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  1. Just the bottom of the canvas where the canvas "in trunk closed position" touches the edge of the roller luggage cover housing, I hope now it makes more sense (sorry I'm not speaking english natively)
  2. I have managed to find affected location: it is where a roller canvas touches the roller housing lower edge. I bought Liqui Moly PTFE-PULVER-SPRAY, spray some between the canvas and housing edge, squeaks are gone
  3. My F11 also developed this annoying squeaks from luggage cover, and I'm quite sure a squeaks doesn't come from roller guides on each side, but somewhere from inside the roller. Have any of you managed to simpliy fix it with lubricating affected location (where??) or there are some parts (spring?) which needs to be replaced? I also googled this "Gummi Pfledge" product but there are quite many different products out there, to which "Gummi Pfledge" manufacturer you are referring? As I have read over some other forums it is better to use silicon-free version ...
  4. I have AHL bi-xenon headlights on my F11, during daytime when LED DRL are on, what light source is used for signal flashing (when pulling the left stalk)? It seems to me it also engages xenon lightsource, because flashing is not so intense due to fact that xenons needs some seconds to fully illuminate ... What's your opinion/experience on this?
  5. salko

    Strange glitches after coding

    I still don't know what is the point of twitching the rear load cover ... and flashing orange triangle while locking/unlocking the car ...
  6. salko

    Strange glitches after coding

    You're right, my F11 is from Germany Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one with those glitches, your explanation for twitching wipers makes sense - apparently it's a feature, not a bug! Now let's hope that rear load cover will stop twitching too Thank you!
  7. salko

    Strange glitches after coding

    Yes, 100% sure for AdBlue. AFAIK all 530d F1x with xDrive have AdBlue system, unfortunatelly ... Regarding the glitches it would be very helpful if you write down which ones are quite normal and which ones not so normal ... Regarding the noisy wipers I now think I found the cause: I guess it's a waxing in a carwash about a week ago and since today is the first rainy day since then I am now annoyed from damn wipers
  8. This is my first post, sorry for my bad english, I'm a self learner ... I am a new owner of 3 year old 530xd LCI F11, I had to go to the official dealer this Monday to fix some AdBlue problems. The dealer had to code the car to the latest software version to be able to determine the cause of AdBlue problems, but now after this service I am noticing some strage glitches which I haven't noticed before this coding and I need to know if someone is also experiencing this: if I unlock the car (after it was locked for at least about 5-10 minutes) the rear combination roller automatically lifts and lowers for few centimeters when I shut down the engine (pressing start&stop button) and then shutdown the radio (foot of the brake and again pressing start&stop button) I sometimes see the front wipers twitching once (maybe for about a centimeter) the front wipers are now making an unpleasant noise at both dead stop positions when wiping, otherwise the wipers are brand new Bosch Aerotwin and they are cleaning perfectly when I lock/unlock the car I sometimes see the triangle on a rearview mirror (I have blind spot detection option) flashes shortly Thank you!