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  1. Duff

    E60 front driver side wing

    Some absolute cnut drove into the front of my car today in a car park and fled the scene. Front bumper is scuffed but I should be able to sort that but the driver side wing is pushed in slightly so need to replace that if anyone has one. Preferably carbon black to save repainting but beggars can't be choosers! Cheers.
  2. Duff

    HID bulb working when it wants.

    Got and fitted this today which has resulted in both bulbs just flickering when turned on and not igniting. Any ideas? Sick of it now, might just stick the shite halogens back in, too much grief.
  3. Duff

    HID bulb working when it wants.

    Fitted the relay harness today and the problem is still there. Going to buy a more expensive/reputable HID kit and hope that works. Getting the bulb errors coded out wouldn't have had anything to do with it would it as it started happening about a week after I got it coded.
  4. Duff

    HID bulb working when it wants.

    Cheers for the reply. I've ordered a relay harness that should be here next week. If that doesn't solve it, I think I'll just buy a new HID kit altogether. Any recommendations?
  5. Duff

    HID bulb working when it wants.

    Looks like I might need a relay harness. Has anyone got one fitted with their HID kit? Do I need one for each side or just for the side that isn't working?
  6. Duff

    HID bulb working when it wants.

    Yep, exactly. Every bulb and ballast combo I used worked fine on the passenger side. It's like theres no power getting to the drivers side all of a sudden or something.
  7. Duff

    HID bulb working when it wants.

    New bulb arrived today. Fitted it and still no joy. This has me thinking it's not the HID kit that's the problem but the power supply or something to it? But if that was the case would both sides not work? Passenger side is fine and works every time. Divers side will not light up at all now even with a new ballast and bulb. At my wits end. Any one have any ideas? Cheers.
  8. Duff

    Super bright DRL bulbs for halos?

    Don't know how I managed to miss that! There is similar style ones on eBay too but they're probably Chinese crap. Guess I'll stick to the dim cree LEDs I have for the time being anyway.
  9. Duff

    Super bright DRL bulbs for halos?

    Found these that seem to be the same or similar for a lot cheaper. Might be worth the punt.. https://www.hids-direct.co.uk/h8-40w-lux-cree-gen-3-bmw-led-angel-eyes-marker-kit-e60-e63-e71-e82-87-e89-e90-e92-3-x5-x6/
  10. Duff

    HID bulb working when it wants.

    Cheers for that. I went and ordered a replacement bulb yesterday that should be here tomorrow. If that doesn't solve it, I'll buy the one you linked.
  11. Hey, I fitted a 5000K HID kit about 6 weeks ago and it was working perfectly up until last week when I turned the lights on and only the passenger side lit up. (This happened when I first got the kit, it would sometimes take 2/3 flicks of the lights from off to on to get it working as it would throw up a blown bulb code but I got that coded out and they were working fine for weeks). Anyway no amount of turning the headlights on/off would get the driver side bulb to light up. I contacted the guy I bought the kit off and he suggested I switch the ballasts to see was it a ballast or bulb problem. I did and the problem seemed to be with the ballast. So he sent me out a replacement ballast which I fitted this week and it seemed to have worked as the bulb lit up, but now the bulb will go out after a while. I.E it could stay lit for 10 minutes or an hour and then just randomly go out while driving and not come back on until I turn the headlights off/on again, which sometimes takes a few tries. So the problem can't be with the ballast as the replacement one works and if it was a faulty bulb I'd imagine it wouldn't light up at all? Any idea where to go from here? I've checked all connections and everything seems fine. Cheers.
  12. Duff

    Super bright DRL bulbs for halos?

    Thanks for the replies, lads. Guess we're stuck with dim LED light or bright, crappy yellow light. @keliuss If you figure out a way and want some extra cash, let me know
  13. Hey, I currently have LED angel eye bulbs fitted on my LCI but they aren't that bright during the day and only look visible at dusk/night time. From researching on here I've seen everyone seems to have this issue as it's down to the bulb kits available for the E60 which aren't as bright as the LED DRLs you see on modern cars. However, I passed an E60 over the weekend that had it's angle eyes on with LED bulbs that were clearly visible like on modern BMWs. Just wondering is there a new kit/bulb available? I've looked online and can only see the kit I already have or similar. Cheers.
  14. Duff

    Rear seat bench removal?

    Pull up the corners first, then the centre and then pull it up and away from the seat backs.
  15. Duff

    Rear seat bench removal?

    Nevermind. Just pulls out. Wasn't sure and didn't wanna snap clips or anything.