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  1. Check again after 15 minutes of ignition being off, a load of circuits stay live for a while after locking.
  2. If you’ve followed the same route as me, then it’s *just* long enough.
  3. AndyM

    Style 423 wheels on an F11

    I quite like them as well. Also, the HUF branded TPMS sensors I bought were only £34 each and work perfectly.
  4. If you specifically want a sunglasses holder you can buy one from an X1 and replace your drivers side grab handle. Part number 51 16 4 862 874
  5. I don't know! I reckon as there's an official BMW retrofit guide it's already quite well documented. But a few pictures probably wouldn't go amiss - if you do want to use some of make a guide and want to use some of mine feel free.
  6. I also emailed the seller of mine and I got a partial refund. All documented in my write up!
  7. I'm sure this is the same issue that I experienced with the loom I bought and reported earlier in the thread; the power cable was loomed to the wrong end of the car. The power should come from the rear fuse box not the front. I only discovered it AFTER I had loomed it all in so wasn't going to strip it out and remove one cable so just found an ignition switched fuse in the front fuse box.
  8. AndyM

    Style 423 wheels on an F11

    What do we reckon?
  9. AndyM

    Tyre Pressure Sensors

    Yeah, you've got yourself in a right pickle there. There are two systems - one uses wheel rotation speed (ABS sensors) and one uses sensor in the wheels which send info to a receiving module.
  10. AndyM

    List of errors from Carly

    I'd start by clearing all the codes, then drive around as normal and rescan next week - then investigate.
  11. Keep us informed, always good to see someone else doing things like this.
  12. TRSVC = Top Rear Side View Camera. I'm pretty sure it's called the same even if it's just got a single camera connection, they're all the same size so same mounting pattern.
  13. Regarding F10 vs F11 cable length, I managed to make the cable loom I bought from Emtronika work in my F11 but it was right down to the last mm, there was no slack! The camera cable however was fine. Looking at your pictures you don't have a video switch and yes, the bracket you have fitted is for the TRSVC module. Have a look on ebay.de for cheaper OEM cameras, mine was £57 including the handle all brand new.
  14. Thanks, although I wouldn't call it a difficult task - just one which needs the right tools and to be broken down into smaller chunks.
  15. The attachment with instructions is at the bottom of my post that you quoted!