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  1. goram

    Key Fob Question

    Swapped profiles, and panic over! Batteries ordered, and lessons learned thanks to this forum!
  2. goram

    Key Fob Question

    Cheers mate. That’s today’s lockdown job sorted!
  3. goram

    Key Fob Question

    Cheers guys, much appreciated.
  4. goram

    Key Fob Question

    Stupid question coming but.... Does which key fob you use make a difference to your presets and settings? I’ve been getting a message for about two weeks now saying “change key battery”. So, having ordered a new battery, I went out earlier using the spare key. To my dismay, I’ve now lost all my presets. My music stored in the hard drive has gone completely, stored favourites have gone, sound settings all gone and, well, you get the drift. Would using the spare key somehow cause this? Big coincidence if not! Cheers
  5. goram

    Bird Poop

    Air rifle and an effigy of worzel gummidge should sort it!
  6. Yeah, went through the pain of a new compressor last year! I’m probably doing 10miles a week max, trundling back and forth from the shops during lockdown. I’ll sound out the local indie as you say....
  7. My F11 has got a saggy right cheek. It goes down intermittently after essential lockdown runs. I’ve already had left cheek and the compressor replaced within the last 18 months. I appreciate it’s a lot cheaper and seemingly easy to do yourself, however I don’t have the necessary tools. Should I get it a costly fix now at my local Indie, or just wait until such time that we’re all out and about again? I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on the compressor, but obviously I’m not using the beast much....
  8. goram

    F11 550i!!

  9. goram

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    My word, I thought mine was well-specc’d!
  10. goram

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    1. It goes like the Millennium Falcon, and handles like a hot hatch 2. Hardon Kardon 3. Comfy and supportive seats 4. Comfort + 5. Indicators
  11. goram

    RWD driving style

    Will do, and also will update now I’m about 1000 miles post remap too. But back humbly to Bez’s thread...
  12. goram

    RWD driving style

    Toilet rolls and hand cleanser!
  13. goram

    RWD driving style

    In a curious twist of fate, my hand got forced today as my last run flat popped near Cockfosters! I’m having 4 Julie Goodyear Assymetric 5s fitted tomorrow - £136 each with a John Lewis £50 gift card thrown in. How exciting!
  14. goram

    RWD driving style

    What tyres have you gone for Bez? I’ve got to pull my finger out and make a decision. I’m dithering like a Granny In LIdl!
  15. goram

    RWD driving style

    What a great thread! Remind me not to buy a car off you Bez!