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  1. Looks great. I miss my E46 ME Carbon Black when I see this. Epic colour when shiny!
  2. Looks better every time I see this car. What was symptoms of rear sus failire?
  3. Are the Msport tips black or chrom? 2014 car.
  4. Good for you. have to say BMW are a joke these days. Better customer service in a Lada dealership.
  5. Yeah and my car wasnt even listed at the time. I think the labour was €130. It was a couple of days before Christmas and I tld the service manager that I was leaving the dealership with my car or one similar regardless. So it was ready when i got there.
  6. I had my car sorted quicker by kicking up and agreeing to cover the labour. Maybe people should consider that as this seems to be descending into a farce.
  7. So I got my car back today. A fair bit of hassle as my car had no recall listed and had EGR done 18 months ago. I was pushing for full cost cover from BMW due to recent press release. In the end I agreed to pay for the labour if they covered the part. So cost me €170. Didn't want to push it anymore as I was without my car since Tuesday until picking it up an hour ago, and needed the car urgently for today/Christmas.
  8. So never got the call to say if Goodwill request approved this morning as promised. Left messages and got no reply. So called and was continually on hold for 45 mins until I demanded to speak to someone else. Then told no response from BMW yet and that they will follow up in the morning. Particularly poor customer service and I'm starting to agree with those that are critical of BMW and their cars. I don't think I'll ever buy another to be honest.
  9. So dropped my car off this morning and was armed with the paperwork re press release and vin numbers. They said my car wasn't included as had already been replaced 2017 so I used the replaced with a faulty part again argument. Said no it would have been the new part and I showed the date of the press release October 2018. She said they might have to keep car overnight and request a good will repair from BMW. Roll on 2.30pm today and I get a call saying I was right its the EGR and needs replacement and they are preparing the paperwork for good will, and ordering the part. I asked how likely is it to be approved and I was told cant see any reason it wouldn't be! So fingers crossed until tomorrow.
  10. I think this is the range that my car falls under but Im not sure: WBA5L32090D788200 to WBA5L32080G540082 From where to you start the match from the WBA the 32090 or the D7?
  11. Cheers pretty sure my valve is choking on sludge build up. So want that gone asap. If it was replaced as a result of cooler recall even better.
  12. Also would like to know if they will just inspect/replace the cooler and not look at the actual valve itself?
  13. Greatly appreciate your keeping us up to date so we have this info on stepping into the dealers den