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  1. It’s a Cob

    535d High Mileage

    I’ve got a 2008 530d e61 just hit 215k and I wouldn’t hesitate taking it anywhere these things will hit 400k without thinking about it regular services it will be fine just general ware and tear to comprehend with
  2. It’s a Cob


    Hi yeah sometimes was fine sometimes it wouldn’t even pump up just constant compressor running used to all sorts of strange things but a tap on the relay and everything used to jump into life so I changed it and been fine since might not be that but for what it cost worth looking at
  3. It’s a Cob


    Check the green relay under the spare wheel I had similar problem couple years ago changed and been perfect since cheap easy fix think it was only about £20 bmw dealer
  4. It’s a Cob

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Mine was around 26 mpg when I took it up Aberdeen couple years ago with cruise on came back without cruise so much better on fuel I was around 35mpg coming back never use use it towing anymore but I know what you mean you don’t realise they on back fab car to tow with
  5. It’s a Cob

    Best fitting towing mirrors.

    I use milenco aero on and off in seconds no wobble very sturdy mirror and even come with a nice little bag to store them in lol
  6. It’s a Cob

    Air Con

    Mine used to last exactly 3 weeks must have had the tiniest hole in condenser changed and all been good for just over a year now
  7. It’s a Cob

    E61 Wing mirror cover

    Hi it’s Ov58egz
  8. It’s a Cob

    E61 Wing mirror cover

    Hi can I have a price please on passenger side wing mirror cover on 2008 e61 530 MSport
  9. It’s a Cob

    Intercool charge pipe

    The clip is metal so I’m guessing you mean the plastic connector connecting the hose to the throttle valve if so I’ve never had any trouble with it are you sure your not over tightening the hose clip
  10. It’s a Cob

    Key fob only works when up close.

    That’s a shame your very brave if you opening the fob up and only got the one key will be squeaky bum time might be worth checking the diversity antenna out first see if you can see any problems dry joints etc
  11. It’s a Cob

    Key fob only works when up close.

    Have you not got a spare key to try I change mine over every 3 or 4 months to give them chance recondition
  12. It’s a Cob

    Air con issues

    I fitted a eic one from ecp beginning of last year been good so far and still Ice cold this year
  13. It’s a Cob

    What are these units

    Could it possibly be something to do with the sos function with it having SIM card
  14. It’s a Cob

    Tyre pressures going from run flats to normal tyres

    I’ve recently gone onto running 35 all round recommended by where I had tyres fitted as rears was being destroyed in centres very quickly using door pillar pressures he said they was too high
  15. It’s a Cob

    AC not working.

    Have you checked the pressure sensor