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    Hamedly reacted to Sandip in Highest spec'd E60...ever?   
    Come up as a Cat D.
    Nice spec, shame about the Ad, pictures, location and alloys!
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    Hamedly reacted to Calypso-E34 in Any Mountain Bikers here? Question about VooDoo Aizan 29er   
    Ok fellas - what's with all the 'cyclist correct' bullshit?? I'd rather stand the bike when I'm not on it than lean it on a wall or throw it on the ground.
    Oh yes - and I won't be wearing fucking gay Lycra either!
    Cycling is to get about and for exercise - not for posing or seeing who has the most girly arse.
    I've now got a stand, made specially for a mountain bike with 29 inch wheels.
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    Hamedly got a reaction from Loadmaster in Mo's GT   
    That would've been a really good deal 
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    Hamedly reacted to Caesar in What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?   
    Traffic info works really well for me with the sat nav. Has helpede avoid a number of long traffic hold ups by rerouting. 
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    Hamedly got a reaction from d_a_n1979 in Mo's GT   
    So bought the new-to-me F07 2014 Orion Silver 5 GT less than a month a go. It came with a bunch of optional extras that made me think its worth the journey from London to Bristol to bring it home at 1am with a 7am start the following day #dedication lol

    Some of the extras:
    Digital Cockpit
    Pro sat nav
    Sports seats
    HUD with Speed Limit Display

    3 days after purchase I realised the previous owner left me 2 years of Connected Drive / Live Traffic subscription.

    Shortly after the purchase I did the following:

    Assigned my personalised number plate
    Coded Extended Bluetooth Con. (£70 via usb)
    Rear lights as DRL
    Default start in Eco Pro
    Mirrors to fold instantly upon locking the car
    Remove the reverse camera warning message.
    Installed a wifi Dashcam.

    I have now fitted roof rails to attach my MTB bikes to it... now the car feels truly "Mine"

    Thinking of getting a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lense for my Nikon D90 to take the GT on a photoshoot soon. Will share the photos here once that's done.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hamedly reacted to cableguy in E34 540/6 Orient blue (Ireland)   
    Seller is deluded with his speel and starting price…! However trying to be an optimist, the arm rests look in good order. 
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    Hamedly got a reaction from d_a_n1979 in Car after respray & detail   
    Been going through the threads in this forum .... plenty of decent posts worth reviving 
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    Hamedly reacted to chopp in Got baby tinted!   
    Hi all here's freddy!! (Named after my dad he got to go in last M5 and buzzed of it!! unfortunately he ain't around anymore ) but anyway got freddy tinted today and hey! Ain't he a pretty boy now!! Just had blinds on before?? Flimsy nasty lookin things happy now see ya at T POD!,)

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    Hamedly reacted to Jason M5 in Noel's F10 MSport   
    Lovely car,but the white wheels not sure about them.
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    Hamedly reacted to court77 in few pics of my 530.....   
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    Hamedly reacted to paperjams in A few pics of my new F11   
    Not had a chance to clean it properly yet and was on my way back from a job but I'm over the moon with it!

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    Hamedly reacted to e39_eddie_46 in Because, why not? My 535d e61 lci   
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    Hamedly reacted to Lewga in My 525d soon alpina rep   
    Trying to make my an authentic as possible alpina rep,  got quoted £200 for the exhaust trim surround so decided to make one from sheet steel,  trim tape and filler

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    Hamedly reacted to karl1 in Few of mine from Gaydon 2016   
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    Hamedly reacted to Boston in Approved Used Prices   
    Just my feeling - I  always buy under  AUC schemes (BMW and LR).  Swapped  the '14 520D for a  '16 535D last week, probably got it for £500 cheaper than I was prepared to pay after the haggle on the price to change. 
    On handover the 535D had two new rear tyres fitted, some servicing work, a new MOT  (wasn't due until June) and and was very well prepared as part of the AUC scheme. Apparently BMW hate warranty claims and really hate MOT warranty claims so they put pressure on their dealers to ensure things are correct.
    My 520D was due a brake fluid service and MOT and needed the DPF recall doing, so probably, what, about £400 of work to me.  So all in all I guess the price to change was probably about £1k-£1.5k under my max taking everything in and it was the cheapest listed on Autotrader with the spec I required
    The  dealer I went to was extremely busy (mid week) with a lot of metal moving about - I thought nothing was moving in the motor trade at the moment? So I was quite taken aback by the number of people  buying and collecting vehicles.
    Oh and they brimmed the tank without me asking (mistake by a trainee - should have been £10 worth!).
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    Hamedly reacted to Conan in New Plate :)   
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    Hamedly reacted to andy007 in Carbon Fibre My 535 M sport Parts   
    Just got my mates firm to carbon fibre some parts, they look great, love it.
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    Hamedly reacted to DerekJr. in LED Angel Eyes (45w)   
    Hey all, 
    I've decided to make a video about replacing the halos with 45w LED bulbs
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    Hamedly reacted to Jay_w in Anyone know what exhaust and diffuser this is on the E60?   
    @NoSmokeNoPoke - E60 M5 Bumper with Eisemann exhaust & tips.
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    Hamedly reacted to SharkChris in #GreatWhite   
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    Hamedly reacted to chazuno in My 1991 E34 M5 - color (0226) interior (Black & 0313)   
    USA Individual car 1 of 1 Sebring Gray Metallic - Black Nappa Leather - Anthracite M-Cloth. Thank you having me aboard.

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    Hamedly reacted to Duff in First detail since I got her.   
    Spent 5 hours detailing her today. Paintwork was in a bad way with swirls and oxidation but the hard work was worth it. It's amazing how carbon black can look blue/purple in certain light when it's clean.

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    Hamedly reacted to RichardP in Had some stuff done on the M5 touring   
    That red plenum cover really makes it look like a heart, superb. 
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    Hamedly reacted to 740mick in New wheels   
    Bloody Hell that looks stunning.
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    Hamedly got a reaction from d_a_n1979 in First proper trip in the 530i Touring..   
    Lovely... I did a 50km Mountain biking race in Jan and cought a Flu virus that put me to bed for a whole week. I'm planning on taking my newly bought F07 on a similar adventure once the weather allows.
    Below is my recently sold F11 and Fat tyres MTB!
    Thanks for sharing.