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  1. Hi! So... I've an E registration 525e that was built in December 1986. It doesn't always start (for reasons I cannot make sense of – further details below), which I am thinking is to do with the Cold Start Valve. I've found differing reports/diagnoses around the internet (including from realoem.com) about where the CSV is situated. I was wondering if anyone on here can tell me definitively... a. if this car *has* a Cold Start Valve b. if it does, where it is located (I thought it was by the fuel tank – as my Haynes suggests – but my local mechanic says it's on top of the engine block?) c. the right part number and where I can get one (emailed a few places and eBayers, but nobody has one so far) Non-start nonsense – all ideas welcome! There seems to be plenty of power in the battery (which is new) – the engine turns over but doesn't fire. Mechanic says there's spark. Once I jump the car, it starts first time and runs fine. Can't understand how this happens if it's a fuel injection issue, but this is what happens! I tried using a battery charger to boost the battery, but over a six-hour charge the battery level actually fell. Maybe all this sounds more like an electrics issue than a CSV issue – could be there's a power leak? Just keen to know if any of these problems sound familiar and if anyone has any suggestions, really. Thanks JJ
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    525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    Thanks, Duncan – I'll check those tonight. Going to check your No-Start Guide now, too
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    525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    Fantastic – thanks guys. Really appreciate your help!
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    525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    I have owned the car for nearly three weeks. At first, it would start without needing to be jumped, but since then it has been 50/50 – on occasions where I have jumped it and then taken it for a long run, the non-start problem has been remedied for a day or so. I'd say I'm now at a place where it won't start without being jumped. The previous owner replaced some relays and installed a new battery in December – since which time, it had started on the button for him without issue.
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    525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    Not sure. That's something to check. What rating should it be? (Sorry – this is my first older car and I'm learning on the hoof)