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  1. ZibraeelsLCI

    Boot issues - BMW E60 LCI

    Evening, So a couple of days ago my boot stopped opening with the central locking and the boot release button on the drivers side. The only way to open the boot is with the manual key that slides out the main key. Now this isn’t the biggest headache but I’m now getting a constant ping on the system and a “boot open” message! Looking for a quick fix before I lose my mind. Thanks
  2. ZibraeelsLCI

    Looking to do a service

    Hi, That depends on the type of service you require? What mileage are you currently on and when was the last time it was serviced?
  3. ZibraeelsLCI

    Auto boot won’t open!

    Fixed with a new battery somehow so not complaining!
  4. Had this issue for a good few weeks now and I did post on here about it - I wasn’t able to use the fob, boot release button or the actual boot lid button itself to open the boot and had to use the key. Today I replaced the battery and it seems to be working now? Hoping this is a permanent fix!
  5. ZibraeelsLCI

    BMW Specialist

    Evening people, Can anyone recommend a BMW specialist in the west London area? Need a few bits done! Cheers
  6. ZibraeelsLCI

    BMW E60 Coolant Screw!

    JasonH - I contacted them today, they said they’ll send compensate me for the coolant I wasted, the part itself and another bottle of coolant so happy with that! Clavurion - 520d N47 - I’m not sure what it’s referred to but it’s the radiator plug I guess? I should have the part in tomorrow and back on the road (everything crossed)!
  7. ZibraeelsLCI

    BMW E60 Coolant Screw!

    Nightmare! Just popped outside to top up the coolant - started filling but clearly as the title says the screw was missing and it’s now sitting on the road under the car! Car has recently come out of the garage so I’m assuming they forgot to put the screw back on.. It’s not as easy as just popping back to them as they’re about 30 miles away.. anybody know if Halfords/GSF/Europarts do this so I can grab this tomorrow?
  8. ZibraeelsLCI

    Auto boot won’t open!

    Thank you pidgeonpost! I’ll scroll through the archives this evening!
  9. ZibraeelsLCI

    Auto boot won’t open!

    Help! My E60 LCI boot doesn’t open with the fob or with the button inside the car? I can open the boot with the manual key entry system but can’t open it any other way? I understand from YouTube that I need to get some black tape and tape up the wires running through the boot lid? If anyone can help I’d be glad to hear!