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  1. E62jz

    2jz swapped E60

    THE best looking shape 5 there is imo hahaha!!!! Got sent this from a mate earlier, jap noises + german car = all kinda of wrong lol [MEDIA=youtube]lNOZmnUmzuw[/MEDIA]
  2. E62jz

    2jz swapped E60

    Been mapping today, lack of traction put an early end to it though, but the majority is there, just need to get it on the dyno to polish it up and crank the boost up to the 1.6bar it should be rather than 1.1bar its at now lol. Around 400-450bhp currently....
  3. E62jz

    2jz swapped E60

    Thanks people! Been around months getting to this stage and now the ends in sight theres about 12”+ of snow drifts outside so mapping postponed until next weekend now....arse!!!!! So with the snow putting such a downer on things, decided to treat it to some new johnies.... 9.5” wide upfront, 11” outback....should stand out a treat against the grey wrap
  4. E62jz

    2jz swapped E60

    600 ish to start with, run itlike that for a while, then go for everything the turbo can flow, around 750-780.....
  5. E62jz

    2jz swapped E60

    Thanks man! Mapping next weekend so soon be ready to use in anger
  6. E62jz

    2jz swapped E60

    Ive a feeling there could be some butthurt about it, which is another good reason for building it, its even got a nissan radiator and a honda throttle pedal!!!!!!
  7. E62jz

    2jz swapped E60

    Bought an E60 bmw over a year ago, eco diesel shitter, spent some cash on wheels, lows and a wrap, drove it for a bit like that Then about 10 months ago got bored of the lack of poke, but M5 prices and unreliability meant one of those was a no go...... hence the 2jz transplant idea...... Building as much as i can myself, including mounts, manifolds etc and also tackling the headache of wiring too, but tbh, i thnk deleting the i-drive like i plan too and running a tablet instead connected to the Link G4+ storm will cure a lot of issue Built for around 600 bhp out of the 2jzge motor, TT headgasket to lower comp, hx40 super turbo at about 1.6bar, 850 injectors, dizzy delete, cam and crank sensors, coil on plug etc Engine and transmission mounts were pretty easy to knock up in an afternoon and my mate powdercoated them for £20 lol Using an E39 530D 5spd gearbox as the 6 speed that was in it pushed the engine forward quite a lot and the clutch/flywheel combo is around £500 cheaper too!! Will be using lengthened M5 prop, M5 diff and driveshafts for the rear end. The 3.6 diff ratio should make it fun Currently waiting on the prop to return from modification and its onto mapping 3rd of march!!! Few pics of the project.....
  8. E62jz

    Just your average 525D....

    Thanks man, its a measly 600bhp lol
  9. E62jz

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Dropped a 2jz in it.....
  10. Evening people, just stumbled across this forum whilst searching for other bmw-esque info......so thought id say hello! Have a mildy tweaked E60 525D for fun....