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  1. Skull & Biscuits

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    Unplugging the MAF made mine drivable and not cutout. The other thing you can try is always have the aircon on, this will raise the idle RPM. Looking at the engine bay from the front. Bank 1 is driver side, bank 2 is passenger side. Good luck
  2. Skull & Biscuits

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    I’m in a very similar boat with my 535i, I have the same symptoms. I’m at the mercy of DISV57 read codes, clear codes, drive car, read codes, fix car. 1st round was lambda sensor pre cat bank 2, that temporary fixed it. Then this weekend I had a new code “function, inlet-camshaft control, bank 2” So my plan of attack is to replace the camshaft sensor and timing chain tensioner. Then it’s back to DISV57 read codes, clear codes, drive car, read codes, fix car. Failing that, I suspect the Vanos needs a service. How does the car run with the MAF disconnected?
  3. Skull & Biscuits

    E39 535i Sport Cosmos Black Saloon

    The EML light hasn't returned, it's been 3 weeks and the rough idle is minimal. Did a fresh DIS57 scan this morning, quick test, read all faults, clear all faults. Quick spin around the block and re-read the codes. 21 DME - Function, Inlet-camshaft control, bank 1 8D DME - Activation, electric fan 8C DME - Activation, map cooling DCS5.7 1F DCS - rear right, no signal DCS5.7 68 DSC - DSC actively siwtched - no ABS control I recalibrated the steering angle sensor, so hopefully that will be cleared after a new rear right ABS sensor, otherwise I will buy a repalcments DSC control unit and code it in (NCS expert). "21 DME - Function, Inlet-camshaft control, bank 1" I'm hoping it's the camshaft sensor, I'll swap over each bank and re-read the codes, otherwise I presume it's an VANOS issue, as I have a slight rattle as well. Next on the job list: Check timing chains & guides, fit new tensioner, as this area has me paranoid after my 120d timing chain issues I'm reluncant to crack on with the smaller jobs until I know the engine is sound. It's my first V8, so everything is a learning curve over my previous 528i & 530d
  4. Skull & Biscuits

    Ant's 98 535i Project

    Lovely car, I’ve got a 535i sport cosmos black in the project thread as well
  5. Skull & Biscuits

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fixed my sagging map pockets on the seat backs this morning. 4 self tapping screws at the cost of £0.08. You gotta love the small jobs
  6. Skull & Biscuits

    FS: E39 MID , CD player , LED No. plate lights, rear light gaskets ...

    PM sent regarding CD Player
  7. Skull & Biscuits

    E39 535i Sport Cosmos Black Saloon

    Finally got the Bosch lambda sensor fitted last week, it's sorted out the rough idle / cutout. The old one was completely shot. Replacment part was LS3477 if anyone is interested. Which has cleared the EML on the dash. Just need to tackle the rear right ABS sensor and recalibrate the steering angle sensor. Fitted the front windscreen seal, bit of a pig of a job, serves me right for ordering an OE one. Once I had it seated correctly, a rolling pin came in handy. Removed the Motorola arm rest tray, removed the seatbacks to sort the seatback map pocket, anybody know what the blue connector is for? I'm guessing lumbar. And also discovered the rear bench back has been cutout
  8. Skull & Biscuits

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fixed the EML, new Bosch pre-cat bank 2 lambda sensor. Really sorted out the rough idle. Time to re-read DIS and recalibrate the steering angle sensor, then I’m warning light free.
  9. Skull & Biscuits

    ABS sensors

    ddmtechnik was the seller
  10. Skull & Biscuits

    ABS sensors

    The previous owner on my 535i used eBay specials and they worked fine. I’ve also used these on my E46 330d with success. Not sure how long that will last...
  11. Skull & Biscuits

    Here we go again... 2002 E39 530i Sport Touring - Japanese import

    I think I will go for Mtec grooved discs on my 535i, considering how much you bang on about them ;-)
  12. Skull & Biscuits

    E39 535i Sport Cosmos Black Saloon

    It's been a bad week for the 535i. It was booked in for the lambda sensor replacment during the week. Went to my stroage to find the car was completly dead. I suspected the battery was on it's last legs, luckily I managed to get a new Bosch S4 battery for £120, collection the next working day. The idle is extremly rough now, to the point where it will cut on me after a couple of minutes. I have to wait about 30mins to get it started again, to cut out again. It's booked in towards the end of week for the lamdba sensor, but I have a feeling the MAF isn't very happy. I alos noticed the windsreen seals are perished, new ones will be ordered next week.
  13. Skull & Biscuits

    M62 535i Bank Sides

    I will be replacing the Lambda Sensor (pre cat bank 2 cylinder 5-8) on my 535i next week. Just wanted to confirm bank 2 is the passenger side?
  14. Skull & Biscuits

    E39 535i Sport Cosmos Black Saloon

    I fired up DISV57 and read all the error coedes, fairly happy with logged errors. Plus a couple of other small errors, (PDC, outside temperature sensor, couple on LCM & telephone/interface). EML light DME - 05 DME - Oxygen-sensor heater before cat. conv., bank 2 DME - 8D DME - Activation, electric fan DME - 8C DME - Activation, map cooling DSC LEW - 04 LWS - Silder fault (adjustment operation) DCS5.7 - 68 DCS - Steering angle sensor Electric Memory Seats ZKE - D5 GM - Servomotor, thigh support, driver, overloading of output stage ZKE - D3 GM - Servomotor, head restraint, driver, blocking on downward movement Priortiy is to sort out the EML light, new thermostat to sort out 8C DME, might aswell do the water pump whislt I'm there.. New lamdba sensor to sort out 05 DME. The electric fan does come on intermittenently and can be quite noticable, otherwise no idea investigating that. I will try and recalibrate the steering angle sensor in DISV57, before replacing.
  15. Skull & Biscuits

    E39 535i Sport Cosmos Black Saloon

    Every E39 I've owned has started to wobble between 50-60mph. New lower controls arms always sorted it. Never had the same symptoms on E36 & E46, but I guess that's down to the E39 complexity.