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  1. bigjacko123

    Soot around manifold ?

    That’s in for replacement as we speak
  2. bigjacko123

    Soot around manifold ?

    Also, the dpf was removed around 2 years ago..
  3. bigjacko123

    Soot around manifold ?

    I’ve noticed a load of soot/carbon around my inlet manifold ?? the runs great with no warning lights, no loss of power etc ?? I was told my inlet manifold was on its way out but I’m wondering if it’s worth parting with £790 if the car is fine. anyone else suffered with this ? The Car is a 2008 520d
  4. bigjacko123

    Soot around Intake adjuster unit?!

    What was the outcome of this ? I have a 2008 520d with the same soot under the engine cover, i was told that my intake manifold was on its way out but i have no other symptoms i.e. warning lights on loss of power smell of diesel in the cabin ? just wondering if its worth spending the £790 getting it done or waiting to see if it gets worse ?