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  1. BRB

    Road noise

    This interests me. I can hear noise through the doors on occasion. Can you post some photos, please?
  2. BRB

    530D - Buyers Regret

    Sunny Norfolk. Typo. 540ix. I'll edit.
  3. BRB

    530D - Buyers Regret

    I had extended (two day) test drives in both a 530dx and a 540ix. These were back-to-back, so I had a good comparison. The 540 was fantastic. Smooth, quiet, very quick. The only blight was an average mpg of around 25. I do 30k miles, so mpg is a big factor. The 530 was not as quick, and not as involving. It didn't have the same grin factor. mpg was about 40. The only positive was that it didn't cog swap so regularly - rather it rode the torque. This made motorways more relaxed. Horses for courses.
  4. BRB

    530D - Buyers Regret

    I came from an F10 520d to a G31 530d Xdrive (via an F31 335d Xdrive). I do a mix of journeys including longer trips most weeks. The F10 would return about 45mpg across the board. I could get over 50mpg without issue on a longer trip. The G31 returns 40mpg across the board. I get over 45mpg without issue on a longer trip. As a trailer tow'r and someone who prefers a little extra performance I am more than happy. There is an extra cost, but it (fortunately) doesn't worry me. Converserly, I'm sure a G31 520d would have been a fantastic car for me. But I would likely have felt a little regret at times. But very few times. MPG is an interesting thing. My dad will travel at 65mph on a 120 mile journey to improve mpg. I just want to shoot him if I travel with him. I often deal with it by driving myself....
  5. OK, so the grommit should be under the panel in the middle of this picture. From what I read, in the F10/11 water gets behind this panel from the skuttle. I'd like to see where water can get here from. One guy on the F10 page has cut a hole in the panel to allow water to come directly out and down the front. My view is that it's the most pragmatic solution. Sealing the grommit relies on the sealant. Allowing the water out stops any issue...
  6. Here's what I've found. It took me 3 minutes, which makes me think I'm missing the point... There is a panel in the rear n/s corner of the engine bay. It has a grill in the top. It is removed easily with a locking mechanism which requires a quarter turn to release. Removing the panel allows access to a well with a rubber boot in the bulkhead. It also allows you to see the ducting which takes water from the scuttle through to behind the wheelarch liner. There is also a large drain point with a green mesh insert. This also appear to drain into the void behind the wheelarch cover. Is this the offending area?
  7. BRB

    Winter Wheels Today

    Goodyear UG 8 Performance 245/45R18 100 V RUN ON FLAT XL, MFS, MOE £145 each.
  8. BRB

    Winter Wheels Today

    What restrictions are there if you have M Sport brakes?
  9. BRB

    Winter Wheels Today

    Yup. The system sensed a change and told me that it had detected a tyre change.
  10. BRB

    A G31 day

    I think they come on the 530e? Though mine came from a 520d but the guy changed to 19s. I really like them on the wagon. They look very good. I'd never really thought about it, but I think you're right. Maybe it's the colour combination, but black would appear to be the right choice....
  11. BRB

    Winter Wheels Today

    Agreed. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  12. BRB

    A G31 day

    Spot the difference.
  13. BRB

    Winter Wheels Today

    Done here too.
  14. BRB

    A G31 day

    This morning I ordered snow chains ready for two winter trips to the Alps. I hope I won't need them, but travel without them isn't an option. This afternoon the wagon was cleaned ready for a change of wheels (to 18" winters) tomorrow. The detailer got a good shot of the finished works....
  15. BRB

    Winter Wheels Today

    I need to put mine on soon. Have you got a before and an after photo?