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    1973 Verona 02, 2004 525i anthracite grey.

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  1. Verona 02

    X5 30d

    Forgot to add it's a 2011 one owner .
  2. Verona 02

    X5 30d

    Hi looking at buying x5 30d se auto x drive , any pointers what to look for . Thank you.
  3. Hi could you give me a price for rear boot spring with shock absorber e60 2440 .

     Thank you.

  4. Verona 02


    Would agree with bilt hamber brush on wash off used it on my 73 02 gutters before replacing chrome trim 15 years ago still good.
  5. Verona 02

    E39 head unit replacement

    Ok nick let me know they are there anyway if you want .
  6. Verona 02

    E39 head unit replacement

    Nick I have a Grom bt3 and a wee blue tooth dongle I have not used no longer have car if you are interested .
  7. Verona 02

    Aux connector question -help needed please

    Have a look at droid uk website for information .
  8. Hi , just looked at the website lot of great cars and a few bmw.
  9. Verona 02

    wiper blades

    Thank you keliuss they are OK town driving on motorway that's when it happens.
  10. Verona 02

    wiper blades

    Have just replaced e60 wiper blades with Bosch from euro car parts find them hitting on passenger side screen , did not have problem on e39 .will look at buying from dealer .
  11. Have e mailed guy about same unit , do I have to get aux cable fitted or just coded .
  12. Thank's have found a place in Glasgow to code for aux , looking now for android unit .
  13. Verona 02

    Aux input

    Hi ,looking at getting android head unit for e60 2004 do not have aux input , does anyone know of someone who can code . for aux input Glasgow or surrounding areas. Thank you .
  14. Hi , looking at buying android head unit for 2004 e 60 but I don't have aux input do I have to get it coded for I drive . thank you.
  15. Verona 02

    2004 530i

    Hi ,could it be chain tensioners car starts then after 10 minutes runs lumpy and eml comes on , slight rattle from engine . Thank you .