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  1. Hurly_Dog

    G30/G31 Winter Wheels 18"

    They are - the new owner has fitted them to their car and I have the cash in my bank
  2. Hurly_Dog

    G30/G31 Winter Wheels 18"

    Now sold
  3. Hurly_Dog

    G30/G31 Winter Wheels 18"

    Hi, yes they are. I haven't got round to taking photos yet, but will do over the next couple of days.
  4. Hurly_Dog

    G30/G31 Winter Wheels 18"

    Hi, I'm near Eastleigh, Hampshire.
  5. Hurly_Dog

    G30/G31 Winter Wheels 18"

    Set of four genuine BMW 619 alloys wheels with Dunlop Sport 3D Runflat winter tyres. 245/45 R18. Includes original BMW wheel sensors and centre caps. These were fitted to my G30 530d X Drive M Sport (now sold) and they fit over the blue M Sport brakes. Wheels are immaculate. Two of the tyres are brand new, the other two have 5mm remaining. Purchased brand new from BMW for £2100. Will post further pics asap. £900
  6. Hurly_Dog

    G31 wheel sizes

    I have had all three sizes. I am currently on 20s with Goodyear ROF and the ride is fine, much better than an F10 with 19s. Potholes are a worry and some make a noticeable thud but have never had any bulges or alloy problems. Ran a set of the same tyres on 19s for a while and there wasn't much difference at all. I have a set of 619 18s with Dunlop 3D ROF winter tyres and notice a difference but nothing major. The Dunlops are directional so just swap front to back. No problems with the winter setup and they have travelled to Eastern Europe several times to a region with heavy snow. At half the cost of 20 inch staggered winters I worked out I would save the cost of the winter alloys themselves with two sets of tyres, plus still have a resale value. I do not have VDC, which I imagine would mask any differences slightly better.
  7. Hurly_Dog

    G30 530d XDrive 2017

    Hello all, I have decided to sell my car after nearly three years of ownership. It was first registered 30/03/2017, so falls within the previous tax bracket before the luxury vehicle tax was introduced. This means the annual VED is currently £145. 46400 miles Carbon black The car has the following options above standard; Visibility Pack (icons and adaptive high beam, headlight washers) Comfort access Technology pack M Sport Plus Parking assistant plus It has the head up display, remote control parking, display key, 360 camera etc. MOT until 29/03/2021 Full service history from main dealer Brake fluid change March 2020 Tyres all good. Fronts have approx 6mm, rears 5mm. Even wear all round. Alloys were refurbed by BMW as part of negotiations when buying as ex demo (couple of small marks) Full BMW extended warranty until end of June 2021, so no risk. No finance, HPI clear. Well looked after. Ceramic coated. £24250 No silly offers please. I am happy to answer any questions/post additional photos etc
  8. Hurly_Dog

    Budget dual action polisher

    You could buy a kit to get you started - something like this.... https://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/polishing-waxing-and-finishing/machine-polishing/autobrite-direct--correct-it-2-stage-correction-kit-with-da12da21/ad-2stage-machinekit-da21
  9. Hurly_Dog

    Main Dealer Service Price

    Very true. BMW are absolutely rigid on the mileage too. I had mine serviced about 2k miles before it was due as per the indicator. I booked in and turned up at 35986 miles. The service desk said it wasn't due but I argued that I was taking the car to Spain and Portugal the next week and would be way past the service interval when I got back. They were fine with that and it was included in the plan. As soon as the mileage goes over 36k, even by one mile, the service pack expires.
  10. Hurly_Dog

    Main Dealer Service Price

    36k miles or 3rd birthday, whichever is sooner.
  11. Hurly_Dog

    Winter tyre review.

    I'm currently running Dunlop Sport 3D and find them excellent. I was in Eastern Europe for the Xmas break last year and had no problem in 8 inches of snow. Mine will be due for a change before the next winter season as they are currently down to 5mm and they are no longer classed as snow tyres once under 4mm. I will be replacing with Dunlop again.
  12. Hurly_Dog

    530d judder.

    I have had the same issue. Seems to happen on constant throttle at about 50-60 mph. My 530d has 45k miles on now and I have only noticed it about a dozen times in all. The most recent was on my way home last night through roadworks. I am going to book in for MOT first week in March so will mention it then. My warranty expires 30th March, so would like to get it sorted or at least reported by then.
  13. Hurly_Dog

    Looking to swap 19" 664M wheels for 18"

    Long gone now @WoodyBM.
  14. Hurly_Dog

    G32 First Service

    I bought the service pack just before my first service for £399. Have just had the second service carried out early, as it was due at 38k miles. I dropped the car off with 35985 miles on it! The service advisor tried to tell me the car didn't need a service yet and was going to turn me away but I told them I was due to drive to Spain and Portugal in a couple of weeks and the mileage would be 3k over by the time I got home. After asking if the warranty and breakdown cover would still apply if that far over mileage they accepted the car with no quibble. Service indicator when starting up now states service due in 19k, so the dealers sell the pack knowing it's unlikely you will get teo services out of it.
  15. Hurly_Dog

    Winter wheels/tyres

    18 inch wheels (non staggered) are the official BMW recommendation for the 5 with m sport brakes (the blue ones) I have a set of 619 style wheels for winter. Try the bay of E - search for 18" g30 winter wheels. I paid around £1450 for a brand new set with new tyres from Germany which were £2300 from BMW in the UK