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  1. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    Yeah he was kinda difficult to hook up with but all in all I'm pleased I did....couple of minor gripes, bit of a wheel wobble at 30-35mph, couple of insignificant bodywork dinks not mentioned but for the age and mileage she's a really nice example.
  2. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    Me too on the spec but somethings gotta give and I already have a manual supercharged e46 track car and a manual e30 touring with an m54 fitted so I figured I could put up with the auto
  3. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    Also King very studious on the air freshener front! I don't think a dog owner or smoker has had it....it seems too nice interior wise
  4. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    Yeah I bought the black tourer from London that was on the autotrader.....its not mint but it is in very nice condition I'm well pleased with it.......Especially as I just slipped over and dislocated my shoulder this morning and its an auto! I think that's a win?
  5. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    In my (limited) experience it is Italian everything! well other than pizza, pasta, beautifully poised cars (for a limited time as long as you don't expect them to start EVERY time you wan to use them), amazing exhaust notes (when they decide to start), and exceptionally involving drive (when they let you drive them) Like mistresses and stallions I guess...... I have had two, I wont be getting another but I will romanticise about them.......
  6. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    BOOM! Lecky rear blind! Only ever had one in my Maserati (god rest its soul) the kids bloody loved it....up....down.....up....down.....up......stuck halfway down.....up again........how we all laughed.......
  7. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    WOW! looking for a keeper then at that mileage! Is it going to be a daily or an investment? Do they come with any region specific extras? Just wondering as some Japan supplied cars (not necessarily BMW's) I have looked at in the past seemed to be mega specced compared to some UK cars.....
  8. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    Yeah its a 53 plate 2004 registered 540i touring auto E39 Cant wait to give it a good blast around and see what bits and pieces need fettling Are you looking at manual or auto? saloon or Touring?
  9. pjm540i

    New member 540i tourer

    Morning all, Just put a deposit on a 540i touring so I will be part of the clan shortly. I already have an E30 touring, manual fitted with an M54 3.0, E46 330ci (supercharged track car) and a share in a crashed E46 M3 soon to be track car. Had a good few bmw's over the years and know a couple of people on here already from a few events that I have been to with my mate who has an E39. No doubt will be back on here with questions galore when the car lands in the next few days