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  1. On a side note, how did you manage to get the headlight dust cap back on after fitting the LEDs? Or are you running without them like me?
  2. Yeah, I fitted them last week and they're amazing. Great illumination and cut off is perfect. Definitely recommend them!
  3. Yeah, there is a lot of conflicting info out there regarding LEDs. The 5000k HIDs I had fitted were brilliant when they worked but they were too un-reliable (one side would take ages and multiple on/off cflicks to illuminate every time lights were switched on) and I tried every trick in the book to get to the bottom of it and couldn't, whereas the LEDs fire up first time every time. I'm going to chance the Nighteye kit from eBay as there are a lot of good reviews about it. If that turns out a busted flush then you're right and it's back to some Nightbreakers I think!
  4. Anyone tried the Nighteye kit that's on ebay for around 25? It's got good reviews but I'm skeptical of the price..
  5. Alright, lads! Fitted some dipped beam LED bulbs (cheapo eBay pair) to my LCI E60 during the week just to see how they would fare. They work fine but I would like a brighter pair. the beam distance and cut-off point are fine, they're just not terribly bright/illuminating. Can anyone recommend a decent pair? I've seen Philips ones that got good reviews but they're nearly €200 and I'd like to avoid spending that much if possible! Cheers.
  6. Bit of a weird long shot here, lads, but I'm hoping someone has a picture somewhere of the halogen low beam bulb retaining clip on an LCI e60 headlight. It'd save me having to go out in the dark/rain after work one of the nights this week to get mine out. Need it to make sure I'm ordering the right LED adapters! Thanks!
  7. Duff

    kidney grill options

    Just this bad angle one
  8. Duff

    kidney grill options

    I installed matte black grills on my Carbon Black E60 and it looks great IMO.
  9. Interested to know this as well. I'm on standard M Sport suspension at the minute and wouldn't mind it being a tad lower.
  10. Duff

    Halogen to LED upgrade bulbs

    That's disappointing, I reckon it's just the design of the E60 headlights in general that are so poor. Halogens and HIDs haven't been great for me either. Cheers.
  11. Duff

    Halogen to LED upgrade bulbs

    Both the LEDs and the adapters arrived yesterday. I asked the eBay seller to make sure he sent me low beam adapters and he still managed to send high beam/ the same as the one you circled! Looks like I'm going to have to adjust the stock adapters, Is it a case of filing it down a bit? Have you any pics of yours fitted at night Keliuss? Cheers.
  12. Just watched a video of it online there and it looks like far too much hassle. I'll just try and source a unit from a breakers I think.
  13. Cheers. Yeah, figured it wouldn't be straight forward. Nothing is with these cars Reckon I'll just leave it, then.
  14. Alright fellas, Since I bough my e60 last year there was always one angel eye ring dimmer than the rest. When I swapped out the oem halogen bulbs for LED angel eyes I thought that would improve it but it was still dim compared to the other three. Took the headlight out earlier and gave it a good inspection and can see that the actual plastic tube that carries the light from the LED bulb is snapped at the base where it splits into the bigger, outer ring. Just wondering if it's possible to replace the angel eye tubes inside the headlight or is it even worth the hassle as I imagine they're a pain in the arse to open in the first place? Cheers.