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  1. skullandbiscuits

    Free BMW E38 Sport Seat

    Free for collection BMW E38 passenger sport seat, will also fit E39. All electrics work and is suitable for yellow plugs. Collection from Somerset
  2. skullandbiscuits

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Interesting to see bluebus, I am thinking of getting the same for me E38.
  3. skullandbiscuits

    Bosch DSC 5.7 Control Unit

    After a Bosch DSC unit Must be part number 0265950002 Thanks
  4. skullandbiscuits

    2003 530D Sport Touring Auto - Non-Runner

    Hi It's Jon, I sold you the car 18 months. Sorry to hear about this. I've sent you a PM. Cheers
  5. skullandbiscuits

    1999 T reg E36 318i Touring £650

    Where are you based?
  6. skullandbiscuits

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    Home safe
  7. skullandbiscuits

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    I read a few threads about SE’s with the sport package option. I understand it was the sport option without the body kit. The Vin was the first thing I checked. *Style 32 *Shadowline *Sport Seats *Sport Suspension *Sport Steering Wheel Really looking forward to getting it now. I should have never sold my 530d sport touring at the start of the year. I will be a nice addition to the E39 535i sport
  8. skullandbiscuits

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    Took it out for a test drive yesterday, everything was spot on. I've done a bit of digging, and it’s a SE sport package, wasn’t that an edition runout before LCI models? It should be end of the preface lift, but has all the face light features and the latter engine. Picking up the car during the week
  9. skullandbiscuits

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    Test drive booked for tomorrow. I’ve run the vin through a decoder and it’s coming out as the latter 3.0d 193bhp, but the registration is March 2000, which I thought was 2.9 181bhp. It’s gotta be a pre-facelift but I recall seeing facelift lights and grill, perhaps a retrofit......
  10. skullandbiscuits

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    Thanks for the comments guys. My gut feeling is the dealer doesn’t really understand the car he has, it’s just another old BMW PX for him. Ive owned a 530d sport touring last year and it felt bullet proof even at 200k. Hopefully a deal can be done.
  11. skullandbiscuits

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    I went and quickly saw a lovely Black W Reg 530D SE 145k today, on the way home from work. It's in great condition, clean bodywork and interior, decent jacking points & arches with a few nice factory sports options; Style 32's, Shadowline, Sport Suspension & Steering wheel. 2 previous owners, 2 keys and a fully stamped service book, adn a very good MOT histroy. Very nice indeed, I have booked in a test drive this week. Now the bad points: The dealer hasn't got the greatest reputation, bad reviews from multiple businesses. Very limited paperwork, V5 logbook present , couple of MOT papers and a full owenrs manual with full service book. W Reg, so slighly older than what I was looking for. I would like this to replace my current E46 330d, as my daily and needs to be relaible enough for 90miles commute 4 days a week. If it wasn't for the for the dealer, I would have bought it. I know what to expect from a E39, but I am unsure about the seller. Beneift of the doubt?
  12. skullandbiscuits

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    Unplugging the MAF made mine drivable and not cutout. The other thing you can try is always have the aircon on, this will raise the idle RPM. Looking at the engine bay from the front. Bank 1 is driver side, bank 2 is passenger side. Good luck
  13. skullandbiscuits

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    I’m in a very similar boat with my 535i, I have the same symptoms. I’m at the mercy of DISV57 read codes, clear codes, drive car, read codes, fix car. 1st round was lambda sensor pre cat bank 2, that temporary fixed it. Then this weekend I had a new code “function, inlet-camshaft control, bank 2” So my plan of attack is to replace the camshaft sensor and timing chain tensioner. Then it’s back to DISV57 read codes, clear codes, drive car, read codes, fix car. Failing that, I suspect the Vanos needs a service. How does the car run with the MAF disconnected?
  14. skullandbiscuits

    E39 535i Sport Cosmos Black Saloon

    The EML light hasn't returned, it's been 3 weeks and the rough idle is minimal. Did a fresh DIS57 scan this morning, quick test, read all faults, clear all faults. Quick spin around the block and re-read the codes. 21 DME - Function, Inlet-camshaft control, bank 1 8D DME - Activation, electric fan 8C DME - Activation, map cooling DCS5.7 1F DCS - rear right, no signal DCS5.7 68 DSC - DSC actively siwtched - no ABS control I recalibrated the steering angle sensor, so hopefully that will be cleared after a new rear right ABS sensor, otherwise I will buy a repalcments DSC control unit and code it in (NCS expert). "21 DME - Function, Inlet-camshaft control, bank 1" I'm hoping it's the camshaft sensor, I'll swap over each bank and re-read the codes, otherwise I presume it's an VANOS issue, as I have a slight rattle as well. Next on the job list: Check timing chains & guides, fit new tensioner, as this area has me paranoid after my 120d timing chain issues I'm reluncant to crack on with the smaller jobs until I know the engine is sound. It's my first V8, so everything is a learning curve over my previous 528i & 530d
  15. skullandbiscuits

    Ant's 98 535i Project

    Lovely car, I’ve got a 535i sport cosmos black in the project thread as well