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  1. Hamedly

    Mo's GT

    That would've been a really good deal
  2. Hamedly

    Mo's GT

    How kind of you to say Rado. All pictures were taken with Samsung Note 8. And here is one more. Thanks Mo
  3. Hamedly

    Bicycle rack

    Hi there As you might remember I recently purchased roof bars from you. I now would like a quote for the bicycle rack. Item number 82712166924 (please correct me if this no. Is wrong) Regards Mo
  4. Hamedly

    Mo's GT

    So bought the new-to-me F07 2014 Orion Silver 5 GT less than a month a go. It came with a bunch of optional extras that made me think its worth the journey from London to Bristol to bring it home at 1am with a 7am start the following day #dedication lol Some of the extras: Digital Cockpit Pro sat nav Sports seats HUD with Speed Limit Display 3 days after purchase I realised the previous owner left me 2 years of Connected Drive / Live Traffic subscription. Shortly after the purchase I did the following: Assigned my personalised number plate Coded Extended Bluetooth Con. (£70 via usb) Rear lights as DRL Default start in Eco Pro Mirrors to fold instantly upon locking the car Remove the reverse camera warning message. Installed a wifi Dashcam. I have now fitted roof rails to attach my MTB bikes to it... now the car feels truly "Mine" Thinking of getting a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lense for my Nikon D90 to take the GT on a photoshoot soon. Will share the photos here once that's done. Thanks for reading! Mo
  5. Hamedly

    Highest spec'd E60...ever?

    Love the E60
  6. Hamedly

    Highest spec'd E60...ever?

    I know. Didn't ever bother clean the interior or treat the leather.
  7. Hamedly

    New F11 520d Msport

    Nice purchase, I regret not getting an M Sport when I bought mine. And just checked your car, it meets the ULEZ, so it should be future proof in case they introduce it in other cities in addition to London. Enjoy it and show us some interior pix!
  8. Have not come across an E60 with Heated, cooled seats with massage function. The car also has the adaptive cruise control and heated rear seats... and head up display, comfort seats and automatic blinds. God knows how much he's spent on this car when he upgraded the front and rear lights to LCI. If I had enough spare cash I would've bought this toy just for fun http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201902195081977?atmobcid=soc3
  9. Hamedly

    E39 530i saloon - 45k miles

    Totally agree with you. I guess he priced it according to how rare it is not to the actual market value. Must admit though, clean example, even the headlights look like they're no more than 4 years old. Thanks for sharing
  10. You can have my roof rack for £40 + delivery! Sold the car and still have the bars. You'd have to get your own bike rack though!
  11. Hamedly

    Car after respray & detail

    Been going through the threads in this forum .... plenty of decent posts worth reviving
  12. Hamedly

    Car after respray & detail

    Not a big fan of lowered cars but it sits so nicely on this one. I wonder if you still have it... what a beauty!
  13. So nice and i have a feeling it's mechanical condition is just as good as it looks.
  14. Hamedly

    A collage that sums it all up

    Thanks... Made sure all 3 BMW's had Heads Up Display
  15. Hamedly


    Had F11 until recently and it had similar tint at the back, really makes the silver stand out. However, back in the day when I had my front+back tinted E60, a police officer fined me £100 and told me next time the fine would come with 3 points should I not take the tint off the front windows. Had to buy a heat gun on the day and take it off myself Anyway, if you're lucky and you never get stopped then good on you matey!