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  1. Hi all. Just a quick query. I've purchased a ctek mxs 5 battery charger. On my f10, am I OK to do the recon setting, or should I just stick to normal with agm? The reason I ask is because of the difference in voltage that the recon mode outputs. I read elsewhere about this mode not being suitable to the agm battery (that I'm assuming I have) Thanks in advance!
  2. When I first got my 2013 f10 a few years back, it still had very old maps on, so the first thing I did was update them using ones I purchased from bmw. After it had finished, my I drive was knackered. Constantly rebooting every 30 seconds. Took it to BMW, and they were useless. New head unit - £1.5k. I took it to a very good and recommended BMW local specialist. They fixed it by reinstalling everything (sorry I don't no more than that) and updating all firmware, software etc. It's been fine ever since. I've updated the maps every time a new one has been released and not had an issue.
  3. CS10

    Creaking rear suspension?

    Apologies for dragging up this old thread. I'm sat in the garage now with a similar issue, creak coming from the rear, really noticeable over bumps etc. This rear load cover, easy to access to check?
  4. CS10

    BMW Next 2019-2 Latest Maps

    So for Poland, you need the East maps... Correct?
  5. CS10

    BMW Next 2019-2 Latest Maps

    Ah I see, I think. So I install West maps, but I'll still have East major roads, just not East minor ones...?
  6. CS10

    Roof bars/racks

    I've just checked the BMW product site for my motor and the one I need is about £180. The description says it can be combined with all bmw roof rack mounts.... Is this something sep I need to buy?
  7. CS10

    BMW Next 2019-2 Latest Maps

    So they've not just reduced the number of countries in the file, they've reduced the number of roads included within the countries too?
  8. CS10

    IDrive Issue HELP !

    Hi mate. Well, when I first got the car, the maps were at 2013 and I wanted to update them, so I updated to 2018. This was the issue, apparently something changed in 2018 which my firmware couldn't handle. BMWMAN fixed it for me and earlier this year I updated to 2019-01 with no issue. Now I'm downloading 2019-02
  9. Hi there, Just downloaded the latest maps through the BMW Download Manager as part of my subscription and for this update I had to choose between West and East Europe, which I haven't had to do before. I downloaded 2019-1 earlier in the year and this was both I believe It looks like it now only requires 26.5 GB of space on a flash pen, rather than 50+ as it did before. Is this right? Before I apply it to my car just want to make sure I'm not going to knacker anything! I choose 'West Europe' by the way. Ta. Craig
  10. CS10

    Roof bars/racks

    Hi all. The wife has decided I need a roof rack for when we go away. Has anyone used these before? https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php/roofbars/cruz_airo_fix_118cm_black_aluminium_roof_bars_2_bars_no_925_713/Qx%40w%2C6M4gNax5vN1Yv0vegd3uH%40ild.}hy%40RiLaRHD1TBf.lNF9WMGeC}qS4Romss Or any other recommendations? Im only going to use them when I go away, and Ill take them off once back from a trip.
  11. CS10

    IDrive Issue HELP !

    I had the same issue after updating my maps. My issue was the first time BMWMAN had come across it and they sorted it for me, rather than replacing the whole thing.
  12. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Cheers ill give it a try. If I want to enable /disable features is this possible? As well as diagnosing faults too
  13. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Wow, that is a massive torrent! Whats ISTA-D and ISTA-P etc? Maybe I should get the slimmed down version?
  14. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    I'm very interested in this. This cable seems to have good reviews and I think it should work in my 2013 F10 yeah? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ENET-cable-suitable-for-BMW-F10-F20-F25-F15-F30-F01-F07-diagnostic-programming-/112075669336 Regarding the software, is this something I could get hold of please?
  15. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Maybe so, either way they've looked after me and I can't say a bad word about them. I haven't had a bad experience ever at Nottingham Sytner, so I'll continue to use them rather than my local dealer.

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