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  1. CS10

    Space Saver Spare Wheel Query

    Cheers for the reply! Very detailed and useful. I think if I ever had to use one of these, I'd be driving very slowly so wouldn't be driving it like i stole it haha. Regarding the TPMS, is this just to stop the warning's from appearing by resetting it? Finally, as long as I check that the tyre is 135/80, this should be fine for both my sets of wheels, including the staggered 18inch setup? Correct?
  2. Hi All, Just wanted to check something. I have 2 sets of wheels for my 520d. Summers which are the staggered 18" alloys now with none run flat Dunlops on them. Winters which are 17" and all the same size. Because of swapping the summers for none run flats, I'm preparing in advance for if I was to get a puncture. I've got a tin of repair foam, but also thinking that I should have a spare wheel too. I've found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/2011-2016-SPACE-SAVER-SPARE-WHEEL/dp/B075V3XVNW It claims to be ok for all sizes from factory, including 17 inch. So, would this be ok for my summers (with the staggered setup), as well as the 17 inch winters?! Cheers, Craig
  3. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Got it booked in, but not for a while as they need it all day and I need a car. If it does happen again though, or remains on, or I notice anything, I've been told to ring them for a emergency appointment. I guess I'll see how it goes, they've got it on record now that I've had a problem from the recall and its booked in for inspection.
  4. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    And you'd expect this to be done without me paying yeah? Or am I going to paying for all of this?
  5. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    They said it needed replacing and they had it for 5 weeks as they were waiting for the part from Germany. I'm away this weekend so I'll see if I get the warning again and give them a ring if I do. I've not had it since. Wouldn't you have thought it would be there all the time?
  6. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Is it more likely to be related to the recall as its drive train and not drive chain. Is that what your getting at?
  7. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    I'm taking it to a friend tonight who is going to read any codes on it to see exactly what it is. Based on that, I'll ring them tomorrow. On my drive home tonight, it didn't appear once.
  8. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    I'll give them a buzz!
  9. CS10

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    No, I didn't take it there based on bad experience in the past! It was the Nottingham Sytner one. Best giving them a ring do you think?
  10. Guys, I've had the car back from the egr recall for just over a week. Today whilst driving, I lost a lot of power and had the drivechain warning appear, something along the lines of Drive Moderately. In the same journey, the warning disappeared! Is this linked to the EGR recall?? Seems such a coincidence!
  11. Very similar to price I've got. Very good. Cheers
  12. Good stuff. If you don't mind me asking, what sort of price did you pay for the full set.
  13. Good stuff, I'm liking what I am reading about them so far and price wise they aren't bad either. To be clear, is it these two: https://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre-details/dunlop-sport-maxx-rt-2-245-45-r18-100-y-xl-mfs---mo https://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre-details/dunlop-sport-maxx-rt-2-275-40-r18-103-y-xl-mfs-mo#249113560 One thing I'm trying to work out, on that site above, there are two versions on the 275 size, one is £111, one is £160.... whats that all about?
  14. Hi Rob, Is it this one? http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Dunlop/SportMaxx-RT-2.htm If so, are your's staggered 18inch wheels?
  15. I've seen the Bridgestone RE050A, which they do as non run flats in both sizes I need. Theres also the Falken Azenis FK510 which are available in both sizes. Anyone used these?