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    1973 Verona 02, 2004 525i anthracite grey.

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  1. Verona 02

    Aux connector question -help needed please

    Have a look at droid uk website for information .
  2. Verona 02

    E9 3.5 CSI Turbo Cabriolet

    Hi , just looked at the website lot of great cars and a few bmw.
  3. Verona 02

    wiper blades

    Thank you keliuss they are OK town driving on motorway that's when it happens.
  4. Verona 02

    wiper blades

    Have just replaced e60 wiper blades with Bosch from euro car parts find them hitting on passenger side screen , did not have problem on e39 .will look at buying from dealer .
  5. Have e mailed guy about same unit , do I have to get aux cable fitted or just coded .
  6. Thank's have found a place in Glasgow to code for aux , looking now for android unit .
  7. Verona 02

    Aux input

    Hi ,looking at getting android head unit for e60 2004 do not have aux input , does anyone know of someone who can code . for aux input Glasgow or surrounding areas. Thank you .
  8. Hi , looking at buying android head unit for 2004 e 60 but I don't have aux input do I have to get it coded for I drive . thank you.
  9. Verona 02

    2004 530i

    Hi ,could it be chain tensioners car starts then after 10 minutes runs lumpy and eml comes on , slight rattle from engine . Thank you .
  10. Verona 02

    2004 530i

    Ok. Thank you.
  11. Verona 02

    2004 530i

    Hi , Tuvoc the car I am looking at is in Surrey with m cars Surrey have you heard of or about them .
  12. Verona 02

    2004 530i

    Hi , have been told by 2 mechanics it is timing chain car only does 2000-3000 miles year has had regular oil changes bmw dealer bought oil and filter . Have recently had drivers side ,cill ,wing ,bumper and bonnet resprayed . Have done mot check on other car . Codes on scanner 12 signal camshaft sensor exhaust f4 segment timing ture running disturbed 53 signal crankshaft sensor ee misfire cyl 1 ee misfire cyl 2 87 engine throttle sensor starting test read adaptation was triggered 73 adaptation engine throttle. Also strong smell of fuel eml and abs light showing . Thang you for replies .
  13. Verona 02

    2004 530i

    Hi looking at buying 2004 530i 7300mls what should I look out for has full service history ,it's replacing my 525i 2001 which has timing chain slipped ,only done 89000 loved driving that car hoped to have that car a few years more , sad to lose it
  14. Verona 02

    Cat down pipes

    Hi , Having to replace cat down pipes looking at buying from cats 2 u ,any one bought from them . Thank you.