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  1. DanMcQ

    Factory short shift gearlever £25

    There shouldn't be an issue, I sent a spoiler to a guy in Portsmouth via hermes last week. Delivered in 2 days. Upto you though.
  2. DanMcQ

    Factory short shift gearlever £25

    I'll take it
  3. DanMcQ

    E28 cluster issues

    Thanks Tim
  4. DanMcQ

    E28 cluster issues

    Hi, I'm after a coding plug from a 535i/525i/528i pre 86 I believe and the eta cars are no good. . Even if I could get a photo of one would be great. My car has a m54 swap and rev counter reads wrong. Pfa. Thanks
  5. DanMcQ

    e28 project

    Hi Ben, a man after my own heart. I have owned alot of bmws e28, e30, e34, e36, e39, e46 and f30. I love e30 coupes but with having 2 kids now I needed something more practical. The e28 wasn't something I ever seen much of growing up. Anyway I absolutely love this car. I must update the progress, the last few weeks I have even pretty busy on it. Good luck with your search! I noticed a dark blue 525e posted for 4k today on all the usual Facebook pages. It looks to be in decent condition.
  6. DanMcQ

    e28 project

    Hi guys, so I've got the car into the lean-to and stripped the rear axle out of it. I bought a 3.25lsd off ebay. Cleaned and painted it in black oxide paint with new oil. Wire wheeled the rear beam and painted it too along with all the other bits and bobs. I ordered new bushes front to back and my plan is to change everything and have the underside treated and undersealed. The rear beam mounting points had started to go, lucky enough the inner skin is only surface rust. A friend of mine is a fabricator and is coming to sort them for me this week. I had to get a patch on the front chassis leg while the car was getting the engine fitted. I've yet to drive the car with the new m54b30 engine as the bushes are all dry rotted and I'd be afraid of something giving up. The dust shields are rotten too, they're more expensive than I thought to replace @250 for the 4 not only that but all the bearings need to be replaced in order to replace these. I'm afraid to calculate it all up On a side note I won this old toyota on a competition raffle page, it will fund some more of my bmw build Happy New year!
  7. DanMcQ

    e28 project

    Thanks, they are in rough enough shape tbh but I've spent lots of money elsewhere so a retrim will have to wait. Thanks for the info on the injectors. I've had the m54 engine fitted now and runs like a Swiss watch.
  8. DanMcQ

    e28 project

    Hi guys, it's been a while. I have been spending time getting the car mot ready. Finally received the v5c this week (from March) after the car had wrongly been marked for export...only One registered owner to my delight. Fitted new flexi brake lines all round. New fuel lines, picked up some rondell 0058 wheels in need of a refurb and lots of little odds and ends. My noisy tappets turned out to be a badly worn cam due to oil starvation. Also the dirtiest head I've ever seen so I decided to send it off to a bmw specialist here in NI for a more modern lump with a manual gearbox, decided to go with m54b30. I've purchased and refurbished some e34 540i calipers which I will fit when I get it back. I also bought the rest of the pfeba body kit. Picked up some genuine sideskirts and a carbon kevlar rear lower splitter. they are being painted and fitted at the shop. Got some 535i anti roll bars to go on too. Starting to get it the way I want it. Interior retrim will be next on the list along with a full polybush kit. The photos below are pinched from the net. That's the kit
  9. DanMcQ

    Early memory seats in a late car

    Hi Bumbaclut, it was months since I had a study at them. The cars going for a stainless exhaust this week which prompted me to sort out a few thingsbefore it goes. I had a mess around with some information I seen online and had no luck. When I disconnect the motor plugs and direct wire to them they work, so the seat is working. I'll have a go with Johans instruction. Thanks for the reply Dan
  10. DanMcQ

    Early memory seats in a late car

    Thanks for the reply sharkfan, I will give what Johan suggested a go and see where I'm at. Appreciate you taking the time Dan
  11. DanMcQ

    Early memory seats in a late car

    Thanks for taking the time Johan, appreciate it and will let you know how I go Dan
  12. Hi there, I've searched the forum and seen the hcp post about putting memory seats in a non memory car. He spliced into the main board with power and ground to get the seat working without the memory function. Does anyone know what live and ground to use? I can't make head nor tail of it. I know the thicker wires would be mains but I'm not getting anything with them. the seats are from an early 3.6 m5 and are going into a late 540 with manual seats. I have located the white connector under the carpet and worked out power and earth on that, can anyone point me in the right direction of the seat wiring? Thanks
  13. DanMcQ

    e28 project

    Just a quick update, progress has been slow while waiting on parts for the e28. I have got stuck back into my 540 and the manual swap is progressing. My front spoiler came, it seems good enough quality for a fiberglass item. It is about 5/6mm thick and flexes quite well. I clamped it on to see what it looked like, well happy with it. I bought a pfeba spoiler from Sandip on the forum and have it to be painted and fitted. I got the springs and shocks fitted, to be honest I wish I'd bought the bc coilovers as the votgland springs don't sit as low as I'd like. Reason I went for them is I've had them on a few cars and liked how they perform. Nice drop and not to bumpy. I'm nearly into the price of the coilovers anyway. Live and learn I suppose. My dash cluster still wasn't working since I got the new board off Ivo and he suggested I bought a new replacement main board from Him. Fingers crossed it works when it comes. Oh and I bought some recaro front seats in matching pearl beige cloth from Latvia. Like a kid at Christmas waiting on them to arrive. That's me done with modifications, next stop mot prep. I had mentioned before a ticky noise coming from the top of the engine. I had a long spanner on the rocker cover listening to hear if I could pinpoint where roughly it was coming from and it is very faint, then I checked my injectors one by one and although 3 are overly ticky the one closest to the bulkhead was loudest, and was ticking in perfect harmony with the loud tick I could hear in my other ear. Is it common for them to jam up? Any ideas on how to tackle that? Thanks, Dan
  14. DanMcQ

    E28 Bumper Sale

    Hi, I'll take number 1 Pm on the way Thanks, Dan