cheap insurance coz I'm only 23 this year