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  1. Mine went in yesterday, and got a call late afternoon saying it had leaked, and it’ll be a 2-4 week wait. They gave me a 225i e-fridge active tourer which goes back later, and will replaced by an Enterprise here car. Can i insist on an F11 equivalent, or is it pot luck?
  2. The six pot is rather intoxicating. In both flavours too.
  3. Cheers, I’ll bear Amazon in mind. Got another bulge, which lol need sorting soon, and I’ve always used Camskill when time has allowed.
  4. goram

    Lowering an F11

    Why don’t you wait until the rear collapses on its own. That way you’ll on have to get the front done!
  5. I came here from Alfa ownership, expecting there to be a fair bit of car snobbery. There’s none at all, quite the opposite in fact. If anything, the Alfa forum has a fair amount of snobbery towards other car makes. Although, to be fair, driving an Alfa you have to put up with a bit of stick from folk who don’t appreciate cars.
  6. Aah, a fellow Superhoop it seems! Welcome, and hope you get to enjoy the 5. I love mine, even though she disgraced herself recently!
  7. goram

    N47 remap advice

    In my experience (20+ years in the industry) they won’t as a matter of course. A lot of “assumptions “ get made for the sake of efficiency. However, If speed is involved, a high settlement, multiple cars, or injury (or a combination) then a man with a clipboard and magnifying glass may get dispatched. Non-disclosure won’t necessarily mean invalidation either, each will get considered on merit.
  8. goram

    N47 remap advice

    When I wrote my Alfa off, there was no need. I hit some very deep flood water, and it hydro locked. My remap and dpf removal (you could do it then) were noted anyway. If speed and injury is involved they are going to take look. To be honest, it’s a stupid move not to declare. You run the risk of not getting your motor fixed, and then the ball ache of rendering yourself virtually uninsurable after. Just not worth it.
  9. goram

    N47 remap advice

    Admiral have been fine for me too. And, very good too, when it came to claim time.
  10. goram

    N47 remap advice

    Unless the proximate cause of the claim is due to the increase in power, insurers are highly unlikely to wriggle on a claim. And if they do, getting the Ombudsman involved is a pain for insurers. sjaks advice is sound though. Declare it. I was about to get mine done before the rear suspension collapsed. Up to +25% and Admiral were only going to charge an admin fee to note the policy.
  11. Rear suspension repair, and full service at my local Indy. No family holiday then this year.
  12. Had my near side bag replaced under warranty about 3 months ago. Woke up this morning and the rear was flat on both sides completely. Presumably this suggests the pump has gone? Sods law, the car is just over a week out of warranty. Its gone to the local Indy for fixing. Any ideas how much this is likely to be?
  13. goram

    Spanner in the works

    Didn’t realise BMW were offering a free gift for every service now. I may have to ditch my local Indy!
  14. High speed cruising in Comfort+ is a joy to behold. As is a nice thrash along the A’s and B’s in Sport+.........
  15. Did they blame the EU for it, and suggest the recall won’t be required when we finally leave?
  16. goram

    ActiveHybrid Owners?

    Enjoy Rome while it burns. Go with your gut. Life’s too short to worry about our shitty politicians.
  17. goram

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Yes, looking at this option too!
  18. goram

    Goodbye my friend.

    Mate, we all love our metal, but that’s all it is at the end of the day. Glad you and yours are ok.
  19. goram

    Swap out the F10....?

    Perfect review, just what I was looking for!
  20. goram

    Swap out the F10....?

    Mate, talk me through the difference before and post remap..... outright acceleration, in gear acceleration and fuel consumption please! I’m outa BMW warranty later this month and tempted on the £400 outlay my local indie charges!
  21. goram

    2012 F11 - Warranty Renew or upgrade ?

    My black lab Bodie has chewed the boot cover in mine. Mrs Goram reckons it’s my driving style causing him to hang on with his teeth!
  22. goram

    2012 F11 - Warranty Renew or upgrade ?

    Looks lovely. I love how they still quote the mpgs too!
  23. goram

    2012 F11 - Warranty Renew or upgrade ?

    I have a loaded 535d. It is indeed a beast, but I wouldn’t be so attached to it if it didn’t have all the toys. Each to their own though.
  24. goram

    What do you all get on full tank?

    I love a bit of realism!