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  1. Busterbvi

    E39 audio upgrade.

    Ocallen, seriously, ignore any negativity on here about the Chinese units. They did get a bad rep years ago due to poor support and customer service. That situation has completely changed, the build quality and functionality has improved massively and you will not find a better agent / supplier than AudioTech Direct in N. Wales. I received a new unit for my 525i and due to my own stupidity I caused a problem (deleted a vital file !) I admitted it and sent it back to ATD with a cheque for the repair, 4 days later I got it back, all fixed and with my cheque uncashed and a note, with the compliments of ATD. I have one in my wifes Focus and my mates in the local motor club have them, no problems at all. In the unlikely event of problems, just pop the unit out, (takes 30 secs) and send to ATD, they will cover the repair cost under warranty and reimburse you the postage. Do yourself a favour, find someone near you that has a current Android 8 or 9 Erisin or Eonon fitted and happy to give you a demo, you will be blown away on how good they are and the features they offer.
  2. Busterbvi

    E39 audio upgrade.

    Ocallen. Loads of good info on this in the Audio & Navigation thread. Just look for 'Android Head Units' here. Highly recommend the Erisin units from AudioTech Direct in N. Wales. Excellent product and customer service is just superb. You will notice a huge improvement in sound quality even on OEM speakers. I upgraded my F & R speakers to JBL's, nothing fancy but the sound is now excellent. Xtrons, Eonon, Erisin etc all come out of the same factory and are re branded, ATD have their Erisin units built to their own specifications so by far the best option. This is the one to go for. https://audiotechdirect.com/pba-bm7839b-android-8-after-market-radio-for-bmw-e39-e53/ Or this one. https://audiotechdirect.com/pba-bm4839b-android-9-0-after-market-radio-for-bmw-e39-e53/ Simple to fit, all plug & play and fully integrates with the cars Canbus system so all your steering wheel buttons will work, no set up required. After battling for an hour to get the BMW system out, I had my Android unit in and working in 10 mins.
  3. Busterbvi

    525i SE Saloon lowering springs

    A mate in work has just bought a very nice 2003 525i SE saloon. He likes the stance of the Sport but certainly does not want to ruin the comfort of the SE. So, looking for recommendations for SE spec springs but slightly shorter ? Coilovers are not an option as it seems even the softest ones are harder than stock SE spec. Any suggestions chaps ?
  4. Busterbvi

    Wiper blades?

    I use Bosch, £20 a pair but clear the screen perfectly and silent.
  5. Busterbvi

    DAB Roof antenna dilemma !

    I have a nice 7in touch screen Erisin head unit with the DAB radio app. I thought a DAB upgrade would be simple and straightforward .... NOPE ! So, recently fitted an internal screen mount DAB antenna and the results are very disappointing. With a good signal the improvement in sound quality is excellent but the signal drop out is terrible. I recent trip from Cardiff to Leicester the drop out was such a nuisance I gave up and switched back to FM. Some research here https://www.dabonwheels.co.uk/star-rating/ it seems that the stubby type roof antenna is the way to go for perfect DAB reception. Here's the dilemma, I am loathe to drill the roof to fit one and I am not sure the look will suit the car ( 525i Sport Saloon ) Has anyone had success with alternative solutions ? Any members have a forward roof antenna fitted that can post some photos ? Cheers.
  6. Busterbvi

    E39 undertray

    Thank you Clavurion, didn't notice that ! found one on ebay, arrived today.
  7. Busterbvi

    E39 undertray

    Got my new undertray fitted on Friday, quality is not bad at all. I like the two ram air ducts to force air up around the gearbox. I've ordered the R/H bracket, that number 20 part in the ROEM diagram. BMW part No is 51718203919, found one on ebay. I might try a new engine undertray from the same guy, mines a bit battered as you can see. Thanks Dan !
  8. Busterbvi

    these chinese radios on ebay

    There is no UV sunstrip across the top of my screen. As long as the wire core of the antenna is clear of any obstruction then a few inches further down is not going to make any difference. It is important to make sure the copper foil is properly grounded to the car which may require a bit of sanding to expose bare metal where the foil is stuck.
  9. Busterbvi

    these chinese radios on ebay

    The DAB antenna was installed as per the manufacturer's instructions. The general rule with antennas is the higher, the better.
  10. Busterbvi

