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  1. Hurly_Dog

    G32 First Service

    I bought the service pack just before my first service for £399. Have just had the second service carried out early, as it was due at 38k miles. I dropped the car off with 35985 miles on it! The service advisor tried to tell me the car didn't need a service yet and was going to turn me away but I told them I was due to drive to Spain and Portugal in a couple of weeks and the mileage would be 3k over by the time I got home. After asking if the warranty and breakdown cover would still apply if that far over mileage they accepted the car with no quibble. Service indicator when starting up now states service due in 19k, so the dealers sell the pack knowing it's unlikely you will get teo services out of it.
  2. Hurly_Dog

    Winter wheels/tyres

    18 inch wheels (non staggered) are the official BMW recommendation for the 5 with m sport brakes (the blue ones) I have a set of 619 style wheels for winter. Try the bay of E - search for 18" g30 winter wheels. I paid around £1450 for a brand new set with new tyres from Germany which were £2300 from BMW in the UK
  3. Hurly_Dog

    G60 Chrome trim

    Hello, Could I have a price for part no 51379803782 please? Many thanks
  4. Hurly_Dog

    Charging display key

    Yes, I charge mine on a RavPower qi charging pad. Works with a case on too.
  5. Hurly_Dog

    G31 540i and Winter Wheels/Tyres

    18s will fit. I've done the same. I have 18 inch style 619 (same as the UK spec se models come with as standard) They are non-staggered as per the official BMW recommendation and running 245/45 R18 runflat winter tyres. Mine is a 530d M Sport X drive with M Sport plus pack. (The blue M Sport brake calipers) Try eBay - dealers in Germany often have these in stock and far cheaper than uk. I got mine brand new with tyres for £1650 delivered.
  6. Hurly_Dog

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Excuse me for posting this on the F series thread, but i thought this may help someone in the future... I had to order a spare for my G30 with comfort access after my daughter binned mine. I usually use the display key, so luckily it wasn't that one. Standard key - £494 including coding at the dealer!!!. I waited a while and in the meantime took out separate key insurance for £27 per year. No excess applies. I claimed for lost keys and after a three day waiting period I was given the go ahead to replace the key. Invoice emailed over to them and reimbursed within a week.
  7. Hurly_Dog

    Intermittent Comfort Access

    I have experienced the same in the last week or so. Wondering if the cold weather could be causing it. Every time mine hasn't locked first time it has been sub zero. Also having issues with the headlight washers - only the offside one is working. Loathed to go to the dealer for them to do anything that involves removing the bumper as I just know there will be marks on the paint afterwards....
  8. Hurly_Dog

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Only just read the rest of this thread. Why have you got a clay bar and wax if your car has been ceramic coated? It's pointless waxing on top of ceramic and the clay bar will introduce marring. #justasking
  9. Hurly_Dog

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Here's a 50:50 video of when I recently had mine done. Paint correction and ceramic coating necessary after booking in for a service and the dealer washing it, despite me telling them not to. The whole car was covered in scratches. Three months of fighting my case later, the detailer received the pay-out from my local main dealer and booked me in. The door has been corrected, the wing shows the efforts of the main dealer! Teaser pic of the rear after coating applied. 46128697_2141778219206873_354446625688518656_n.mp4
  10. Hurly_Dog

    Roof bars and roof boxes

    If the lock has a code on the barrel, such as N123, you can get a.set of keys cut to code for Thule roof boxes. I just had to do this and the keys were spot on. Plenty of locksmiths on eBay advertising them...
  11. Hurly_Dog

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    The voltage monitoring kept giving errors on the I-drive as the parking mode was draining the battery (although very minimal). The power magic was set to cut off supply at 12.8v. Never had a problem starting the car. With the Cellink Neo fitted the errors have disappeared and I get around 36 hours of parking mode before the battery has depleted. I didn't want to run the risk of not being able to open the car with the display key, which is usually the only key I use and therefore no key blade is carried for emergency use...
  12. Hurly_Dog

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I've had a BlackVue DR650S 2 channel for about three years and it has been faultless. In previous vehicles I have used a power magic type device, but have had to use an external power supply in the 5. Highly recommend the BlackVue.
  13. Hurly_Dog

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Must admit, I once went out to look at a new kitchen while the Mrs was at work and returned with a shiny new R1 (Now ex Mrs)
  14. Hurly_Dog

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    I doubt that they have offered camera and an external power supply at that price. The DR5590W-2CH is around £290 on its own. The cellink neo 6 is £240. I expect they are offering the power magic pro, which just cuts off power when the car's battery voltage drops below a set value. An intelligent hardwire kit if you like. This is the setup I had in my previous car, but caused low battery warnings in the BMW.
  15. Hurly_Dog

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    It taps into an ignition feed and when it senses the feed is live it charges the unit, which then powers the camera. When the ignition feed is off it sends the signal to the camera to switch to parking mode and will run until the inbuilt battery dies. I have installed a similar camera in the wife's car, but used an ignition feed so it's only on with ignition, much like your suggestion of tapping from the drivers side fuse box.