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  1. Modge

    winter wheels

    I have an E60 520d LCI, i swap out my 18" alloys for a set of 16" steel rims with Dunlop Wintersport M3 runflats. Much like Andrew above I was sceptical about winter tires and had never used any on any other car but got strongly advised to get a set for the BMW with the RWD, so glad I did as I had a few slips in the morning winter ice with my summer rubber on. Well worth it.
  2. Just left him too it!! If he can hold on whilst Im gunning it down the motorway at 70 (because I always observe the speed limit! ) then fair play to him, he can stay!
  3. Been on holiday for 2 weeks, come back and give my E60 a once over before heading off and find this big b**tard has made himeself well at home in the engine bay!!
  4. Modge

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Replaced the windscreen wiper arm bearing that disintegrated!! Also replaced both wiper blades for good measure after they got bent after the catastrophic failure of the bearing. You forget how good a new set of wipers are after getting used to a worn set!
  5. It has its own parking distance sensor display that also shows the image from the rear camera if fitted.
  6. Modge

    Vibration above 60mph

    I think I am starting to lean towards a bearing being the culprit here, on my commute in today I went with the raido off all the way and I think It sounds like one or more of them may be dodgy. The best way to describe the sound I hear is like a washing machine drum winding up to speed for the spin cycle if that makes sense? Not sure if that would be a bearing? Going to get it into the garage this week in any case.
  7. Modge

    Vibration above 60mph

    Yeah, I did the pads/disks myself at the tail end of the summer last year the hub facings were clean enough but I did give them a quick scrub with a wire brush. I have had an ill fitting brake disk on my old passat before ut I only really got the judder in the steering wheel when the brakes were applied with that. As I said I wont rule out the brakes completley until I can get it to my buddy's garage and get it checked out properly but I think from the sounds of things its more likley bearings or suspension related.
  8. Modge

    Vibration above 60mph

    Cant rule it out but I doubt it is the brakes as I had pads and discs put in all round less than a year ago.
  9. Modge

    Vibration above 60mph

    Not getting any vibration in the steering wheel, its mainly in the seat and a little through the pedals I can feel it. Seems to start around 55-60ish and tails off about 75.
  10. Modge

    Vibration above 60mph

    I did hit a kerb quite hard about a month back and one of my steel wheels with my winter tired took a fair hit, but I have since switched back to my alloys and no vibration on first changing them. No noises that I can hear.
  11. Modge

    Vibration above 60mph

    Just noticed that my 520D auto has developed a bit of a vibration above 60mph. Its not too severe and im not 100 sure exactly where its coming from, feels like its coming from the front as I can feel it through the pedals but again not really sure. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks for the advice. I dont have any perspex handy and I was thinking I might actually try a wooden frame, I have some 11mm hardwood sheet left over from some shelves I made that might work, should be able to cut it to shape easy enough with the dremmel!! Should hopefully get time to do it next weekend, will let you know how it goes.
  13. Modge

    Battery/electrical issue

    Na the car is in pretty much constant use its doing about 90 miles a day 4-5 times a week when Im commuting and then a bit lighter use at the weekends but never really sat unused for more than a day or 2 max and even then thats pretty rare.
  14. Modge

    Battery/electrical issue

    6 weeks on and it has not happened again! Fingers crossed it was a one off!