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  1. Newly purchased 2002 e39 Touring needing some TLC to put right.....

  2. Andye39

    2002 e39 losing auto gearbox fluid

    Thank you all for the replies, Turns out the ATF leak is coming from the cooler pipes at the near side close to the edge of the radiator. Car has had a botched repair by a previous owner. So it's a new cooler/pipes to fix the problem properly. Not sure if the pipes are available separately or if the come as a unit attached to the cooler. Appreciate the help, much appreciated.
  3. Andye39

    2002 e39 losing auto gearbox fluid

    Hey thanks for the reply...i'll check it out and see. Andy.
  4. Hello, this is my first post as a new member. I only bought the car 2 weeks ago with a known gearbox 'slip issue, turns out the slip was because the gearbox had next no fluid in it after the drain plug was removed. My mechanic topped it up on sunday evening and it definitely made a difference however today on return from work there was a lot of fluid on the ground under the car. Both drain plug and fill plug have been replaced after use. Can anyone help by suggesting possible ways the gearbox may be losing fluid and pretty quickly at that. Thanks in advance, Andy.