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  1. It’s a Cob

    Diversity Antenna??

    How did you know the battery was dead ? someone correct me if I’m wrong but I was lead to believe these fobs are rechargeable hence the sealed unit ? if so have you damaged the fob opening it or even put another rechargeable battery back in
  2. It’s a Cob

    2007 E61 airbag or coilover *Help*

    Check the green relay in the boot floor as I had similar problem last year mine used to stick and keep compressor running without pumping air bags £5 from Cotswold worth a try mines been spot since changing
  3. It’s a Cob

    BMW E60 530D 2006 180000 oil change???

    had mine done at national tyres in July 156000 miles £85 oil and filter change using crossland filter and luk oil been fine so far hope this helps
  4. It’s a Cob

    Heated mirror

    Hi guys had some body work done in June after some dim wit drive into me and in the process I managed to get a brand new genuine bmw mirror fitted on passenger side as it started to look pitted on edges and showing swirl marks in places now the cold weather has arrived it not getting warm I’ve contacted the garage and it’s going in on Wednesday for a couple days for them to look into as bmw as told them they will replace it under warranty if the glass is faulty driver side works fine as did the passenger before they replaced it before they start feeding me loads of rubbish is there anything to look out for
  5. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Hi all finally cured this problem if anyone else has this problem I ripped manifold off to find some off the orange back up washers brittle so ordered new along with new solenoid boost valve and new silicon boost pipe and clips to clamp them on fitting these new parts reset all fault codes done 500 mile and all is good hope this helps anyone with same problem
  6. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Well I’m going to rip manifold off on Saturday and trace all pipe work and make sure everything is as it should be as it’s got to be something I’ve done as it was fine before
  7. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Can that be tested or is it a new egr
  8. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    they looked pretty clean to say they had done 150000 unless someone has already replaced them with new
  9. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Wish I never removed the swirl flaps now
  10. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    It was stripped down and cleaned about 2 months ago would removing the swirl flaps create a mass off gunk is that possible like I said it was fine for about 100 mile up motorway and back then this happened after 5 min off switching off and back on again run perfect with vacuum hose pulled off apart from eml on but it’s not on with pipe connected
  11. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    It was quite quick so now I guess it’s not a vacuum fault onto other possibilities
  12. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Hi Jason I connected vacuum gauge it was swinging from 5 -25 on gauge does that mean it’s a good vacuum ?
  13. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Ah ok I’ll have a butchers at it later thanks Jason
  14. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Ok I’ll have a look when I get home is it worth me picking some pipe up and change it anyway or is it likely to just be a blocked splitter I’ve just ran it for 20 mile with pipe off egr ran lovely but eml is on does that clarify the problem
  15. It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Thanks Jason I’ll try that when I get chance to whip manifold off again