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  1. Lukai

    E34 M5 Ignition Leads

    Hi, Could I get a quote for this part again please? Is the above price quoted still correct? Thanks, Luke
  2. Lukai

    1990 E34 M5 Brake parts

    Hi, Can I get a price on the following please? If you could itemize the quote that would be great. 2x - Front Brake disc, ventilated 315X28 - 34112226385 2x - Rear Brake disc, ventilated 300X20 - 34211165265 1x - Front brake pads set - 34112282995 1x - Rear brake pads set - 34211158562 2x - Front Brake pad wear sensor - 34351180432 2x - Rear Brake pad wear sensor - 34351179820 Also what brand would the OEM disks and pads be? Thanks, Luke
  3. Lukai

    E34 M5 Ignition Lead cover

    Hi, Can I have a price for the following please? 1x Upper Cover - 12121312435 3x Fillister Head Screws - 07119907582 Thanks, Luke
  4. Lukai

    Various E34 Boot Trim Clips

    Thanks, payment sent.
  5. Hi, Can I have a price for the following please? 4x Expanding Rivets - 51481905599 1x Compartment Lock - 51711916197 1x Compartment Lock Insert - 64111376327 2x Pins - 51478126285 2x Pins - 51478117523 2x Push Buttons - 51471954694 2x Clip - 51481924909 1x Crank holder - 71101180443 4x Holders - 51472237734 1x Cover Lid - 51711908338 1x Gasket - 51711908339 5x Expanding Nut - 51711874203 5x Self Tapping screw - 07119907812 Thanks, Luke
  6. Lukai

    E34 M5 Intake Boot

    Thanks, Paid
  7. Lukai

    E34 M5 Ignition Leads

    Hi, Can I have a price on the following please... E34 M5 Ignition Leads - 12121312680 Thanks, Luke
  8. Lukai

    E34 M5 Intake Boot

    Hi, Can I get a price on the following please... 1x Air Intake rubber boot - 11611312062 2x Hose clamps - 18111763219 Thanks, Luke
  9. Lukai

    E34 3.6 M5 Distributor cap

    Hi, Can I have a price please on the following part: Distributor cap -12111715905 Thanks, Luke
  10. Lukai

    E34 Body Panels

    Great thanks, I don't suppose you could break down the cost of each for me please? Thanks, Luke
  11. Lukai

    E34 Body Panels

    Hi, Can I have a price for each of these parts please? E34 Offside front wing - 41351946926 E34 Narrow Kidney Grill Nose Panel - 51131978880 Thanks, Luke
  12. Lukai

    Door DeadLocked...

    Hi, If I push the interior pin down in my car, I can't pull it back up again due to the door being deadlocked. I can't find a way to open the car doors from the inside (other than winding the window down and unlocking with the key from the outside. I'm assuming the doors are deadlocked? Is that normal, as it doesn't seem very safe in the event of an accident. I have also had the issue before where the battery went flat and it proved a right pain to get back in. I've since learned the passenger door trick. Is there a way to disable the deadlock feature (permanently or temporarily) , or in fact override it while in the car? Thanks
  13. Lukai

    My New M5 3.6

    Couldn't agree more, thats why mine is in pretty much in daily use too. I was only joking!
  14. Lukai

    My New M5 3.6

    Ahhh someone else foolish enough to daily their M5 It looks great! Glad you've got the issues all sorted and can finally enjoy it. Interesting to read about the lightened flywheel as that is something I am contemplating for mine at some point.
  15. Lukai

    Drain on Battery - Central Locking

    Maybe so, but with the car shut down - the battery was showing a 0.3 amp draw on the multimeter until the fuse for the central locking was removed. I was lead to believe this would signify a parasitic drain?