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    2003 E39 M5, 1997 540i/6, E36 M3 Track car, s1 106 rallye daily

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  1. as per title genuine alpina one please - cash waiting. cheers
  2. FAJ

    e39 m5 wing mirrors

    as per title a pair of wing mirrors. cash waiting. thanks
  3. FAJ

    e39 M5 Front brakes

    Hello - looking for e39 m5 front calipers discs, pads lines etc the whole lot to replace front. currently running ap bbk but would like to go standard as i am looking to selling the car. cash waiting. cheers
  4. FAJ

    e39 panels

    Hello - best to use bmw panels or are there aftermarket one of good quality available - or a source for original bmw ones?
  5. FAJ

    Alpina front spoiler

    Hello - am after a genuine e39 alpina b10 front spoiler pre-facelift. cash waiting.
  6. FAJ

    E39 M5 steering box

    you have pm
  7. FAJ


    found another pic -
  8. FAJ


    Hello again - found a pic of my M5 - its actually an old pic off the net from previous owner about 10 years old. The car is the same though left parked up in london is looking a bit shabby now. The second owner who had the car since a month old spent alot of money at birds modding it - apart from the visual bits(mix of hartge and acs it also has birds bilstein dampers and springs, ap racing bbk. What you think? return it to standard e39 m5 body work and wheels? I have got hold of standard wheels, front bumper and a boot lid (as it has a acs spoiler) . feedback would be grateful
  9. FAJ

    E39 M5 steering box

    Hello - I am looking for a e39 m5 steering box to fit to my 540. cash waiting. Thanks
  10. FAJ


    Hello to all - I have a vermont green e39 540i/6 saloon pre vanos and a 2003 titan silver e39 M5 which needs some tlc(was parked up in nottinghill gate for a some time) . i like them both a lot. Will start a thread soon. Faisel