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  1. Markytheparky

    Thinking of going for a 530e from 530d

    2018 530e. I get 16-20 miles from a charge. Suits me round town no problem. I did a quick calculation over a month worked out at @7p/mile. Depending on your tariff, it could be similar.
  2. Markytheparky

    530e vehicle Groan !!!

    Hi everyone - new to the forum by the way. I’ve got a 2018 530e - occasionally, when I get in (before I start the car), I hear a disconcerting groan. I am worried there is a problem with the batteries or charging system. Dealer said they couldn’t hear it on test - well it is occasionally! - they just said it’s a feature. Anyone got similar experience? cheers Mark
  3. Markytheparky

    530e Servicing around Tyneside

    Hi All Does anyone have suggestions for service/maintenance providers specialising in BMW Hybrids (530e) in and around Newcastle upon Tyne. cheers