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  1. goram

    Car sitting - not doing much....

    You could leave it on my drive during the week. I’ll look after her for you!
  2. In this cosseted modern world of driver aids, I do miss the good old days of doing handbrake turns.
  3. goram

    Front discs - expected mileage?

    Cheers for your replies, bit of a child’s question in hindsight.... Its at the Indie now so I’m sure the discs will need changing!
  4. So, the car is telling me I need to replace the front pads. What sort of mileage should I expect from the discs though? car has done 52,000 miles; 30,000 of those mainly motorway.....
  5. goram

    CPA tuning boxes

    Sorry for being a plank, but how do these devices work? I’m familiar with remapping and the benefits and pitfalls, but tuning box witchcraft isn’t something I know about?
  6. Grosvenor in Reading, if that’s within your range mate.
  7. Picked mine up yesterday after a 3 week wait. Guess that’s not too bad given some stories on here. Whilst the 330d loaner was a decent drive, I really appreciated having the 5 back and a 250 mile drive up to Southport in it!
  8. goram

    Using the aircon!

    No mate, sulking as mine has been in quarantine for 3 weeks!
  9. goram

    Using the aircon!

    I’ve forgotten what the aircon looks like.
  10. Foolishly I called BMW yesterday to check on progress. It’s only been two and a half weeks.....
  11. Yes, and they don’t exist anymore either!
  12. I was told by Enterprise that I could only keep the 330d Touring for a “few” days as BMW wouldn’t pay for the expected 4 weeks. Clearly then it’s a cost issue and if there are any 5s BMW aren’t coughing for them.
  13. goram

    52.4 mpg

    Sounds like a fricking dull drive mate!
  14. Enterprise have been helpful so far. I politely declined the offer of a Qashqai and am currently in a 330d Touring. I’d forgotten how good they are to drive and so I’d happily stay with this although apparently BMW won’t pay for it beyond a few days. So we’ll see. I’m told it might be a hindi toucan going forward. How exciting.
  15. That answer tells you everything you need to know about it!