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  1. You're hardly comparing apples with apples. Most cars didn't have DAB as standard until around 2013 for example - I bet if you compared the spec of a 2011 Kia you'd find a lot of things missing compared to a similar vintage BMW.
  2. AndyM

    Satnav rebooting after getting back to uk

    Fully agree, and I’d be kicking up a stink with BMW UK if it happened to me.
  3. As promised, I finished replacing the under seat subs today. Such a big difference from standard!
  4. Yesterday I fitted half (well, 2/3) of my MB Quart speaker upgrade; front door mids with crossover mounted nicely on the rear for tweeters in new door sails. I'll be fitting the new under seat subs later on today. Gave the almost finished setup a bit of a blast last night with one of the best test tracks you could ever want and it was very pleasant and a marked upgrade from standard;
  5. That is an expensive F11. For reference, I bought my November 2014 530d with service pack in Jan 2018 for £23k with 37k miles in the same colour with more spec (VDC, Adaptive Cruise, Pano Roof, HUD, Comfort Access). One year on and I'd expect to be paying a fair amount less than £20k for my car.
  6. Let us know how it goes! Don't forget if you have ordered the Emtronika loom that the power cable should really be in the boot fuse box rather than the front!
  7. Just PDC and NBT need coding as far as I recall.
  8. I can believe it, maybe it's not a common retrofit as it can be a bit tricky, but I think it's well worth the effort. I lucked out a bit with the price of the camera module I found on Ebay which made the retrofit for me cheaper than specifying from new. I haven't tried to get rid of the errors yet, they only show when doing an OBD scan, not on the dash or iDrive. I would try, but I believe there is an issue with the E-sys software currently due to the launcher expiry date. I haven't really investigated it to be honest as it doesn't make any difference to the functionality.
  9. Even though it was only a £985 option when new...?
  10. Presumably you mean, now that you're aware that it's a bit greasy you'll attack the corner in a more suitable fashion*. *2nd gear and a flick.
  11. Exactly. And can be fixed by carrying out a bedding in procedure as described here (and posted on other threads); http://www.mossmotoring.com/warped-brake-rotors-the-facts/
  12. The biggest advantage for me of VDC is when I want to waft along I stick it in Comfort+. There is a definite difference! I don't use Sport mode at all.
  13. We had a similar discussion a few weeks ago, starting at page 3 here; Variable damping (VDC or sometimes EDC, option 223) does more than just soften and firm up the suspension - the video and description in the thread above explains. As mentioned previously Adaptive Drive (option 2VA) goes even further.
  14. Did they say that the part had failed in your case, or were you lucky and they had it in stock so changed it anyway?
  15. Was it showing on the DVLA site as a recall required beforehand?