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  1. goram

    CPA tuning boxes

    Sorry for being a plank, but how do these devices work? I’m familiar with remapping and the benefits and pitfalls, but tuning box witchcraft isn’t something I know about?
  2. Grosvenor in Reading, if that’s within your range mate.
  3. Picked mine up yesterday after a 3 week wait. Guess that’s not too bad given some stories on here. Whilst the 330d loaner was a decent drive, I really appreciated having the 5 back and a 250 mile drive up to Southport in it!
  4. goram

    Using the aircon!

    No mate, sulking as mine has been in quarantine for 3 weeks!
  5. goram

    Using the aircon!

    I’ve forgotten what the aircon looks like.
  6. Foolishly I called BMW yesterday to check on progress. It’s only been two and a half weeks.....
  7. Yes, and they don’t exist anymore either!
  8. I was told by Enterprise that I could only keep the 330d Touring for a “few” days as BMW wouldn’t pay for the expected 4 weeks. Clearly then it’s a cost issue and if there are any 5s BMW aren’t coughing for them.
  9. goram

    52.4 mpg

    Sounds like a fricking dull drive mate!
  10. Enterprise have been helpful so far. I politely declined the offer of a Qashqai and am currently in a 330d Touring. I’d forgotten how good they are to drive and so I’d happily stay with this although apparently BMW won’t pay for it beyond a few days. So we’ll see. I’m told it might be a hindi toucan going forward. How exciting.
  11. That answer tells you everything you need to know about it!
  12. Mine went in yesterday, and got a call late afternoon saying it had leaked, and it’ll be a 2-4 week wait. They gave me a 225i e-fridge active tourer which goes back later, and will replaced by an Enterprise here car. Can i insist on an F11 equivalent, or is it pot luck?
  13. The six pot is rather intoxicating. In both flavours too.
  14. Cheers, I’ll bear Amazon in mind. Got another bulge, which lol need sorting soon, and I’ve always used Camskill when time has allowed.
  15. goram

    Lowering an F11

    Why don’t you wait until the rear collapses on its own. That way you’ll on have to get the front done!