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  1. Joshy89

    Glow plugs again...

    Yeah I think mine has failed less than two month. I’ve not bothered with it to be honest, I was under the impression that the dpf wouldn’t regen with the codes showing but it must because back pressures have been 2/3 when I’ve checked. I can live with the lumpy idle for 10 seconds every morning. Has anyone tried taking their failed one back to bmw for a refund or exchange or is it to much of a ball ache?
  2. Joshy89

    Glow plugs again...

    Thank you I will try that first, could be right with that because I’m not getting the fault all the time.
  3. Joshy89

    Glow plugs again...

    I changed my glow plug controller and plugs 4 months ago all was well it fixed my lumpy idle dpf issue etc. Yesterday morning I got a lumpy idle again so I checked it out with my scanner lo and behold it’s the plugs once again! All 6 glow plug activation, question is am I just unfortunate and the controller has blown or is there an underlying issue which is frying it? Would love any input from anyone with a similar experience. I should mention controller was bought from bmw.
  4. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Is it worth changing the glow plugs? I’ve got receipts to say plugs and controller were done 2015 you’d think they would last longer than that or they’ve simply fobbed the last owner off.. I’m definitely going to get thermostats done as the car only seems to get warm when it’s sat idleing, during driving it’s down at 60.
  5. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Yeah possibly looks like glow plugs codes are only showing when the engines cool they disappear when it’s up to temp
  6. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    I’ve just tried it again all the dpf codes have disappeared but now I’ve got all 6 glow plug activation code showing?
  7. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    I am going to try that ah I thought 30 was normal I’m no expert though, I was going to get my thermostats done a while back but forgot.. I think it’s running slightly cool around 70/80 doesn’t seem to get above that so I’m guessing this could add to the problem
  8. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Update on this, the idrive message hadn’t come back since I’ve cleared the codes, they were a whole host of codes including glow plug ones but I think they were old as the glow plugs an controller have been replaced 2 year ago, it was showing 481a 4D00 but they have cleared and haven’t returned I’m left with the one code 480A which keeps appearing even when trying to clear. The mbar of the exhaust is around 30 at idle which is around normal, and the car last did a regen this morning on my way to work..
  9. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    I’ve bought a scanner that’s capable of clearing codes dunno if that will suffice? The temperatures are above 70 but I’ve heard the lci can regen below this.. I’ve been quoted 210 to Have it cleaned out diagnosed etc off one of them Terraclean fellas thought that was a bit high cos a new dpf off eBay is 300. Il find out more when I scan it tomorrow. It’s done 102k now
  10. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    I’ve just gone on a 150 mile round motorway trip and it hasn’t solved it sadly
  11. Joshy89

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    I’m getting particle filter warning on idrive but it’s only popping up about twenty minutes into driving if I switch the car off the message disappears only to return later again.. wondered if anyone has had similar issues? Apologies if there is already threads on this but I couldn’t see anything
  12. Joshy89

    Brake air flap plausibility

    Car is an 07 lci 525d
  13. Just wondering if anyone’s come across the code 6E62 Brake air flap plausibility? Had a scan at a garage couple of month back an never got round to finding out what it is..
  14. Joshy89

    Running temperature of a 525d

    Il get these changed then hopefully it will do the trick, can’t see it being anything else unless temperature sensor is faulty but sounds like thermostats are more likely to go..
  15. Probably Many threads on this but Can anyone tell me what temperature their car should run at? I think mines a little low, it’s not getting above 70c. It’s minus 2 outside where I am but even after a 45 minute drive it doesn’t budge. Cars a 525d lci so I’m obviously concerned the dpf may not be regenerating..