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  1. It’s a Cob

    Key fob only works when up close.

    That’s a shame your very brave if you opening the fob up and only got the one key will be squeaky bum time might be worth checking the diversity antenna out first see if you can see any problems dry joints etc
  2. It’s a Cob

    Key fob only works when up close.

    Have you not got a spare key to try I change mine over every 3 or 4 months to give them chance recondition
  3. It’s a Cob

    Air con issues

    I fitted a eic one from ecp beginning of last year been good so far and still Ice cold this year
  4. It’s a Cob

    What are these units

    Could it possibly be something to do with the sos function with it having SIM card
  5. It’s a Cob

    Tyre pressures going from run flats to normal tyres

    I’ve recently gone onto running 35 all round recommended by where I had tyres fitted as rears was being destroyed in centres very quickly using door pillar pressures he said they was too high
  6. It’s a Cob

    AC not working.

    Have you checked the pressure sensor
  7. It’s a Cob

    E61 535d water pump and thermostat

    I wouldn’t rule out other makes I used gates 3 year and 60k mile ago and still reaching temp perfectly fine not sure on price difference
  8. It’s a Cob

    How far do they go?

    There was one on eBay other week with 305k mines on 193k before this I had a A6 avant which had 297k
  9. It’s a Cob

    Towing with an Msport

    You also want to consider the fan as your suppose to upgrade that for towing I’ve got factory fit tow bar so unsure if it actually makes a difference or not but they are a awesome tow car
  10. It’s a Cob

    Intercool charge pipe

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111776113276 £64 at min but they do come on offer from time to time I paid £43 in jan
  11. Only other thing I can think of is try finding someone local with same car who’s got a spare 15 min and swap fans as they easy to whip out
  12. If the air con is functional it should work once moving but if it only lasted a day I’d say your condenser has had it same problem I had
  13. If it runs the same system as Audi then yes as my old A6 had both seize up and the air con wouldn’t work whilst stationary but did whilst moving luckily I didn’t change them before it got wrote off
  14. Just to throw a spanner in the works when my air con lost it’s gas the fan never ran and rarely kicked in but then it was never stood still long enough to over heat but now the air con is fixed fan runs regularly maybe somewhere they are linked I’ve got climate control no idea if that makes a different against standard controls
  15. Out of curiosity have you tried national tyres I’ve used them last 3 oil changes using luk oil @ £82 inc filter and Labour not worth the hassle at that price and never had any problems