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  1. AndyM

    Reversing Light Failure

    I certainly didn't have any sticky stuff or weirdness on mine when I replaced for LEDs.
  2. AndyM

    Anyone retrofit DAB radio before ?

    Not on an F10, but on my former E91 I fitted a Kufatec Fistune kit which worked well. I did a write up of it on Pistonheads here; https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=72&t=1414182 I believe to properly retrofit it requires full replacement of the iDrive unit, replacement antennas and their associated amps/control units plus potentially extra communication modules. Not impossible, but not cheap. The Kufatec unit was relatively easy and would be under £350 if you fitted it yourself.
  3. I used a fuse tap for an ignition switched fuse for my retrofit reversing camera off a fuse behind the glovebox. It didn't take long to find one but I don't have a record of which one I actually used.
  4. Am I missing something? I've never had to recharge a battery on any car I've owned - the alternator usually does that when driving. I've left my current car undriven for over a month and it hasn't needed any battery attention. Do you leave yours for long periods unused to need top-up charging or is there some other reason?
  5. AndyM

    What do you have as security?

    As already mentioned previously, I wouldn't say on a public forum what additional security measures I have on my car but I do have some fitted over standard. However, the best (and sometimes cheapest) security upgrade if you are concerned about theft of vehicle by keys is to improve your home security. I'm talking about physical and visible security such as good quality doors, locks and laminated glass. CCTV and home alarms are a deterrent and can be useful if monitored and reacted to but CCTV is very easy to hide from and alarms are often ignored. Your best option is to layer up security to first deter and then delay potential criminals as much as you can afford. Depending on what system you have fitted, additional car security is more for your own peace of mind in case the home security is compromised. You've already mentioned Faraday wallets which offer protection against relay thefts, and I have similar plus additional home and vehicle security. I speak from a position of unfortunate experience.
  6. AndyM

    Anyone else got a 528i F11?

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it? If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is.
  7. I agree. It's still not as good as TomTom with traffic sub, (which is what I use in combo with RTTI), Waze or Google Maps etc though.
  8. AndyM

    Dashcam connection to fuse

    12V power sockets stay on for around 10 minutes after closing down and locking, and power up as soon as you unlock. Unless your camera has a battery then to use parking mode would need a permanently live feed.
  9. Did you not see the gree/yellow/red lines next to the M/A/B roads on the map? If not then it wasn't activated or working correctly.
  10. This completely! Unless you requested the particular recovery firm to act on your behalf then the conversations should be with yourself and BMW not directly with the contractor.
  11. Does it also run on for 10 minutes after you lock the car? That's what the 12V sockets do (I believe) and I was going to wire my dashcam into the socket under the glovebox albeit on a split feed off it & hidden behind the panel rather than just left in.
  12. The picture in that ebay link is misleading. What you will get is something very similar to the shades I bought except a single piece. I'm pretty sure this is the genuine BMW for an F10; To fit roller blinds like you get in the factory fit option needs a replacement windows surround trim and then the roller blinds & clips.
  13. Yes, it could be screwed/fixed into the plastic window surround inside the door frame but that would cause damage to the trim. I’ve seen other types (although only available for saloon not touring) which have magnets sewn into the hem to hold in place. Unfortunately the F10 has a plastic surround so there would need to be small metal plates fixed to the plastic for it to stick to. I’ve bought some of these to fit my wife’s Mazda which has a metal door frame, all the way from Singapore from https://thecarstuffs.com/
  14. Yes, and excellent! I’ve had them on since around October last year & haven’t had any negative experiences or feeling. Since I was switching from runflats the comfort levels went up a lot but I honestly can’t say for normal road use that I’ve noticed any difference in steering feel or sharpness. We didn’t get much snow in Yorkshire this year so couldn’t really test that side of them but when it did snow I popped out on a very short drive and as a test came to a complete stop on a fairly steep side road near my house and set off with only a little bit of slippage and traction control. They give loads of confidence in the wet, which is really what tyres in the UK should be designed around IMO.