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  1. I accept I am in the minority here (possibly a minority of one) but most modern cars have traction control of some sort which will prevent all but the most severe oversteer and if not simply lifting off the accelerator should help. Going into a corner too fast on a wet road causing understeer will leave you as a passenger or having to brake and relying on abs. Braking on or into a corner is never a good thing. Maybe this all goes back to my early driving days in Capris where hanging the back out was fun and controllable but the understeer into a corner would scare the life out of me. I'm sure you're right about the puncture but in over thirty five years of driving I haven't had a sudden deflation in a car so can't comment from experience. Guess I've been lucky. As I've said I know I'm going against what's accepted but it works for me.
  2. I know this is the accepted/recommended way but I prefer putting the better tyres on the front with on a rear wheel drive car. For me oversteer is always controllable, with or without traction control, but understeer leaves you pretty much helpless, therefore the more grip on the front the better for me. Fully agree on the other points, matching tyres side to side a must but no problem being different front to back.
  3. coolhand9

    Bmw, specialists, diy

    I find the MOT History as valuable, if not more so, than the service history. I have seen countless cars with a full history but a list of failed MOTs with the failures often being serviceable items. As the owner of an older car I see no point in paying someone to do something I can do myself but I do keep a record of any work I do, including date and mileage, and receipts. Whilst this might not affect future value it will hopefully provide some peace if mind to any prospective purchaser.
  4. My first car, a Capri 1.6GT in Phoenix Orange. Twin Choke Carb, four branch exhaust manifold and a tow bar that punched a hole through the grill and radiator of the Metro that tried to use me as a brake. I'd had the car less than a week and I can still remember the relief at finding I had no damage. Loved that car.
  5. coolhand9

    Really liking this, but....

    One of the most entertaining MOT History's I've ever read!
  6. coolhand9

    MOT advice

    My current MOT was done on the 21.5.18, it expires 1.6.19. Not quite 13 months but more than 12. It also clearly states "to preserve the anniversary of the expiry date the earliest you can present your vehicle for test is 2.5.19"
  7. Clearly a mis-build, the steering wheel has been put on the wrong side. Probably why it hasn't sold before.
  8. coolhand9

    MOT advice

    No, you maintain the original MOT date so you can effectively have a 13 month MOT on your car.
  9. coolhand9

    Need Help...Broken M5

    To check for air leaks on the intake side spray brake cleaner (or similar) lightly over the top of all the pipes and joints with the engine running. If the engine revs increase air is getting in somewhere and you should be able to locate where. I diagnosed a failing throttle body gasket on my 540 in less than two minutes this way after spending ages checking everything manually. The failure was at the bottom of the gasket so couldn't feel or see it.
  10. coolhand9

    MOT advice

    To be fair so did I on the basis that if it failed it couldn't be fully road legal. Although I accept not everything on the internet is correct this suggests differently: https://www.autonetinsurance.co.uk/autonet-insurance-company-blog/autonet-insurance-company-blog/2012/03/09/failed-mot-can-i-drive-my-vehicle- Not sure if the police can tell if you have failed an MOT or if it still shows as having a valid certificate.
  11. coolhand9

    MOT advice

    I believe you can still legally drive the car while the old MOT is valid as long as the failure was not for anything dangerous.
  12. coolhand9

    I can’t wait for it to rain....

    After threatening to most of yesterday it's finally raining properly here. Feeling a bit chilly, think I might have to turn the heating on!
  13. coolhand9

    I can’t wait for it to rain....

    We had a few short showers here but it was drying as fast as it was falling. I usually love hot weather but I think I'm ready for a bit of a cool down now so hope the forcast is right.
  14. coolhand9

    I can’t wait for it to rain....

    Finally got a little bit of the wet stuff. Not sure if it will be enough to take this; back to this; but it's a start.
  15. You can live datastream with a C110 as well, can get pressures, volts and other info that might help point you in the right direction.