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    Music (collecting vinyl), Cooking & Eating, Tropical fish keeping, Gaming (PC & Console), Movies, Car shows on the telly box, Radio Control (cars, boats, planes, drones), and a lot more I don't get time for.
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    99 BMW E39 535i SE, 15 Peugeot 308SW GT Line, 03 VW Golf TDi, 87 RD350YPVS

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  1. Johnny Disco

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Today I just took the old girl out for a drive and ended up at a couple of car meets. Thoroughly enjoyed it and clocked up 160 miles of pure enjoyment and smiles. Will definitely be doing more of this.
  2. Johnny Disco

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It’s been a while again. Polished headlights. First time doing it so I took it easy. Will need going over again to make perfect. Replaced OSR window reg sorted NSR central locking issue replaced under door lights for LED replaced fogs for LED then changed them back again as they didn’t light the road up much diagnosed NSF speaker fault to be a broken cable, not found the break yet but tested with new cable and all works as it should so will probably just run a new cable and finally have all the speakers working. i’ve been driving her daily for a month. She’s behaved impeccably so i’ve not touched my 15 plate Peugeot. A bit heavier on the wallet but bigger smiles all round.
  3. Johnny Disco

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Well it’s been a while, not been able to use her for a couple of months. Busy at work plus some health issues have got in the way. This week finally managed to replace the water pump, thermostat and housing, new rad and all the pipes and aux belts plus a new pulley. Thankfully all went reasonably smoothly and she’s running and sounding sweet again. Did my headlights before she had her rest and that all went well too, just need to polish them up and get rid of the cloudiness which has got worse while she’s been sitting. I’ve already got an autoglym kit for that so might be a job for this Saturday.
  4. Johnny Disco

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It appears so even though I had to select my model and confirm it was a 535i V8.
  5. Johnny Disco

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a call off my mate (mechanic) today that he had some spare time if I wanted to bring my 535 round. (I generally do his electrics for him in exchange for him working on my car). I thought he was just going to help me with a couple of quick jobs like the rear window reg and a brake light switch but he said no i'm gonna change all the front suspension arms etc (luckily I had them all in the boot). We got started stripping it all down before we made the rookie discovery I had got the wrong parts (ordered late at night off ebay when very sleepy). So we've had to put it all back together until I can get the right parts. Strange thing was when I put my details in to check the parts fit my vehicle it said they did. I searched them again from several different suppliers and all came up looking the same as the wrong ones I had received. So a bit of a waste, but my other mate who works at a car parts place (who I forgot to ask in the first place, doh) has just come round and knows they have the correct parts in stock which he can get for me Monday. On the plus side I tested the loom I bought to try to get my Pioneer Apple Car Play head unit to work on my DSP equipped car and it works! And all my mechanic mate needed doing was a dimmer switch replacing in his daughters bedroom so I had an easier time of it this time round.
  6. Johnny Disco

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Didn't get to log in for a couple of days but have replaced the front discs and pads and then found most of the front end bushes, arms etc a bit on the wobbly side so have ordered the lot and will be replacing next week. Previously had a bit of wobble but had put it down to the warped discs but guess it was more than that. Also found a radio wiring harness for vehicles with DSP that might still allow me to fit my head unit. Will let you know how that goes at the weekend with any luck.
  7. Johnny Disco

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    So I did a couple of small jobs, new wipers, replaced a cracked fog light, finally got my cigar lighter working. Then I thought i’d put my old double din head unit in. That’s where I discovered DSP (it’s my first bmw so I wasn’t familiar with it). So it looks like I won’t be changing the stereo any time soon.
  8. Johnny Disco

    E39 Headlight change Pre Facelift to Facelift.

    Many thanks mate. I've picked them up. Got a few days off coming up in Feb so will have a go at putting them in. Also got some new discs and pads for the front. My CD changer seems to have packed up, i've got a spare but I think I'm gonna put my Pioneer Apple play head unit in and done with.
  9. Firstly I'm sure this isn't the first time someone has asked (apologies), I had a quick scan through but didn't find a recent post. I should be picking up some facelift headlights later complete with angel eyes. Can anyone give me a heads up on what I might need to fit them? I'm putting them on my 99 535i SE and the chap selling them says he had them on his 99 and they went straight on so i'm keeping my fingers crossed but I thought i'd check what I might need if they don't go straight on mine. I'm not afraid of doing a bit of wiring but would like to use all the proper plugs where possible. This is the first job i'll be doing to my 535, other jobs on my list so far will be: Sort out the NSR door actuator as its not locking/unlocking with the central locking. Sort the OSR window reg, it goes down but not up. Sort the NSF door speaker, currently no sound from the speaker or tweeter. Install my double din Apple car play head unit and probably throw a small sub in the boot. Replace the front discs and pads. Check the jacking points properly and get any welding done thats required. Sort a couple of small rust patches (rear arch and rear panel under boot lid). Replace the drivers sun visor and the small clip that holds it up. Give the whole car a damn good clean inside and out and a proper polish. Any tips on the rest of these jobs greatly appreciated. I'm no mechanic but luckily have access to one in the family but I am a sparky so not afraid of any wiring jobs (luckily my mechanic needs loads of wiring jobs done around his house and workshop though ).
  10. Johnny Disco

    Hi, I'm New x 2.

    Right, I used MS paint and another image hosting site I found but with any luck there's a 50/50 chance this will or will not work. Also I didn't take these but will give it a wash and take some next week and see how it comes up.
  11. Johnny Disco

    Hi, I'm New x 2.

    Well I was going to upload some photos but it looks like photo bucket has gone to the dogs so I went to try Imgur but my provider Vodafone has changed their certificate with one of their own which is out of date so another brick wall. Found a way round it by changing my DNS and then got locked out of my router. Half an hour on the phone to Vodafone and nobody is there to help so please call back tomorrow. What a day. I'll take my laptop to work tomorrow and see what I can do from there. Hope some of you are having a better day than me. If only BMW did broadband eh.......?
  12. Johnny Disco

    Hi, I'm New x 2.

    Hi all, just found the forum mentioned on a post in a Facebook group so thought I would come and see whats going on and hopefully learn a few things. So I've just bought my first ever BMW. I've had several cars over the years, old, new, somewhere in between. My own and some company cars too. I've even had a few bikes. Anyway I was actually looking at an old Merc Coupe which I wanted to clean up, sort out the stance and put some nice wheels on. But it had more rust than i'd been lead to believe and more miles too at 270,000+. So back to the drawing board and along came an E39 535i SE at the right price and in fairly good nick. I'll post some pics when i've given it a once over but I'm pretty sure you all know what they look like. I absolutely love it, in fact i've been driving it more than my daily which is a 2015 Peugeot 308SW GT Line (I used to work for Peugeot a few years back and still have some contacts so I got a good deal and it takes care of a multitude of tasks). I've put 300miles on the E39 this week already but my wallet is asking for a break now so back to the 308 for a few days till i'm next off shift at work. Thats it for now, will post some pics up at some point in the next week or so. See you around. (oh and new x 2 meant new to the forum and owning).