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  1. I'd love to know why my 2014 530d has never appeared on the recall list nor been in for any checks, barring the initial confusion when I was in for a service and they 'checked it anyway'. I have a concern that when it was checked they marked my VIN as having had a replacement.
  2. AndyM

    F10-upgrading subwoofers

    Yeah that was my thinking also.
  3. AndyM

    F10-upgrading subwoofers

    Cheers, I've ordered a PP41. Interestingly when I ordered I sent a message to the seller to make sure it would be compatible with my F11 and I was told that it wasn't... Before cancelling the order I asked why and it's to do with the built in DSP processing not having a setting for the touring as they are "not the same size". I told them I was fine with it and to proceed...
  4. AndyM

    F10-upgrading subwoofers

    Have you got a link? I can’t seem to find the item.
  5. AndyM

    Fuel Station Names

    I wouldn’t worry too much, the Mercedes system is awful compared to idrive, even the version we have in our F10 series cars is better.
  6. AndyM

    F10-upgrading subwoofers

    I’ve done as you except without an amp yet. Which one did you use? The MB Quart front upgrades have made a difference over standard but it lacks a bit at low volume. When turned up though it’s now much much better.
  7. I couldn’t find any more info so just gave the rear callipers a good clean up on any points where they might become stuck and create excess friction. Also did a reset of the handbrake with diagnostics and applied coppaslip to the usual moving parts (where brake pads sit in calipers etc). I don’t think I’ve done another scan since, so can’t say if it has helped sorry. If nothing seems to be wrong then as long as you’re happy and have done the right things then I’d just leave it.
  8. AndyM

    Propshaft rear coupling

    This isn’t unusual, I’ve seen a few others on here and the F10/F11 Facebook group reporting it. Shows itself as a vibration or shudder when accelerating apparently.
  9. AndyM

    F11 tailgate corrosion

    Kia over an Alfa Giulia?!
  10. AndyM

    F11 tailgate corrosion

    Alfa Giulia, Kia Stinger. Toyota GT86 or Mazda MX-5 for some affordable sporty stuff.
  11. The question really is, would you buy a warranty again?
  12. AndyM

    F11 accessories brochure

    Try this; https://www.dropbox.com/s/4dwkkv05ss4e65d/bmw-5-series-touring-brochure.pdf?dl=0 There aren’t that many accessories listed but it’s an official brochure for a touring from 2016.
  13. AndyM

    Non-runflats - pressures?

    Yep, same.
  14. In the ‘official’ retrofit of the OEM rear view camera BMW recommends picking up on CAN cables from the heater controls.
  15. I agree, belts don’t squeak! It’s almost always knackered bearings in the pulleys or tensioners and even though a belt replacement alone may fix it temporarily (because the new belt is tighter, putting pressure on the pulleys) then it will almost always return once the belt loosens up.