    these chinese radios on ebay

    I think you will find that FM will be OK on the new unit with the cars standard FM aerial, for perfect reception you will need the in line signal booster. Regarding DAB aerial placement, here is a pic of mine installed correctly, reception is shite, tempted to go for the roof option.
  11. Busterbvi

    these chinese radios on ebay

    All these Xtrons, Eonon, Erisin etc all come out of the same factory in China and are rebranded. ATD use the excellent Erisin unit custom built to their own specifications. Easy to spot the brand, after installing a new unit, the start screen defaults to the Brand logo, mine is a Erisin unit. You can then change the start screen to the logo of your choice. The only grumble I have with them is the FM reception can be poor. I solved this by fitting a £7 in line signal amplifier, problem sorted. ATD and Amazon supply these. The DAB app is pre installed. I fitted a stick on screen antenna with disappointing results, signal drop out is terrible, a recent trip from Cardiff to Leicester, the dropout was such a nuisance I gave up and switched to FM. Researching this on dabonwheels website, it seems to be the norm with screen antennas. Their recommendation for perfect reception is the stubby roof mount type. I am reluctant to drill the roof to fit one of these and I am not sure if it will suit the car. The FM reception may well be fine in your area. Dan, I'm with you on the screen level thing for the Nav, my previous Nav was screen mount and easy to follow at a glance. However, I have got used to the dash mount and I like the Nav voice instruction coming through the cars speakers loud & clear, if you are listening to music it interrupts. A bit of a faf to get all the sound volumes in synch for the radio, CD and Bluetooth. Look here for DAB antenna info and review. https://www.dabonwheels.co.uk/star-rating/ Installation tips. 1/ The GPS antenna is very powerful and can be hidden under the dash. I used a bit of double sided tape to stick mine on top of the fog light switch housing, very convenient flat area and easy to reach behind the switch. 2/ The 2 side mounting brackets can be fiddly to fit. I didn't bother with them, the unit is a perfect snug fit into the dash and you can set it flush or recessed a bit, it stays there and doesn't move at all. 3/ The microphone can be routed to fit discreetly on the top left of the steering wheel shroud. The unit fully integrates with the cars Canbus system and all your steering wheel buttons will work, no setting up required. Once paired on Bluetooth, if your phone rings in your pocket while driving, just press the voice button to answer. 4/ Connect the USB cable supplied into the unit before you fit it in the dash and run the cable to the glovebox area, makes life a lot easier if you want to connect a USB device at anytime. 5/ Screen / sun glare can be an issue when using the Nav, I solved this by using a 8 inch Android Tablet ant-glare film cut down to size, a bit of a fiddle to get it looking dust free and nice but after 3 attempts mine looks good ! 6/ Buy yourself an OBD2. ELM327. V2.1 Bluetooth adapter, about £5 on ebay, this plugs in the dash OBD port on the lower right of the steering column. Pair it to the head unit and you can then use the pre installed Torque App to scan your cars electronic management systems for fault codes. Came in handy for me when the cold damp winter kicked in last year I had a misfire on early morning start up which sometimes triggered the Check Engine light. Did a scan and found a fault code that told me the number one ignition coil was going to ground, fitted a new Bosch coil, cleared the fault code, job done, been running sweet ever since. 7/ Fit an in line signal amplifier to the aerial cable when installing for good FM reception countrywide. I can't speak highly enough of these Erisin units, they are fantastic and just keep getting better, any reliability issues they might have suffered when they first appeared in the UK have been well sorted, I am aware of loads of them and not heard of any problems. As stated, the customer service at ATD is superb. At under £300 for these units, you can't go wrong, highly recommended. This is the unit I have. Have a read through the features and techy stuff incase your car has DSP. https://audiotechdirect.com/pba-bm3839b-android-8-1-after-market-radio-for-bmw-e39-e53/ Cheers.
  12. Busterbvi

    these chinese radios on ebay

    Excellent choice, pm me if you need any advice.
  13. Busterbvi

    E39 undertray

    Thanks for posting this Dan, it looks OK to me, do you reckon it will fit a 2003, 525i Sport saloon ?
  14. Busterbvi

    Steering Wheel Re-Wrap

    Thanks for the reply, I ordered one from Royal Steering Wheels.