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  1. Bluemoon68

    First wash

    Thanks Chris, first ever BMW and really pleased
  2. Bluemoon68

    First wash

    First wash after a very peaceful 500 mile drive coming from 3 years of a 65 plate C220 AMG Line with panoramic roof
  3. Bluemoon68

    New G30 owner - 530E picked up last week

    Very nice, only 5 weeks until I get mine
  4. Bluemoon68

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    Thanks Hybrid5, I have 20’’ styling 759 alloys, being below 50gr.is important so with that news let’s hope they keep mine down the list until week 27
  5. Bluemoon68

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    I know my 530e M Sport Plus hasn't been built yet but there is still another month. If you get a pre MY 2019 would I be right to assume it would still come through on the lower emissions? On one hand it would be nice to get the new model year but on the other the lower emissions will mean less company car tax and possibly the 20'' alloys put it in the next bracket
  6. Bluemoon68

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Looks sweet and as above wish I had ticked lighter leather
  7. Bluemoon68


    Thanks d_a_n1979 look forward to plenty of reading and will certainly post pictures once I have the keys
  8. Bluemoon68


    Just saying hi to everyone, ordered my first BMW ever and is a company car.. Looking forward to taking delivery of a 530e M Sport with M Sport plus package. Sadly it will be a few months before it arrives but something to look forward to
  9. Bluemoon68

    530e - Just orderd

    Ordered mine last week and hoping for delivery before Christmas. M Sport with M Sport plus pack, Visibility Pack, reverse camera and folding mirrors in Bluestone . I am coming out of W205 C Class so looking forward to something different and a bit more space.