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  1. arron9999

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    I would love to be able to do the work myself but without a lift and anyone to help me at the min that option is out the window as would not be able to support the box to remove and refit it. Are there any other recomended garages near the peterborough area that would do just the converter or where i can get a second opinion from?
  2. arron9999

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    So, had a talk with Roy at Planet gears, They took it for a test drive and put the car on the ramp and checked the oil. Oil was the corecct lever and was slightly brown but not too dark, He has confirmed to me that it defo the torque converter that is at fault but still recomends that i have the gearbox rebuilt so that i get "worry free" driving. I unerstand what they are saying as it would mean not having to pay for the car to have work on again but i still see it as a upsell or maybe just a honest mechanic. I wasnt given a deffo price for the work as he never quoted for just the torque converter but was given a range : £1100 - Torque converter rebuild, gearbox rebuild with replacment of soft parts, £14/1500 - as above but with replacment of more mechanical parts if needed £2300 - as above including mecatronics unit needed additional parts. Its a hard pill to swallow especialy as the car is only work maybe 4 or 5 grand tops if it was to be sold in working condition. im unsure what to do atm
  3. arron9999

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    Thank you, I have my booking with Planet Gears at 2pm, ill let you know what they say when in person.
  4. arron9999

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    When i did the oil i didnt really see much metal deposits, The magnets were clean and i dont think it had ever been changed before. I am able to do the job but dont have a lift or anyone atm that can help with it so do fancy doing it on my own. 700 im happy to pay, aslong as that fixes it, they have put the frightners in me by sayin the box could be shot. Does anyone know another show that is local that i could contact for a 2nd opinion?
  5. arron9999

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    no issues with the shifting at all thats what threw me when they said about doing a refurb on the box. all but the revs everything is fine. Im tempted to just leave it but dont know what other damage i will do by driving it as it is
  6. arron9999

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    Here are the adaptions as it stands from ISTA.
  7. Hi all, I need some help please, about 10 months ago i did a gearbx oil change on the 535D and ever since after say 1000 mile the revs have not been steady unless over 2000rpm. I believe this is down to the torque converter. I have since done the oil again and also changed the rubber seals inside the metatronics, re filled the gearbox and double checked oil level @40c and engine running and still the same issue. Adaptions have been reset too and drived for CIRA 300 miles since the most recent oil change and still the same I have tried to unplug the EGR incase this was related but no improvment, have alo tried with the MAF unplugged again still the same issue. I have the car booked in tomorrow at Planet Gears in Peterborough (any feedback appreciated) they are only checking it over, they believe it is also the torque converter and are happy to do the job but have said to me that its best to refurb the whole gearbox while it is out due to clutch and oil pump issued. Is this something that they are just trying to upsell me or is it possble that this would need to be done as all the searching only most people just get the converter done and it solves the issue. If anyone has any other suggestions i would be most appreciated. I have had the car in ISTA and no codes show, also have had live data on the torque covnverter lock up, and can confirm that when the issue is happening ISTA shows "reclusive" between 1400-1900 RPM, but onver im over 2000 RPM the status shows closed and the issue is no longer there. Im not signing on the line tomorrow but would like to be prepared, Sorry for the later notice but they only call 2 hours ago to say they had a slot. Car is 2008 LCI 535D 180K miles. Many Thanks
  8. arron9999

    535D surging 1-2K

    HI, My car has developed an issue of surging, I noticed it a little while ago while I had cruise control on it and was jumping maybe 100rpm, I have done a lot of research and a lot of things point to the transmission, It has had a fluid and filter change in the past 5k mines to try and resolve the issue but this made no difference. I have since read that if it was the torque converter I would not feel it, but I can feel this surging. The gear changes seem to be fine, quick, does not get stuck and does not keep changing. This issue does not happen above 2000 RPM However, today when I started the car I noticed that the idle was rough and though I would rev the car between 1 - 2k RPM, between 1-1.5k it is very rough and between 1.5-2 starts to smooth out, once at 2k the engine is buttery smooth, I have no fault codes that I can relate to this but do have INPA if any additional data is needed. if anyone has any ideas would be most grateful Thank you
  9. arron9999

    Steering rack what do I have/do

    Hey yeh it sounds very similar to that noise. I do use chf it says it in the cap but thought they all did. Tyres are up to pressure and have be changed also while having the instability with no difference made.
  10. arron9999

    Steering rack what do I have/do

    It's not very loud as I'm on my own atm so cant get someone to move the wheel while I record but this is the sound
  11. arron9999

    Steering rack what do I have/do

    Drop links are fine as they are changed also, as were the atb bushes.
  12. arron9999

    Steering rack what do I have/do

    At slow speeds it handles fine but does sound like there is a knock somewhere, I cant for the life of me think where though as it's all new nearly. I have had the car 2.5 years and it's always been like that, it could just be the fact its m sport and it's a really firm ride. It's my first e60 so nothing to compare to.
  13. Hi all, I have a e61 535d 2008 and I'm having steering issues that I think are related to the steering rack. The problems I have to start with is a fluid leak, I have checked all the hoses and in the boots and they are dry I think its leaking from where the colum joins to the rack. 2nd is that at speed the car feels very uneasy and there seems to be plau in the steering, all control arms, track rods both inner and outer, hubs shocks and too mounts have all be replaced. Lastly today when turning the wheel to the right there is a metalic "Ting" sound its loud, I haven't had chance to get under it and have someone move the wheel while I listen but can only think of the rack. I have also re torque the star bolts on the colum where it meets the steering wheel and the rack. Due to these faults I think its time to look for a replacment rack, however I'm not sure what one I have, and searching via real oem proves to be no help. I think it's just the standard on but due to having sports transmission it firms up the steering so not sure if this affects it. Any help to any of these issues much appreciated. Arron
  14. arron9999

    rear wheel alignment issues

    I have just driven the car to work and found that now ever since this was done there is a knock/creak coming from the rear. Urgh i could kill someone. I need the car for next Friday and this was meant to be the last job that needed to be done.
  15. arron9999

    rear wheel alignment issues

    Hi all, just fixed one problem and another starts so it seems. I have done a lot of suspension repairs and its was time to get it all nicely linked together, but oh no nothing is every as easy as it seems. These are my before and afters on the wheel alignment. When the guy was doing the adjustment he said it wasn't making a difference when he was turning the nut, then on closer inspection it looked like the sub frame was deformed. see left, then on the rear the nut wasnt moving when turning the bolt. does this mean that i will need to change the whole rear subframe now. to fix this or is there any other way? Thanks